The Struggle Continues Red White and Blue

Oh, the struggle!

If you are blessed to be alive today, thank God that you are allowed to breathe!

For many of us, it’s the 4th of July. The infamous American holiday that many celebrate with the family and friends, neighbors, food and drinks, decorate the house with patriot like colors, and of course with the games to kick back and relax.Yes thus far, the framework of America’s Independence is just in progress. MATTER of fact, it’s always been in progress. One of these days when that one July 4th Holiday in which might be huge, it would serve notice about all the so far agendas that we need to conquer.

For yes, us African Americans, we are still on watch. No I’m not trying to be conscious, but yes we are on watch every time! All the things we went through and still going through. Many of us, in the African American community still have this confusion about should we embrace the holiday while on the other hand to realize that our black forefathers and forefathers were still slaves. It’s true! Now I know many are going to say, “It didn’t happen to you!” They’re right. It didn’t happen to us, TODAY! Today we reflected the portion through the Facebook Postings, the Instagram Pictures, or many other social media outlets. We know this. And the thing is that is the main reason why many or some in the black community don’t want no part of the celebration of America’s birthday. However, there are those whom do recognize the slavery portion and do partake in the 4th. Why, because it’s a choice. Such as of what Usher displayed at the Essence Festival in which he had on a white shirt with “July Fourth” crossed off in red and blue colors, while on the bottom it had “Juneteenth” as in Juneteenth Day. And the question on his jacket was, “Have we truly achieved our Independence?” We already know the answer of not very much. Look what happened in South Carolina with 9 members of Emanuel AME Church was killed by a BOY named Dylann Roof. Or the constant shootings against innocent black men, or denying black applicants for jobs just because their name is like Jamal, or Niqua, or because the company would like to prefer more white applicants than BLACK folks! Tell me I’m wrong!

Photos courtesy of Stephen's Spot

The annual US Bank Fireworks are a Milwaukee tradition that dates back to 1911 in a way to celebrate America’s Independence. – Photos courtesy of Stephen’s Spot.

Now this is no secret, I celebrate the 4th of July. But I am reminded that even though it’s fine to decorate the colors of Red White And Blue on your house, or go to Wal-Mart or Old Navy to purchase a flag shirt, or to see the fireworks before and on the Fourth (Milwaukee knows this too well), or any other “Americana” related items, but I am totally reminded as a black man, that the struggle continues! That stuck in me. Matter of fact,  its a reality now. Hey, I even say that after my birthday celebrations in December. The Struggle Continues!  And yes, for you conscious black folks who love to reflect all the things that are RGB, yes, I hear you. And I dig your radicalism, but here is something you should know. I also never forget the African side,  nor lessons, nor the teachings of our ancestors that either were struggled, enslaved, shackled, branded, demeaned, or separated by the earlier mindset which that yes our folks went through. Mainly it really started with those who were BLACK SLAVE TRADERS! I want those who feel this way to understand. I’m not calling BS on this. Last time I checked the stories, we all seen Roots when Kunta Kente was taken and captured by BLACK SLAVE TRADERS. Another was The Book of Negroes, and in the first part, the character Aminata was captured, separated, branded by slave traders, but morely started by BLACK SLAVE TRADERS! You talk about brainwashed or selling out; Guess what? the Black Slave Traders were brainwashed also in the attempt to sell off those whom were our black ancestors during the slave trade. I’m sorry to say this but it’s the darn truth! Look it up! Even I get drilled in the teachings in the house that I grew up in. What I’m saying is that we know the part of slavery that dealt with our people, but we must NOT overlook the portion that our own people helped the slavery track started up. We need to take a look at all sides no matter what the subject it is. Even if its the subject of Slavery. And yes we gotta be real about it! Just to add also, I do recognize and also celebrate Juneteenth Day.

Now talking about struggles: What struggle continues today? The Struggles of everyday life. Jobs, healthcare, finance, racism,  security, or a right to take down a confederate flag. Bree Newsome, made news of repelling up a flag pole in South Carolina unhooked the Confederate Battle Flag . And yes she and James Tyson got arrested on the spot. And of course, there have been talks, interviews and commentary about them doing a thought that many had wished. But we all know that the flag got put up and will be taken down in votes. So when the votes come, even though the “stars and bars” will be taken down officially, but the talk of racism in other forms will indeed not rest!

And that is what America must do. It must not rest nor left alone on the laurels of Racism or Discrimination that the country has endured for the last 239 years. It must learn and do a plan to let our concerns flow. If our concerns don’t flow, or cry out, someone will do it for us! And this is one of the reasons why I say that “The Struggle Continues!” So yes, thus far America has made some strides of examples of Healthcare, Same Sex Marriage (whether you agree or disagree), jobs, finance, Housing, anything Education related,  and other areas, but the true thought in all of this, that the constant struggle and I mean (the constant struggle) in America still lingers! Yes Americans, we can celebrate and observe this 239th edition of the country’s Independence. BUT………the Struggle continues and the beat goes on!


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