Oh, Boy.

I’m sure that many Americans and those aligned with American Unity had to go in and be mad at President Barack Obama for saying the word that many free that it’s offensive. Inappropriate. We know what the  word was. And no, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and Right Winger Fans its not a pop culture term! Let’s just get the cat out of the bag. N*gger  Let’s talk about it. The same word that many called him since 2008. There were those and those who still can’t stand a black dude running the White House. Every time he tried to make a deal, there are those who want to deny his request. Jobs Bill, Veterans Bills, oh that includes that is helping many: The ACA. But its not the policies isn’t? It’s the man himself.

I’ll bet many right wingers had their heads exploded with truth denial that on a podcast, that the President was the guest, said the infamous “N*gger word”. The same word that many of us black folks have been hearing since the first grade! And historically, slavery days, Jim Crow Laws, and also the pre and post Civil Rights Era.

That’s right. Think back when you were in the first grade, or younger, and if you’re black,  that is when you first heard N*gger. Be honest! No matter if you said it, or you may have heard it through your cool classmates from way back. That’s where it starts. Go back to your elementary school days when you hung out with your boys and some girls that the word was started to hear. And you wonder why. Later on, when you get to middle school and high school, it will escalate. And you still be asking why. Let’s be real. And furthermore we know the dinner tables, sermons, and others that it’s common. Also, when you get to college and your first real job, you don’t hardly hear it as much, but its still a reminder in getting denied a job because of a certain “HR rep does not want hire N*ggers” per say, for his or her company!  Even though they believe they don’t discriminate.

Well guess what? There are those who have the same mentality, probably have the same mindset about the President himself. Let’s be real. This is the reality that many know! But its the denial of certain folks that won’t admit it! Did I mention that the 4th of July is coming? The same holiday we decorate the red, white and blue. We bust out the Declaration Of Independence like all men are created equal, eat up the food, drinks, beer, and the icing on the cake: fireworks. Oh yeah that holiday. Which we know. But, when all that is over, I’m going to say this now: The Struggle Continues! Just look for it on Facebook. Some will write that on a timeline and actually get likes.

That’s the thing. The Struggle Continues. Even talking about the N bomb. But oh yeah, the talk will continue. Even at Barnes And Nobles. The next time that anyone goes to the bookstore, go to the African American section and look for the book “N*gger”. I haven’t read the book. Go get it. And it was written by the legendary author/activist and comedian Dick Gregory. They still sell the book. Amazon still sells it. And I don’t hear nobody, (ABSOLUTELY NOBODY) going to Amazon, or BN, or any bookstore in the nation going to protest to remove the book N*gger from the shelves of African-American Sections! I don’t hear the NAACP, the Urban League, the Muslim Groups, or the infamous Westboro Baptist Church Members with the fake picket signs of God Hates The Gays per say, going to Barnes and Nobles and protesting the book, N*gger off the bookshelves! Never heard about it. Never seen it.

So what President Obama said it surrounding the word; was and is the ongoing struggle that the United States is not completely healed of the use of racism. Mainly, its still here! I’ve been hated on as a black man of trying to get a job in freaking Waukesha of Dresser Engines. Remember when I wrote about that? Like so many times? It’s true. And no, there were no N-Bombs thrown. But the idea of “we’ll not going to hire this black man, but more of the white guys” has been more subtle. Admit it, employers.

There is a lot more work to do.


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