Just yesterday, Milwaukee had a rash of violent deaths. A 2 year old, a 15 year old Teenager and a 41 year old black man were all killed on a Sunday. But before I get into the story, read my commentary of the incident via my Facebook message.

Before I lay down, let me comment on the recent killings in the city. Even though I didn’t know any of the individuals or individual, I can relate. This reminds me of my relatives that were killed senselessly either by a gun over car rims, and by a domestic dispute in a stabbing. I am not kidding! And their deaths were indeed senseless. Now I know that when stuff like this happens per say, there are those whom chose to relocate to other areas of the country. I understand that. But HOWEVER: no matter if you’re in Seattle, or Albuquerque, Augusta Maine, Santa Fe New Mexico, Oklahoma City, or any small town or well known big city, hear me when I say this: It’s EVERYWHERE! No matter if it’s being reported by the local newspaper, news, social media, video footage or whatever. It’s everywhere. Some have asked about safety nets, where are these safety nets? I know I had this question asked of me in 2006 after getting my degree from Stout (UW-Stout) if I was leaving. At the time, I didn’t know. Now I say this: it’s God’s will. But I’m not let any incident or incidents make me run for the hills. Absolutely not! There is one question that many should be asking (not some) is what is the real VIABLE Solution? And this needs no right or wrong answer. If anyone haven’t done so, send a prayer or sympathy to the families that are going through this horrific time.

This incident just took place yesterday, near the areas of 48th and Hampton in the Wahl Park sector. The 2 year old was dead due to the accident. And it was a boy toddler dotting out into the street. We know that yes, at time we see young children without supervision run out, they run out. Period. Sort of like when a ball goes into the street, and if you’re driving to Point B, what follows a ball? A child. The child will look in one direction at the ball but not the direction of the oncoming car. But according to the news, there was no ball in the street. Not one. And the toddler was killed by the oncoming vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was Archie Brown Jr in which after the toddler was hit, he immediately IMMEDIATELY CALLED 911 and got out of the van to attend to the toddler to see if it was still alive. Then he was shot once in attempt to do the right thing! Also the teenager was killed later on towards the Hospital in the connection, and many in the city, mainly the police are determining what the role he played in this incident. And the twist of all of this was that the toddler, Damani Terry and the 15 year old, Rasheed T. Chiles were brothers! And their lives were senselessly, SENSELESSLY taken!

Folks, this recently incident has caused an ongoing spark of commentary out of emotion and viewpoints. Many had to flock to Facebook as soon as the word got out. Oh yes, there were point of opinions or viewpoints that really settled in which that “Milwaukee is too small to have all this drama going on”. Many have said that they will never move back to the city in regarding it’s stance on Violence and the ongoing dialogue and actions when it comes to it’s Segregated Checkered Past and Present. In my commentary or my expressive opinion, I had to let my Facebook Audience know that there might be some who would move to Florida, California, Atlanta, or wherever that most might go. I can understand that notion. But……HOWEVER there has to be realization that there is violence everywhere! Not just in Milwaukee! How many times we heard about the violence in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland Oregon, Suburban Seattle, Newtown, Florida, Texas, Ohio, Ferguson, South Carolina, and many other small cities, large cites, or medium market cities? Let’s be honest! HOW MANY TIMES? Don’t be shocked! As for the Milwaukee area Suburbs, this means you also! And speaking of Violence in Wisconsin, we know Milwaukee, but also Madison and a Southwestern county near the Iowa and Minnesota Border: Grant County. Where a 6 year old child out there was killed. This is where UW-Platteville remains and I haven’t been to that part of the state, ever.

I know there are those who might say stop saying it’s everywhere! I can’t. Part of the reason I can’t stop saying it because the main reason: ITS THE TRUTH! And I don’t care who say it and where! No matter if it’s your neighbor, church member, co worker, bestie, another blog, or that connection of your friends and alliances on FACEBOOK! And for the record, you can throw out the rulebook of the stats, politics, Being strong democratic, Being strong Republican, Strong Libertarian, Independent or whatever. You can throw out the rulebook on the income, housing areas, metro sector or any other THING that maybe, just maybe might be hindering the thought. The crime that happened yesterday (now also two more have happened) and those behind it probably doesn’t give a two hoots about Archie Brown Jr being from a good family or contributed to positive assignments or having connections to the Milwaukee Urban Music scene and black owned businesses alike.

What just happened also, is a prelude of what might come during the Summer. We know that by then, the weather will be hot. And when that happens, MOST will be out of school during the break (I’m referencing kids here) and I’ll be one of the first who might say that some of them WILL DIE! They will not be at the playgrounds, Summerfest, their neighborhoods or matter of fact, some may not get on Facebook or even my blog (with their parents) asking and/or addressing the issues that harbors the game in a negative light! I’m sorry to say this, but this is a butt naked truth! Another butt naked truth: this is for those who migrated out of Milwaukee. Normally I would say that if you had a change in career or choice to move because of whatever, and if you are successful at what you’re doing, hey congrats. But, hear me on this, and this might hurt many of you. You can’t please folks all the time! I know many of you probably expressed that in a sense of choice or pride. However, never forget that there those here that WANT to see the Change for the better while you are in your new digs!

And yes, it’s not about bragging. And it should not put down those who have boots on the ground here! Watch your words!  If I was in the same boat leaving, then I wouldn’t say a darn thing! I’m not trying to make those whom left come back. That is not the purpose of this blog story. What I’m saying is, that yes you made your way good, but sometimes you need to check yourself and not please folks all time, period! And I don’t care how many degrees, accolades, doctorates, business mergers, or what ever accomplishment you have obtained! Overtime, I often talk about my Bachelor’s Degree from UW-Stout, got it in 2006 in Industrial Management via Distance Education. And I’m happy that I got the degree WHILE STAYING in Milwaukee! And also was recognized in front of my peers in getting to the stage and having my congrats in order in front of the dean and chancellor on the campus of UW-Stout. But the real reminder came from all of the folks of my mother that she said you can’t please people all the time. Even though I didn’t agree with her, but she has a point. Again, I’m not call out jealousy of me. When I see folks doing well, I congratulate them. And I wish them well in all. BUT they must also realize that the pleasing portion of them can’t be promised. Just because so-and-so moved to Dallas Texas in getting his own business or working for UPS as a Management Accountant with big money and being successful on the job there with accolades, and also have this “I made it” thing, in reality: IT DOESN’T MEAN THE SAME FOR THE NEXT PERSON! Don’t be a copycat. Just because that person moved to Texas in all (don’t mean to pick on the Lone Star state) doesn’t mean YOU have to move and be like that person that left.

There was an commercial back in the 80’s when I was young, it was an anti-drug commercial. And it had the lyrics featured: “Be an Original!” So far in regarding the situation in Milwaukee of the three recent homicides: Already the shooter who killed Archie Brown Jr is still at large, but knowingly he (or she) will be caught on the spot! And yes, the family of Archie Brown has to make the hard decision to bury him at age 41. His father, Archie Brown, Sr will have to make the hard decision to bury his son! We often hear that no parent shouldn’t bury their children!

Consider this my mini-version of Scratching my head this whole time that I do annually. So what is the viable solution in all of this? What is it?

Do we need to curb our guns in all?

Do we need to get our butts in gear when the issues of Neighborhood Watch Meetings are in effect?

Do we have to commit to our community groups that we need a buy a block program along with the churches?

Speaking of churches, does the church (no matter the denomination) REALLY need to get out of the buildings and actually get at the table of the community? I know this is a simple answer, but it’s also hard because either some Church members don’t want to commit or there are those who will REFUSE to help a church because they got molested since the age of 5 or got their friends thinking it’s all about money. But guess what? When problems happen, they come running with the request of the Pastor asking them to pray for their concerns. It’s true!

Do the after school programs need to step their game up?

Speaking of us whom went to any Milwaukee Public High School: King, Tech, Vincent, Juneau, Marshall, Riverside, Custer, North Division, South Division, MHSA, Reagan, Hamilton, and others,  is there a way that ALL HS Alumni can come out for a MPS ALUMNI meeting of our own, and just to help those in need of concern with the colors of our our beloved schools that were ruled with an iron fist?

What about the MATC, UW-Milwaukee, Marquette or any other college Alumni group that is STILL HERE: what are we doing?

Where are the Fraternities and Sororities at? No matter if they are the Divine 9, or a well known Fraternity/Sorority that is predominately white, but WILL WORK and SUPPORT the ideas of concerns with African-Americans? Even if you want Black folks in your clubs in general to spread that thing of Diversity!

What about our Transportation stuff?

Attention companies that give a darn: when are YOUR community events coming to the hoods?

HOLD UP: What about the Funeral Homes? Yeah I said it. Any of the Undertakers/Morticians want to hold those Mock Funeral things? And also talk about what they do with the bodies being embalmed for the home-going?

Or, will the real mantra of #BLACKLIVESMATTER be really revealed for the truth and not just some catchphrase happenstance?

Somebody in Milwaukee or around Milwaukee better tell me something!

I’ll leave it here with this: the struggle continues.

Just a side note: A fundraising project is up for Archie’s Family in support to pay for his Funeral and daughters. To contribute to the cause: reference this link: http://www.gofundme.com/rthxyk. 


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