Four Way Stop: Sheriff Clarke must stop, the Google Search of the N*gga House, Waco shootings in a motorcycle gang style, and more crappy shootings in Milwaukee.

Posted: May 30, 2015 in African American Stories and Viewpoints, Calling those out to be accountable!, Crime, Decision Factors, Milwaukee African American Commentary, President Barack Obama, Wisconsin African American Commentary
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Oh I got a four way stop to say! And trust me this will be one of the hardest four ways that I will write. In this, I’m about to go in on a dumb commentary that Milwaukee County Sheriff gave on Fox News, the pathetic commentary of the Google Search of the N*gga House, the shootings in Waco in a gang motorcycle style, and as usual the random dumb shootings that occurred in the Milwaukee Area. Pump your breaks. Check the Signals. It’s a Four Way Stop!

First Stop: Can Sheriff Clarke please stop? I don’t know anyone in Milwaukee is hearing this, but our beloved second black Sheriff is on the news again. This time he was on a rant about Michelle Obama’s 2015 Commencement Speech at Tuskegee University. In this one minute sample, listen to the “remark” that the Sheriff gave. Start to hit the tripping button.

Black Sheriff Argues for Black People to Forgive America for Slavery and Assimilate, Is He Right?

Are we tripping yet? Are We? We better!

Sheriff David Clarke’s Commentary was just that: dumb. Yes I was challenged to hear the entire viewpoint and yes this is my thought courtesy of my Facebook comments:

“In regarding Michelle Obama with her commencement speech at Tuskegee, he believes she was out of line. Primarily, if David Clarke actually articulated what Michelle was saying in the context of the speech then probably there might be some silver lining of sympathy. Apparently, not very much. Ill just leave it like that.”

So. That is my thought.

Now there are those who like Sheriff Clarke will, or would probably say the exact thing of what was harshly commented out the so-called disdainful words of Michelle Obama. We know that many in the right wing media folks have already pledged their allegiance against the commencement speech. We know the Ann Coulters of the world had to shoot her mouth off and I just know that the fact she probably did. So did Rush Limbaugh, or matter of fact, some goober on Youtube probably had to come up with a video like  “Oh the racists hurting on me!” In a sarcasm way. But the fact of the matter, they do NOT understand and never took the time, persistence, or dedication or just some good understanding of what the racist angles that Michelle Obama went through. NEVER! Also, those same folks who somewhat called out the FLOTUS, probably had a dose of their own medicine. Again: Sheriff Clarke was one of them.

He thought in a congressional hearing that the late Eric Gardner had a heart attack when he perished in New York. DUDE: What kind of ISH was that? REALLY? This dude, Sheriff David Clarke needs to have his head examined. I mean this is the same dude that many in Milwaukee (Black Milwaukee) voted for over the other guy of Chris Moews. Obviously, he was and is I hate to say, is misguided. And no, not  just because he’s the 2nd black Milwaukee County Sheriff. And I’ll say this as a Milwaukee County Resident: I feel embarrassed. He really doesn’t have the fortitude in knowing to credit the real source. I’m just saying!

Second Stop: Ever been to a N*gga House?

Oh there those who haven’t either. Or maybe they have been in a different name. Do this as a favor, when on Google Maps, type in N*gga House (in an non explicit type fashion) and hit the enter key. When you press the Enter key on Google Maps with the N-Word House in it, guess where that takes you? It takes you to a place in D.C. called The White House. Yes, the actual White House where the current President and First Family is residing. And you know what’s even worse on that? I’m reading these bogus comments on how the White House is treated  as some racist angle per say. Let me remind those who are so screwed up about black people: It was black people (both slaves and free) BUILT the White House! They were the first builders, construction workers, and many others whom helped the Peoples House to be built in Chocolate City. So to those who are so misguided, hate to say, you need to re-examined to the fullest!

Really. Google needs to get their butts or brains out of the gutter and ACTUALLY DO work to get their maps stuff under control! It’s not just the N*gga House. It could be N*gga anything that is demeaning, or disgraceful to black folks worldwide and even yes in the United States! And to those black folks who feel its so funny and to poke around, congrats. You just made that list of those on Facebook called “The Cooning Watch!” I want to know is where is all the Black People who work at Google, from the workers to the behind the scenes folks who find this so racist. Where they at?

Third stop: The Waco Shootings.

Oh let me see here. We have a bunch of bikers getting into shootings and they acted like animals. And they got arrested in the crimes they committed on their part. I need to ask, who does biker shootouts in 2015? Seriously?!! There was a time that Milwaukee I believe almost had this at one of the Harley-Davidson’s Anniversaries of the birth of the bikes persay. Yes there was a potential somewhat fight between rival biker gangs of the alleged melee. Now I’ll bet that the bikers whom did the shootings were a bunch of animals? Speaking of that, many have called out blacks killing themselves as a “bunch of animals.” But when you see majority of the bikers whom are white and actually did this with handcuffs in all, do they get the award of being a “bunch of animals as well?”

Well guess what Americans: anyone causing harm to anyone else in a harsh manner IS LIKE AN ANIMAL! And America has had a HISTORY of that didn’t happened back in the 50’s.

Fourth stop: The Same ol’ Milwaukee shootings.
We all know this is a hot button topic. And I made a prediction back in midspring, and I’ll say it here. And I don’t care what is being reported on the news, black radio, black internet radio, a black podcast, or the paper. This summer we’ll read or hear about some young man or lady will be on someone’s target list that will be casket paid! Burials or Cremations. Just to think that when Archie Brown, Jr was killed near 47th and Glendale, someone was screaming’ JESUS! JESUS! JESUS! Not mocking just saying. Most recently, Milwaukee had shootings in certain neighborhoods, schools, parking lots, nearby stores, salons, churches, our workplaces, and now, at FUNERALS and get this: VIGILS! Oh, what we can’t go to vigils to honor’s one’s spirit that was killed? SERIOUSLY? I ask this over and over again, where are the safety nets in our community? Where are those places in which NOBODY can’t get killed or shot up by a bunch of hoodlums that want to mess things up? Now for those who have transplanted out of Milwaukee and have this carefree of not worrying about bullets flying in general, yes I hear you. BUT I think that memory that you keep talking about, will stay WITH YOU no matter what area you move to. Is the safety net in the Suburbs? When you hear about the drug activities in all, the reaction will be different from the city’s BUT the concern is the SAME as everywhere else! Hey, I don’t care if you move to Texas. Or Georgia. Or anywhere else in the United States. Any city or suburb can feel the same concern about someone getting shot or killed as many others. No one ever thought that there could have been shootings in Sandy Hook in which that many I think Milwaukee knows.

But seriously, this summer in which is fast approaching along with the festivals, Summerfest, your Family Reunion, your Class Reunions or any other celebration, even Summer Break, someone is going to get shot and killed THIS SEASON! It’s been like that before and it will not change.I think it’s time that right now, it’s time to gear up programs, activities, gatherings and many others that will try to keep stuff like this at bay.


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