St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, and yes its one of those days that everyone gets their green on and hang out at every pub, or bar filling up the place with beer and reubens. And yes there are those who are African-Americans that do celebrate. But there has been a question in regarding Black folks celebrating St. Patrick’s Day more, AND DON’T hardly show the same love of acknowledging Black History Month!  This will raise hairs like crazy. For that, I’m going in on this letter.

Dear African-Americans who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day over Black History Month:

It’s me, Stephen. A black blogger who celebrates Black History Month and St. Patrick’s Day from Milwaukee. In a good way.

I need to talk here. Now for those who are not black, chill out and don’t comment a thing! But you can read here if you wish.

Ok on with the letter.

I have been looking at us this week. “Us” as in Blacks and St. Patrick’s Day. Many of us joined in on the fun with others at the clubs, bars and other parties on St. Patrick’s Day. Oh yeah, I saw you with the pics online in all.  There was challenge this week to see if black folks were out to see if it happened. And the challenge was accepted.

I’m gonna be honest and blunt: its fine to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in all, but get this, we are perpetrating ourselves at times. Why do I say this? I’ll bet this past week we’ve had our green on. Shoot, I wear green any day of the week or season. But the question was and is, why do we show up at St. Patrick’s Day parties more on March 17th, and hardly not acknowledge our own when it comes to Black History Month in the same places that you party at?

Can I be straight for a second?

Why do we show up at the St. Patrick’s Day stuff and hardly not at our own celebrations? Many of us still say “I celebrate Black History everyday.” Or like “Everyday is Black History Month!” Really? If that is the case, who did you talked about who was a difference maker in black history on St. Patrick’s Day?!  Who?  What was the name? What was the event? Anyone in the African-American community want to answer?



Well I hate to say if we get all green on St. Patrick’s Day, why NOT more of Red Black and Green in the clubs and bars when it comes to Black History Month?!

I was on my Facebook news feeds this week. And there some who commented that they admit they did not dress up in green at work, but they also commented and questioned where was the love like this when Black History Month was happening? Where was that same love?! Here in Milwaukee, its the same thing. Say for example, Milwaukee celebrates Irish Fest which it does. With the food, the drinks, the Trinity Irish Dancers in all. (By the way I’m not hating on Irish Fest. I’ve worked at Irish Fest back in 1999 at Summerfest doing security.) Some of us would show up for that to view. But do those same people in a scenario who attend Irish Fest would go to any Black Festival in Milwaukee? Honesty, not very much. I should point out that Milwaukee’s African World Festival is not happening this year! It is a fact. I credit WNOV for the source.

It’s hard for me to write this letter to my own people of African decent. But I’m using this letter of expression to announce that its fine to celebrate other things BUT DON’T FORGET YOUR OWN!!! That might be a lie because at times we do forget our own! I admit we do! I don’t care what generation, era, old school person, new school group, Baby Boomer, Gen X, Gen Y and now the up coming Millennials all of us black folks need to look in the mirror!  On the serious tip, we need to check ourselves.

Do I celebrate Black History Month? Yes.

Do I go green on St. Patrick’s Day? Yes.

Do I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day OVER Black History Month?  No!

In closing, take this as a grain of salt. We’ve got to better. No need to constantly squabble about the “oh wells Kanye West shrugs”. Stop it! Raise up. What I’m saying is, its fine to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day and Party. And yes Its fine to host a St. Patrick’s Day party In a black owned bar. BUT: never ever forget to show that same love for Black History. Have more “Afrocentic Parties.” Or “Black History Month Afterparty Gigs” to kick in more dollars and jobs for the Black Community.

And I mean this with love!

Just for those who might say, “oh Stephen’s Spot is hating on black folks who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day”. No I’m not. I am simply saying sample that “St. Patrick’s Day love” during the second month of the year with Black Culture Celebrations. That is all I’m saying. Plain and simple!

And again, I mean it with love!




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