Just recently, the City of Milwaukee had a sporadic of shootings so far in the summer. Now before anyone gets all emotional and running for the hills, let’s rewind to what I said back in the spring:

What just happened also, is a prelude of what might come during the Summer. We know that by then, the weather will be hot. And when that happens, MOST will be out of school during the break (I’m referencing kids here) and I’ll be one of the first who might say that some of them WILL DIE! They will not be at the playgrounds, Summerfest, their neighborhoods or matter of fact, some may not get on Facebook or even my blog (with their parents) asking and/or addressing the issues that harbors the game in a negative light! I’m sorry to say this, but this is a butt naked truth! Another butt naked truth: this is for those who migrated out of Milwaukee. Normally I would say that if you had a change in career or choice to move because of whatever, and if you are successful at what you’re doing, hey congrats. But, hear me on this, and this might hurt many of you. You can’t please folks all the time! I know many of you probably expressed that in a sense of choice or pride. However, never forget that there those here that WANT to see the Change for the better while you are in your new digs!

So I say to myself, guess what? I told you so!

Just like when I said about Scott Walker’s negativity in the state in all, I told you so!

The recent shootings that happened, occurred during the 4th of July weekend in the city. First , a 14 year old kid by the name of Tariq Akbar was gunned down after our July 3rd Fireworks had ended. It all started with a Facebook post in which led to a fight, and Tariq died all because part of the Facebook post was about a girl. OH REALLY?!! A GIRL?!!! That also needs to ask, who in the living heck is montitoring the dude’s Facebook Page?!! When I was 14, don’t call me old pre-millenials. There was no social media. Heck, I had to get permission to go outside with being watched by my parents! And when I was 14, I was already going from Middle School to High School to get my young prepped up for the next phase of Milwaukee Public Schools. And the dude that killed Tariq, was a 15 year old black teenager. Now, I would call Black Lives Matter on this, but I can’t. Matthew McMillian at his age of 15 might be on his way to jail for 65 years in this act of violence. Hold up, by the time he gets out, he’ll be an old man of nearly 80 years old when or if he gets out. By then his high school life, college life, adult life and all would be a thing of the past. He better start praying to black Jesus right now for the sin he committed against Tariq all because of a stupid Facebook Post because of a girl! Makes me want to delete my FB Page just thinking about it. But nah, I’ll use it to keep it clean.

Most recent another Milwaukee Shooting happened involving a 13 year old boy. The boy was killed shortly after a vigil in memory of Tariq Akbar. But the thing is, he was killed at home near the area of 22nd and Eggert Place. The name was Giovionie Cameron. And the result of his murder was by of all people, his cousin Jason. This is the second time this year that a blood relative killed a blood relative. And that BLOOD relative has to come face to face with the truth of murdering his relative. What was the motive of Jason? Gunplay? Hatred? what?!! The reason why it’s the second time this year, look what happened to the two boys of Damani Terry and Rasheed Chiles that were gunned down. And they were gunned down by their 27 year old uncle Ricky Ricardo Chiles. Whom also killed himself while being on the run.

Right now, the number of homicides in Milwaukee as of this date of July 8th: 84. Last year around this same date, the number stood at 41 according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Homicide Tracker Website.

Yep, I called it. Even though it might be scary but I said that the actions of what happened in the Spring will be a prelude to the summer. And so far, this Summer of 2015 is off to a bad start. And I’m not talking about the low attendance for Summerfest or the ongoing short coolness of the weather. Or the same ol’ stuff of lack of jobs. This is our young children UNDER SIEGE! Under siege of all the violence and this hate. Oh, and some grown folks are thinking of moving out. But like I also said to the grown folks who are thinking about leaving, go ahead. BUT do not slight those who are still here that are trying their dead level best to get this city on track. And I hate to say that those whom turn up the noses and leave when stuff like this, you’re not helping. I’m sorry to say this, but you are not really helping out to solidify solutions in which the city needs. Of course, you got your spot set for Atlanta, for Dallas, for San Antonio, for California, for whatever city or state. But guess what? There are violence in those cities and states also. Even if you go down south! Yeah, like many I want to live in a safe cooperative enviormnent free from violence, and shootings. But there are racists out there who don’t like to see “N*ggers in their neighborhoods” or on their jobs. Don’t like to see  Gays or Lesbians, or transgenders, or any other folks who dawn the rainbows. Or any other race that does not look like them! And didn’t we just celebrated the 4th of July? And a reminder of Juneteenth? And a reminder of celebrating the Pride of whom you like to love?

And even if and when the new Milwaukee Bucks arena is beginning to be made, I don’t want no investors of anytype fleeing Milwaukee just because of what happened with the violence! The best way to combat the violence in a different way, is to do your job by coming out and work. I don’t care someone who is caucasian with a beer and a I-Phone gives you the finger, yo SCREW THEM! Get the jobs out!

And finally, the Milwaukee Police Department should not be the only ones out here doing this. All Community Leaders, Unsung Heroes, Churches and others should be on a United Front  (and I mean a UNITED FRONT) in tackling the violence in the Milwaukee Streets. Oh, and those who always call on the churches and having this attitude of not caring. Especially at a time like this, you need to drop it. You are probably the same ones who couldn’t get over the attitude of being shut out by Pastor so-and-so. Or Sister so-and-so, Brother So-and-So and many other so-and-sos that you thought were against you. I said many times that there are those who don’t want church folks around all because of the bible thumping hyprocritical mindet. But when problems happen, (and pastors you know this) when those folks or one person comes back and asks this repeatable question: “Will you pray for me?” Ponder that. And a question might ask, what made you change your mind of this? Again, ponder that!

So in the words of Smokey Robinson, don’t be so full of yourselves!

Get up and get out and do your work in getting the city back on point!


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