It’s been a week since the nine members of the Emanuel AMC Church was killed and again, as the city tries to resurrect from the killings, STILL: prayers and sympathies are sent.

In the days, there was a question of why this “boy” Dylann Roof of 21 years old, had to reload his guns 5 times to go postal on 9 innocent lives in a church bible study group. From his “reason” all because of starting a race war. What does a 21 year old know about starting up a long raged, hypocritical minded, one tracked race war? The same race war that the nation, and in fact the world is still fighting? Hate to say it to the crowd of “We don’t see color”, but it’s not entrily will be shut off with a switch on the wall. And since this dude is 21, and a millennial? Note to the Millennials, this guy is in your generational group in which many of you don’t believe in seeing color! But after what you see here, with all this, does this make you realize that it’s not all peachy keen with this? The term peachy keen is like everyone has a white picket ¬†fence around the houses. In which many don’t . I wasn’t born with a white picket fence outside of my parents’ house in 1976. Let’s be clear!

In regarding folks shooting up churches, I look at it like this: they have part of the hypocritical mindset of folks. They pretend they liked it, but soon will stab in the back of those who pretended. You talk about church folks being all hypocritical and those on the outside are not? WAKE UP! You know what, I’ve seen folks who don’t go to church regularly, half actually do well in all. But there are those who are just as worse and assuming that all church folks are the same. Or all Black Churches are the same. Or even all christians are the same. ACTUALLY THEY ARE NOT! Don’t assume that all church folks are in that hypocritical mindset. There are some, (saying Amen), but many are not! And the thing is there are those who probably went this denominational or nondenominational for about 4 years and assumed that they know it all. To know it all, I think you really need to understand it from a LONG HAUL perspective, not a short span of six months. I believe one of the reasons why there are “hypocritical mindset” church members, is because I think the attitude has been brought in via the attitudes. These attitudes were brought in from selected members who probably had bad traits that are generational. But where are the same families who want to change the traits that the previous folks had that were worse? Where are THOSE members at? And I know some are probably asking, “show me where those church folks at. I want to meet them”. My advice: shut off your computers, your smartphones, take a breath from your Facebook timelines, or matter of fact, shut your mind off of the hypocritical thoughts. The only way I think you are going to meet a “non-hypocritical” church member, is if you meet one that you know who is not so Jesusy per say, but works in a church and doesn’t get on your nerves. Or you meet one that actually not only does work in the church, BUT ALSO outside of the church in a revolution type fashion! Sort of like in which the now late Pastor Clementa Pickeney was a real minister, but he was a state senator figure that many looked to for advice, for inspiration, for leadership or many others! Or those who are real church members who not only show work inside the building, but also actually donate money, or their time to a most needy organization that wants to care! Think about that non-church attendees. Just saying!

Now getting back to this shooter. He is only one guy. He wanted to start a race war. Does Dylan Roof count as being a hypocrite? He came into the church, sat in a church bible study in all, telling those that “you rape our women, and taking over our country. And you have to go.” Then his guns, (given by his father) goes off and shoots up the 9 members. Again, was Dylan (being the 21 year old white dude as he is), had the hypocritical mindset? I say so! And by the way, he probably didn’t go to church. He had the hate against black folks. Even hating folks of skin color can be hypocrites too! And it doesn’t matter of the folks attend church or not! ¬†Don’t believe me, go to the clubs who STILL don’t cater to African-Americans. Go to the restaurants where some don’t want to see African-Americans being catered to anything. Or some. Sort of like Elsa’s on the Park in Milwaukee where the owner’s girlfriend said something offensive to the African-American customers who walked out. Even the cooks whom were black walked out! But then the apologies came from owner. Oh for you club goers: when was the last time you went to the spot and had to be turned away because your clothes were too big, but wearing a nice suit? And you tried again and again and still couldn’t get it, and you are black? Were the folks turning you way were being well….hypocrites? Let’s talk about that! You probably might say, “Stephen I hear what you’re saying, but I don’t believe that. That is only with the church!” WRONG. That can be anywhere. No matter what your surrounding is. Even if it’s your workplace, classrooms, groups, organizations, etc. And that is not going to change overnight. It’s surprising to me that none of the black media, even local black radio has not drawn that example. But I’ll bet that some who probably work in the black media would come here to this blog, and highlight some of the things I said here, and probably give their idea spin in their content. Knowingly I still listen to black radio! I want every black radio station; Excuse me, every black talk radio station (and yes this means Milwaukee also) to draw up examples of what is it take to develop a “hypocritical mindset”. And by the way, it’s not just Christians or any religious affiliation in the buildings that many worship God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit on Sundays. Can I get a witness?

Second, I’m sure many have been asking about the Confederate Flag. Will it come down? Should it be retired? Many of us have been saying those questions for a long time. A matter of time. But today in South Carolina, Nikki Haley, the Governor whom like Scott Walker likes to bust unions in a worst way, did something that many have wished: she is calling to remove the Confederate Battle Flag off the State Capitol. Is she serious? Can it be true? I’ll say this, even though removing the flag might be a grand idea of interests, (which it is), but I have to agree that it won’t stop the fueling of racism in this country. We know that. When I was doing the My Fox Milwaukee Blogs, I was reading that yes, there was a white male blogger who commented about the flag and saying that it’s apart of his family’s heritage. I hear this alot coming from white folks who often say it. But I wonder, is the same guy who said that years ago, feels about that the flag he commented about part of his heritage is being questioned at a time like this? I’m just saying.

So I say this, take it down. All the way down. And like the President said it should belong a museum. I’m sure the state can make room for it. And then whatever flag that flies on top of their Capitol Building, should mean something that many can embody of it’s symbolic objective. If I were a resident, I would like to see a different that means something in unison, or objective than divide and hate. I would like to see that. So for all you designers in South Carolina, who just heard about this Confederate Flag about to be taken down, design a flag that MANY can embody in terms of unity, purpose, objective and also meaningful for all that can identify besides the “stars and bars”. Think about it, and when it’s made and put up, note the reasons why it stands and have the history why it’s standing!


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