This commentary is all about the flag that was: The confederate flag.

Should I go in and talk about the flag taken down? Should I?

Now when I talk about this flag no longer flying, I said in my previous about “take it down. All the way down!” Did I not? And after many hours of debate in South Carolina, and after the violent deaths of the Emanuel Nine, and many others that lingered the Confederate Flag for too long, and after Bree Newsome got the repelling started, it was brought down OFFICIALLY!

Seeing the SC State Troopers marching in close unison, all towards the flag pole. Three of the troopers opened the small gate and cranking the handle to lower the flag. Seeing the two men folding the flag in a semi-ceremonial session when the flag was unhooked and tied with a small rope. Then one of the troopers, who was black (yep a Black SC Trooper) handed the flag to one of the curators of a museum that will be archived on display after 54 years of it flying.

OK now I can get on my soapbox: For all those  who feel that the Confederate Flag was part of “the heritage”, MOVE ON! This is your heritage? No seriously, is THIS: THIS Confederate Flag that is and was displayed on the South Carolina Capitol Ground was part of your heritage? Be honest! Now many of you say that with your family’s history of them fighting in the Civil War, which was one thing, however the other use of the Flag that many are still in denial had a part to do with the Jim Crow Era, Racism portions, and many other inner anti-American Humanity ideals and concerns. For those who probably got mad on Facebook, or Instagram, or another Social Media platform that the announcement of the Flag coming down, yes you were weeping! You were crying. You were just in denial in which that flag that you, your parents, your grandparents, your great-grand parents and your great great grands carried for so long, is starting to come into light. All of this is coming out not just after the killing of the Emanuel 9 in a  historic Black AME Church, by a 21 year old BOY (he’s not a man in my eyes) of Dylann Roof whom probably is getting more Jesus meetings right now. Oh, believe me at the age of he is, and the generation of he is apart of (Millennials) he will get those “Come To Jesus Meetings” mostly in my view, in prison. And I’ll bet the KKK was like, we need more like him! Seriously? Of course they might. Using a member of the Millennial generation per say that doesn’t see color, would get someone like Dylann to hate those that aren’t like him and those he doesn’t like. Millennials, I hope you’re getting the message. Hashtag that!

You don’t see the German folks flying the Nazi flags today in Germany. You don’t. And I’ll bet some in the international community probably had this on their mind: It’s about time America!

We already know that the now former battle confederate flag is not going to erase racism. Racism was around before the flag and likely to continue due to the assumptions of Americans who like to say “we don’t want hire any blacks for our company. We’ll stick hiring the white applicants.” Oh best believe that! And again is this the era of a post-racial society?

Even though some might consider black applicants anyway possible.

So here it is flag bearers. 150 years ago, the confederate lost. 150 years later, the state of South Carolina takes the flag down officially with the harsh bloodshed of the Emanuel NIne in summary. But the overally though of racism, still lingers. And that takes a lifetime to take down.


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