May I remind my hometown of Milwaukee of this notion:




Remember that?

Or what about this: SAVE THE BREWERS! 

Remember that?

I hope you do!

These were the same quotes I remember from 1996, in which the Milwaukee Brewers were the focus of leaving Milwaukee if Miller Park weren’t to be built. Couple of years later, like 5 years later, the city did indeed opened and birthed Miller Park in the spring of 2001. And yes it had it’s peaks and valleys, and I’ve only gone to a few Brewers games in the still young and profitable, Miller Park.

Now we face the same scenario of Build it nows and Save the Team with the Milwaukee Bucks. Right now, the idea of the new Bucks Arena is on pause though lawmakers, senators, congress, county executives mayors and governors. All trying to do whatever it takes to measure out a deal to somewhat keep the team, that has been around since 1968. The Milwaukee Bucks are not just an NBA Franchise, they extend the branch of the community with clinics, appearances at your kids schools, hospitals and many others. No matter when they had their winning streaks or those lonely basement losses that no one wants to talk about, the Bucks remained in the community through thick and thin. In the last 47 years they have been in the Old Mecca Arena and the current aging, BMO Harris Bradley Center. The BMO Harris BC was built in 1988. Around at the time, I was going from the 5th grade to the 6th Grade. And my older sister was graduating from High School. And yes, I’ve gone to the Bradley in terms of Bucks Games, a concert, EVEN WWE Wrestling Matches.

Yes those were my memories of going to the Bradley Center. No question about it.

Now with the New Arena being put on pause for no reason. STALLING. Too much talk. Dragging the feet and twittering their thumbs thinking that it won’t happen. OH YES IT CAN!  Just recently the Milwaukee Bucks President just said it in Madison in these words:

If the Milwaukee Bucks don’t get a proposed $500 million arena, the National Basketball Association will force a sale of the team and move the franchise to Seattle or Las Vegas, the team’s president told lawmakers Monday.

Sounds familiar? This is what almost happened with the Brewers almost 20+ Years ago. If Miller Park HAD NOT BEEN BUILT, the team would have been gone! PERIOD!

If the Bucks go to Seattle, Las Vegas or any other city looking for another NBA team to invest, then in the next decade or so, we’ll be scratching our heads of why did we allow this to happen? I have the notion that Wisconsin has a reputation that when it sees something that looks good, BUT politics will be in the way and it will be not only the fault of the lawmakers, the politicians but on whom: the Citizens of Wisconsin. Even my fault. Even the fault whom support the pushing of the Bucks to stay here! But mainly those whom in charge with all the Republican power in Wisconsin WILL BE AT FAULT! The same folks whom defended the High Speed Rail of Talgo saying it was a boondoggle, and it will never work.

BS! IT COULD have worked if the attitude was not so negative.

And we had the money to pay for it and everything. But no, Scott Walker was so concerned about roads and bridges, he gave away all of the 800 Million Dollars that could have benefited Milwaukee, the region, the state. But the fools that the folks put in office in 2010 were just that: Negative. And plus it was supposed also to gain more transportation to get from and to jobs. And I say again not everyone in Milwaukee does not have a car to get to work or school! Or should I say not everyone in Wisconsin doesn’t drive! HELLO!

Listening to the radio this morning, yes I still listen to WNOV. And previously it was reported (via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) and talked about the quantity of jobs that could match or exceed if the New Bucks Arena were to be built. According the segments, it would exceed or match about 10,000 jobs to not only build the arena, but also the surroundings with the Arena.


Think about the number of 10,000.

And Milwaukee has been preaching about jobs for too long. And how many folks are in need of good paying jobs here? For all you unemployed and underemployed folks, and those who whom feel that this is a good deal, I say get on the horn, or smartphone, or tablet, or email and tell your folks who represent you to get the finalized deal DONE!  Get it done NOW! Don’t let this slip up to continue the fall back way behind stuff that Milwaukee knows well.

I don’t care where you the citizens of Milwaukee or Wisconsin stand politically. But the love of sports and community should not be a political concern.

Just a thought, I smell another blog letter coming!


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