Let me go by saying this: Happy Milwaukee Day!

It’s the usual April 14th, or in this case, 4/14 in symbolizing the area code of the city. It all started with a group of guys who just have love for the city. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Basically even in a segregated climate, and in a harsh related those who dislike the cold weather during the cold months, (not year round) basically there was some celebrated related events and activities that took place after work.

However, for this Milwaukee Day, not many as we know wasn’t celebrated by all.

Violence becoming overwhelming: On 4-14, Milwaukee Day, which Milwaukee should be celebrated?

As we know, as well as America now knows, the city had a string of shootings and stabbings that increased the homicide rate up the 41. Children and Teens were killed this week, as well as a 41 year old man that was killed, in lieu of doing the right thing! So now we get killed just because we did something nice to help? What is surreal about this that we have citizens now that are just uneducated or untrained that needs to be trained RIGHT! Part of the upbringing has been lost either the younger citizens weren’t listening or rebelling or maybe the grown folks didn’t just talk even further. Now if those thinking that this ONLY happens in Milwaukee, newsflash: it happens EVERYWHERE! ┬áJust check yourselves Americans. No need to go political or having that conscious side to say oh, I’m too this and that! Or to say stop saying all the It’s happens everywhere stuff. Clearly it does happen everywhere! In the words of Mel Gibson’s Character Benjamin Martin from the Patriot, “This battle was over before it began.” Frankly, I remember when Gospel Singer Hezekiah Walker was on Arsenio Hall’s Show (the attempted comeback special version that got canned after one season) that even in times of tragedy, we can still celebrate. There was shootings way back when in the city, that events in the Third Ward and a comeback version of African World Festival was still going on! So in essence if the events were to be cancelled due to some Knuckleheads messing up stuff, the idiots would have won. But, they lost! They lost because folks came out and supported the causes that kept the ships going.

Lately, before the shootings in all, there was talk about the future, via the Milwaukee Bucks. We all seen the renderings of the soon-to-be Milwaukee Sports and Entertainment complex area where it would feature the new Bucks Arena, and several areas of food, drinks, sporting hang outs and also housing that would “connect” with the Schiltz Park, Old World Third Street, The Brewery(formally known as the Pabst Complex), Bronzeville and the Wisconsin Center District. Oh, by the way, it might and will feature the infamous Milwaukee Streetcar coming through as well. Just to give an idea, here is “the future”:

Now if it goes well, the Bucks Arena would go North in the area of North 4th/6th Street and Juneau Avenue. The same empty spot where the Park East freeway used to be. The housing would be surrounding features with the sports complex, and plus the BMO Harris Bradley Center would demolished per say to make way for more additional buildings that would include not only housing but also workspace. All of this would take about 10 years to complete. Plus I think that MATC would get more stuff in nearby!

For the Milwaukee Bucks themselves, the team is getting a makeover with the logos and colors. Under review, the Bucks new colors will be Cream City Cream, Great Lakes Blue and Good Land Green. What does that mean to symbolize? The Cream City Cream Color symbolizes the Cream colored buildings that Milwaukee currently has. Almost like Ice Cream. The Blue symbolizes the history with the Mississippi River and Lake Michigan that the State of Wisconsin Harbors, and the Green, symbolizes the longtime Color that the Bucks has been hanging on since 1968.

Logo Unveil Event Photos

With all that is a good plan to get the city towards the future, many probably have already asked: Will this future site save souls? Uh-oh!

In regarding the Milwaukee Day thing: yes it’s day to somewhat recognize the positives and joys per say about the city. But likewise when the Clock strikes Midnight, and its the next day to come, like I always say in times like these: the struggle continues! No matter what day or event it shines.

So yes Milwaukee Day 2015 has come and gone, but the work, struggle, hope, attitude, violence, segregation and many other concerns must be dealt with ALL THE TIME! And likewise, the struggle still continues!


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