Three Way Dance time! Everybody knows what time it is. As you see the title, it’s all those in one that I lift my brainwaves and the thoughts go. So with that, time to rant and review.

First Dance Card: For all those who hate on the Milwaukee Streetcar: PLEASE BOW DOWN!!!! Seriously, bow down. Just today the opponents of the Streetcar Project will try once again to pull another referendum thing in May to get more signatures yet again in their effort to try to stop the project. So you mean to tell me that they want to stop another job opportunity per say in order to gain their goal? Again, here we go again. Why do we bow to these so-called Polarized Politics in this segregated climate that the fools will not understand? Why is this? This CRG Network/AFP/Stop the Milwaukee Streetcar folks are just like those who don’t want things to happen to improve Milwaukee. Personally yes, they have their opinions, but I think all these signatures are just a waste of time of keeping things in the past and don’t want to thrive! I’ll never forget that there are those who are from that group that said, we know what the people want. REALLY?!!! I want them to talk to me about what I want in Milwaukee, and I’ll give them a different answer!  Keep in mind, what is the unemployment rate in Milwaukee? About 55%?!!! Which more of that in the Black Community.

For the Proponents of the Streetcar Projects: I have one advice, USE IRON CLAD LIKE MANEUVERS! I said earlier that there will be those who try to throw you off your game with this project plan! That has to be on watch at all times. Even to the Aldermen who favored and voted for the Streetcar. Heed my message, stay on watch for this!  Straight up.

Second Dance on the Card: I’m looking at this website about the rapper Rich Homie Quan, liking the fact that his white fans calling him the n*gger word. Um…..attention all “black activists” yeah you the anti-negropean army: Have you heard this dude saying this? Seriously, this new era of rappers who say this stuff are just asking for it. All of you Rich Homie Quan fans, can you please denounce your hero on this foolishness? I dare anyone who says that, gets their heads examined. Now I know that the “defenders” of the n*gger or n*gga word are in full force like “oh I hear black folks say it all the time. Why can’t I say it?” Don’t get me started on this! Many have forgotten that those who can’t say it, probably already said it and gotten away with saying it! If Rich Homie Quan actually got stopped by the white police or the freaking highway patrol and got handcuffed or hauled away with them saying the N-word, will he like it then?! Ponder that! I’m just saying.

Third Dance on the card: Black Milwaukee, we’ve been called out to make a challenge. I’m listening to WNOV (yes the same station) and during the commercials, there was an radio ad indication about Black Businesses. The Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce has a plan for us black folks to start and investing in black owned businesses. They would like to see at least 3,000 businesses (Black Owned) to start up within the next 3 to 4 years. In the next couple of weeks, on Saturdays, they will host several Workshops on how to get the businesses started up from the ground up.

From their website, this is an excerpt of their objective:

The challenge of change along with the pace and complexity of change and global competition facing black businesses today puts a premium on cities that can deliver distinct advantages for companies, talent and investment.
The need for the black community to compete at this level is unprecedented.  It is imperative that we capitalize on our city’s assets and create a scaled campaign equal to the challenge.
Now is the time to think and act as a state.
We have developed an aggressive campaign to secure our business future now.  Outlined in this and other document are the focused strategies aimed at the retention, expansion, creation and attraction of more black people starting businesses and creating jobs.
We believe the black business community has what it takes to compete in the global economy with a world-class business environment.
There is other information from their website that those can partake of interest in reading.
So let me ask this. Who among in Milwaukee, in the Black Community, would step up and take this challenge?
  • Who among us who were sick and tired of being laid off, first fired, or just not getting a real result of when when see our resumes in the trash to that “perspective” company that never gave a da*n about our skills and gains, even with our post-educational background, clubs, Fraternities, Sororities, a generational status in our churches?
  • Who among us who had been discriminated against a certain employer, or a certain organization that would NOT allow us to work for their company even in the year of 2015?
  • Who among us who want to take the game of business ownership to the next level that can help thrive more in a new way in the Black Community?
  • Who among us have been dreaming big while working on a job that we hate NOW?
  • Who among us who want to make this SERIOUSLY HAPPEN for a lifetime, not just for the moment? – the reason behind this, there are those of us that want to invest for the moment, but not for a real lifetime! THAT MUST CHANGE!
So anyone is seriously thinking about making it happen on a SERIOUS TIP, then those must answer the challenge!
Think about it!!!!!!
Many of us are doing the scrappy jobs to make a check. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not enough to be more financially stable to pay the bills, student loans, that long payment back to your mother and father, or those idiotic collection bills you get once a month to make you get pissed off the folks due to that so-called college credit card! Can I get a witness?
I would say this: even though that the jobs out now are and are not up for the grabs at times, but starting your own business, probably maybe the best investment you can do. So I say this, those questions I mentioned, Black Milwaukee: start a new revolution (and I mean a NEW revolution) of black businesses that can help thrive not just the community, but also the person in you!
For more information of The Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce, and the open challenge they are proposing, click here, read, and share.

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