Preface: I was going to do another version of my Three Way Dance stories. But in the recent events about Baltimore and the death of Freddie Gray, I think it’s time for another my take that I will go in. Trust me, what I’m about to say will have those to better think as well as do! 

First, I have to bust this out. Why is another unarmed black male is killed by the police? What is this? Recently as everyone knows while the NBA Playoffs were going on, a 25 year old black male named Freddie Gray, of Baltimore recently died of a spinal injury also in the hands of police custody. And having his voice-box in his throat, broken! This ongoing effect of killing unarmed black men has escalated even more because there are unhidden truths in which they are now coming into light. Oh yes, they are coming to be unshed. The recent events that Baltimore got from the burnings of the buildings to cars, and the hype of the killing of officers, is really telling us that the struggle of America needs to be brought into the light. Is this really the country of land of the free or home of the brave? When July 4th gets here with the fireworks, ponder that for the 239th time!

Partially for the white folks who say that this isn’t about race in all, I hate to clarify but partially with respect: IT IS ABOUT RACE!

Race has and will play a role in every angle, every problem, every solution, every joy, every concern, every job offer, every job advancement, every skill, every activity, every person having sex, every person concern about those not and do go to the doctor, every vote, and every single thing that many do everyday! EVEN calling into radio stations and having this discontent about black folks being violent and Latinos per say having respect for the law. There was a call in yesterday on one of my black Milwaukee Radio Stations of WNOV. And the “caller” was given his 30 seconds about why black people are violent, Latinos and such. Let me say this: I’ve seen Latinos get in trouble with the law too. Let’s be clear! Even here in Milwaukee! My comment is not to hate on or throw shade on the Latino community or those as a whole. I’m simply saying that EVERY ethnic group has or had recent or previous problems with the law and had to pay the price. PERIOD! Check the books! We know the African-Americans the most. But don’t also forget others have broken the law too. I’m just saying.

Getting back, what Baltimore had gone though. This is what happens when stuff escalates into the concerns of the justice system is broken for some who don’t get support. Freddie Gray’s death of him got no support of why his character was justified as is. He had his spine broken, his voice-box broken in his neck under police custody! This was similar of what Derek Williams went though in Milwaukee under police custody! The dude couldn’t breathe and died on the scene, all because the officers kept asking his name. After the incident that Freddie Gray went through, it reminded me of what Derek Williams went though and like him, he’s deceased.

Also, the gangs in Baltimore of the Bloods and Crips put aside their colors for the sake of Freddie Gray’s memory. WOW! These rival groups who go neck and neck have the gumption and guts to align one another and actually stick together for a cause that is bigger than their gang signs!  Can you imagine that the gangs in Milwaukee clashing up against the violence bigger than them? The GD’s, Spanish Cobras, Wild 100’s and the VL’s better wake up! Your gang signs aren’t going to save you! I’m just saying! If a person you know that is well known or known by you that is or was killed, and you showing sympathy or condolences about that person who was killed by the police department in all, would you put down your gang colors to show solidarity and actually do something right for your community for once? Think about it!

And just to think that about a week ago, many of us Milwaukeeans were just commenting about our problems with shootings and folks planning on to move out because of them. Let me remind everyone: you can come and go from Milwaukee as you want, but the violence is everywhere. There are Knuckleheads EVERYWHERE! And I don’t care if you have all the “I Made It” accolades of degrees, jobs, income, family planning in all. Nothing against that, but just to be reminded that folks can’t be pleased all the time! No matter what you have obtained. Whether it was in Milwaukee or not! I needed to say this because it’s not just Milwaukee’s concern, it’s America’s concern!!!!!

Plus, I know that the sports world is talking about this game between the Orioles and White Sox. Being that the game would be played as usual and having no fans in the ballpark. If anyone wants a reference of how this idea could work, reference the WWE. No seriously. In 1999 when the company was the WWF, they had a show called Sunday Night Heat, but their show was in reference with the SuperBowl at the time and during halftime, The Rock and Mankind (aka Dwayne Johnson and Mick Foley) competed in a match for the Championship in a Empty Arena Match. There was a commentator of Vince McMahon, a referee, some backstage personal, a timekeeper, office personnel, and no fans in the seats! Plus the match was no holds barred. In the end, it was Mankind beating The Rock with a Forklift with beer kegs on it, to win the championship. Could this work for Baseball? We’ll see.

Now this week marks the 23rd Anniversary of the LA Riots. I was a freshman in high school when this happened in the month of April. The same month years later when Columbine happened in 1999,  the Virginia Tech shooting happened in 2007, The compound in Waco Texas was burned down to the ground in 1993, and earlier in the years in April as we know that MLK was assassinated in 1968. April can be a deadly month as much as any month. And usually, it’s the reminder of the Anniversaries that are examined.

Right now, yes Baltimore has concerns. But there was some joys in which there are clean ups, and also the clergy gathering as one with the community groups, fraternities and sororities. Just on Instagram, I saw some fraternity members of Iota Phi Theta pictured that were cleaning up the rubble from the rioting. And just to clarify, this fraternity was founded in Baltimore in 1963. At the peak of the Civil Rights Movement and started by those who were not of the traditional college student body! Now, I want to comment about this about the church. Mainly there are those who still have those bitter feelings about the church, even some black folks have bitter feelings. Everything from the money, to the “fashion shows” , to the songs, to the biblical scriptures that those feel that they’re outdated, or my personal favorite, the hypocrites! For the non-faith goers who probably never sat foot in a Church, or those who felt that the Church didn’t give them love but sarcasm, maybe it was them that never gave the Church the chance. Plus also when we see all the clergy get together, for a common cause to change the city, there should be a “no hate  All Faiths Church rule.” That means that the next time when you see all faiths coming together that is bigger than the four walls: NO HATING! Put your feelings away and just try to work with them! Many of you non-faith goers probably got family members who are still in the church in trying to improve from what you remember being all out of control and the Pastor well, be the Pastor was crazy about the $400,000 Lexus and or house! Many don’t go because of the money. But they still go to the clubs and bars to get the boogie on every Saturday night getting drunk with Grey Goose. Or pay that stripper, that DJ, that self-made business that doesn’t hardly give back at all! Talk about pieces of work! Oh, are they the same who constantly remember their high school and college days, BUT DON’T give back to the Alumni Associations. The only time when that happens, when the old college or high school have those reunions and folks having that old school love again. I’m just saying! Even if your former name of the school changes and you don’t come out. But you have those who are older than you that came out and said no you can’t close the building!

And furthermore, since when did Zeta Phi Beta Sorority became a Gang?!!! 

But what does any of that have to do with the angle in Baltimore?

Hardly and none.

Many and some.

Few and most.

They all have to be connected in one thing another of addressing the concerns in the black communities nationwide. The incident is nothing new. Other cities had riots also, even Milwaukee had it share of riots in the late 1960’s at the tail-end of the civil rights movement.

So I assume that after all the curfews, the constant rallies, the marches and many other non-violent protests, many will continue to work and go to school. The ball games will go back to normal. Many will continue to ponder where or not if those in Baltimore will stay or move out. Oh, trust me, many might move out! But remember while moving to Atlanta, or anywhere else in the United States: there are knuckleheads, degenerates, ingrates, fools, a-holes, racists, sexists, the hypocritical minded, anti-equal workplace related individuals/groups, the chauvinistic, anti-feminist, anti-masculine, anti-male, anti-female, cyber bully minded, Anti-Christian, Anti-Jew, anti-freethinkers, Anti-Hindu, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Military, Anti-working folks, the bougie, the uneducated, the close minded, faith-busting church groups, the negropean minded, and many other fools, charlatans, tricksters, scammers, anti-this and that, and jokers that continue to plague the minded folks of work, living, faithful, leisure, and play!

Somebody better say amen!

Pass this along for those who might move. Not trying to stop them, but still as a constant reminder no matter where you go!

Baltimore: I know you’re hurting. And yes you have use this time to set the vengeance of your cries and finding new ways to heal. As many of us in America was seeing the damage done and cleanups, and students protesting, we get it. Milwaukee gets it. New York gets it. Many other cities in America who have the same feeling that decades of pain of not getting to that point of housing, jobs, education and more, feel you! Yes, you may had the Orioles/White Sox game closed off to the public, you may had your Bloods and Crips Gangs coming together with respect for Freddie Gray, you may had unleash your venting on those who have held you on lock down for too long. I disagree with the ideas of riots of buildings that your predecessors built for those to have easy access to the factories in working, and the lootings of stores of CVS. Like the President said, there was no excuse for this at all.

But alas, I get it! We’re all sick and tired of being sick and tired!

How long will this conversation go on?

Some say it will last two weeks. Really? You know things are today. We talk about it for a few days, and then it’s not so newsworthy after that time-frame in going into something else. We know the routine, right? Or will this streak of routines be broken for something anew? Wake Up Americans!!! And to those of us who are getting that first glimpse of what is like, I’m sure that notes are taken. But with hard lessons!

Here’s my favorite question: What about the “Freddie Grays in our communities?” Do they count? Do they or the families have a say-so? Don’t be surprised if that question gets raised, due to the thought of every community has a Freddie Gray somewhere that is being target by the police. No matter if the rap sheet is long or short or none. They are being targeted as of right now in some small city or medium sized city like Milwaukee! Or well known like Atlanta or Miami. Or as conservative like Casper Wyoming, or Liberal as San Francisco California, or mixed like Augusta Maine.

In the coming days, towards the first weekend of May, many will protest, rally, go to ball games, school, and yes assemble in church on Sunday. But of all of this, one thing will remain the same: The struggle continues!

Note to the not all but some White Facebook Users: this article should probably enlighten you based on this subject of why this matters. Listen up and listen good!


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