Oh, the irony in the Month of march. Thus far it’s about March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, and yes spring is coming. However, in the same weekend of Friday the 13th, the punishment of the suspended SAE Fraternity Members continued as well a dumb fight in a Brooklyn McDonalds. Plus, why Pastor Creflo Dollar should NOT get a jet for the church as he thinks. Oh technically, the madness is here and it’s ironic.

First, as many know thus far, the SAE Fraternity Members of the Oklahoma Universtiy are officially gone. All because one of the members who was chanting the proverbial, “there will never be a n*gger in SAE” song. But there are those comment that the students shouldn’t be taken out of the school despite of the word being scripted over, and over again. What that means is, there are those who some what use the N-Word need to be punished alright. But in a sense of relation to blacks in all, and the brotherhood bond, why couldn’t some of the fraternities invest in the Black Community (mainly the white Frats) and actually donate their time and effort to work in the Black Community! Plus the idea of all of having them to take African-American History, and almost every single course of BLACK HISTORY as possible. Oh yeah, they need to! The firestorm of this banishment should serve notice that when you use words or things to degrade others being a put down, then maybe that portion needs to be clarified, talked about, and summarized as much as anything else. Now, when the song was sung, and the SAE fraternity members were just saying it like it was enjoyment, they probably don’t know who or what prompted them to sing that. They say they were drunk (OH REALLY?!!) We’re blaming alcohol on this? Stop the freaking pain! It doesn’t matter if they sung the song with Jim Beam or Grey Goose, they sung it! Period. And they are paying for it. Now word ialso that the Alumni of the SAE Fraternity have gone out to get the lawyer who was once hired by Timothy McVeigh after he blew up the Federal Building in 1995. Just a thought, the Oklahoma City Bombing’s 20th Anniversary is next month. Scary. What will the Fraternity accomplish in terms of one or a few knuckleheads chanting a song about lynching black folks and not inviting them in club to establish that “brotherhood” that they have been preaching about since 1856? And will this be the ultra matter of resolve? We’ll see. Just keep the finger on the pulse.

Second: Fighting in the BK.

I know when the letters of B & K come up, it’s Burger King. But not really, it’s really about Brooklyn and the 5 girls fighting against one at their local McDonalds. We’ve all seen it. 5 girls against one. What is this, a handicap match? Now everyone in the darn restaurant is looking at the fight and yes there well those who had to get it on the camera phones in all. But if that’s the case why didn’t no one, (AND I MEAN NO ONE) stepped up and actually broke up the fight? Are we that blood thirsty for real? I mean you got 5 girls here, beating up this one chick and had her head stomped! Really! MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL! NONE. Were there any responsible adults in McDonalds that stopped by and made sure that no one should have gotten hurt Now one the real, all five of them have been pressed charges and similar fashion, and one of them, Aniah Ferguson is a gang member. She stabbed her Brother, made threats to her grandmother, and have a list of crimes and again: only 16 years old!!!!!!  WHY IS SHE STILL OUT AND GOING BACK IN AND GOING BACK OUT? Oh lord have mercy! These young ladies may not have much of a future all because of stomping and gang tackling this one teen in a McDonalds restaurant after school! And don’t say, or hashtag #BLACKLIVESMATTER on this because it don’t matter at this point! IT DOES NOT! Neither does the stupid “Stop Snitching” Rule. Throw it out the window. Aniah Ferguson better need to know and be saved by Jesus NOW before it’s too late! I hate to get churchy, but I’m sorry. This young lady (and I mean YOUNG LADY) needs to get help somehow, someway NOW!

Back in my day, it was one on one after some folks want to trigger thoughts in my head. We fought! But now, with this new mentality, everybody wants to jump in to get famous. To the parents of those girls who had to get their way, can you please call the boarding schools and get your daughters disciplined? I mean dang. Or, be like when you send your sons off to Boot Camp, the girls need to sent off to boot camp also! Yeah I said it. If you can send the boys off to boot camp after their run ins with the law, then that must happen for the girls too. I know it’s March and it’s Women’s History Month. But I’m sorry, that doesn’t matter at this point. What matters the most, is discipline! And unfortunately, tax payers like me and others in America will be fitting the bill for it!

And the third dance card: Jet planes and pastors.

I was going to say something on Facebook about Creflo Dollar, and this idea of his congregation forking over 60 Million Dollars. But no, I’ll do it here. Well, let me say this as a giving, volunteering, gift talented, 4th Generation, Black Man that is part of the United Methodist Church: NO!!!!! Absolutely NOT! Ok, a Jet. Really? If anyone in that church or MegaChurch deserves a Jet, it should be the members themselves period. Or on a similar fashion, here is a part where I play devil’s advocate. If Creflo Dollar the Pastor, wanted to raise 60 Million Dollars for his congregation to invest in something, it should be as follows. Oh, and non-church going folks, you’ll like this from a church going person:

1) Scholarships for the college bound students.

2) A new business to start up that is beneficial to the chruch community, or maybe NEW JOBS!!!!!

3) Homeless Shelters or Homeless Apartments.

4) Transportation purposes to get the church members to and from church in a faster fashion.

5) Assist a neighborhood project.

6) Investments in stock and bonds.

And….I can go further and further.

Since then, the Pastor had removed the website that promoted the Jet. And many like before, there were critics whom had to say that “this is why I don’t go to church and its all about the money”. WELL I hate to say that EVERY BUSINESS you see and work with, party with on Saturday late nights and donate to are about money too! Don’t front! Many of you probably spiked up the St. Patrick’s Day parties at the bars and clubs per say and the folks still reaking up the finances. Well, if it took a lot of interested folks on a day where St. Patrick allegedly banished reptiles from Ireland, with the bars packed with fans, green and beer, how many of you probably pack a church on Sunday Morning by just showing up?! Don’t worry I’ll wait!

Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, look for that in my next “A Blog To” series. And guess what, it’s aimed at a group of folks that need to listen up: African-Americans. Or the African-Americans whom don’t acknowledge the tamarite of Black History Month, but rather go green on March 17. Oh yes,  I WILL go in!

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