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I’m about to comment this latest shooting that recently occurred in South Carolina. Yeah, that one. Im sure many in the country have seen it and read it. Walter Scott, a 50 year old black male was gunned down in the back in his home state by here again, a white police officer. Now before anyone gets on the #BlueLivesMatter tip, the man he shot was a black veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard!  And by the way, if anyone believes that using the words “black and veteran” is a bad thing, trust me its not! I say Black Veterans all the time, and to the hyper sensitive folks: its NOT racist! Black folk that were in Uniform fought hard and served for these United States over the years and decades and even centuries! And to the Michael Savages of the world, EVEN WORLD WAR II! Just a thought.

It seems that its a recurring theme when this happens. All the time when we read about black men or black women who are unarmed getting killed for no reason, and yes when the proverbial word goes out in supporting the officer of innocence, the deceased of the bullet has to suffer. Mainly more, it’s the deceased of the black man and black women has to suffer through their families of losing that father, mother, son or daugther. And extended relative. We see it. We read about it. And many had to talk smack on Facebook about the “ha ha’s” of them being black and getting shot in the street. No matter what they did while they were living. How is it that when America hears of sees a news story about a person’s death, who’s black in their working prime, they had to go to the analyticity of their backgrounds to see what they did, and call them out as a bad individual? Like here in Wisconsin, we lost Tony Robinson, Dontre Hamiltion, Bo Morrison, Ernest Lacy, Derek Williams, Darius Simmons, and many others similiar to Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tasir Rice, Eric Garner, and countless others? Even those countless others whom were killed by police of Black Women. When Tony Robinson was killed and his story was featured on Instagram, some dude here in the state had to say something stupid like “thank you Madison Police Department for getting the scum off the streets.” REALLY?! And then he committed Armed Robbery PREVIOUSLY way before he was shot, and labled him as a bad person. Oh, wow! Really?!!!

For this Walter Scott, a 50 year old African American Male, who was running away from the North Chaleston Police UNARMED, that was no excuse of the officer who fired the gun and killing this U.S. Armed Forces Veteran! For those who like to say #AllLivesMatter, I’m putting this out here: If all LIVES REALLY MATTERED, why was Walter’s black life cut short again? And to those who say #BlueLivesMatter in regarding the officer, Michael Slager I hate to say this, but they have no idea! NONE! I ask this also, where is the judgment factor? And it was all caught on digital video.

This weekend, the family of Walter Scott is planning and doing the home-going services in South Carolina. One was on Saturday, and there will be one on Sunday. Knowing yes, that the burial might include full military honors in all in his memory. And after that is all over, his struggle, his wrongful death, his vengeance per say will not be forgotten! And if Officer Michael Slager gets off Scot-Free in the shooting of Walter Scott in any manner, don’t be surprised if he makes the list that would be found not guilty. But in this case, in the reaction of it, he is guilty! And what will the #BlueLivesMatter activists say on that?


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