Man, Wisconsin what is this mess of Right To Work? Are we really that desperate to be on the list of Right to Work?! And plus to those Union Workers who favored Scott Walker, congrats. You have disrespected and brought shame to the beginning folks who have helped to shape this state!  And to those of us in the black community, we need to raise our voices instead of letting other voices shutting us out! I’m going there.

And still to think, its still Black History Month until Saturday. Also, remember when Scott Walker talked about “Divide and Conquer?” The late great Malcolm X warned us about stuff like subject over 50 years ago:

Many many times, I have repeatedly said, by using the phrase, “I told you so”. And to those who thought it wouldn’t be real, guess what? ITS REAL! It’s out there. And the more stuff happens out of Scott Walker, the WORST DAYS of Wisconsin is becoming. And many it’s because of two things: One, its those who don’t vote. Yeah: there are those who feel that voting won’t matter to them. But if the candidate that makes the opposition against their beliefs, interests, values, goals or any other concerns then they don’t matter to you or anyone. Plus also there are those who might be your neighbors, friends, family, or any other buddy system you rely on everyday will also feel the pinch of despair! Tell me I’m wrong!

And the second thing it’s more of threats, racism and many other factors that are not going unheard. Period. Mostly, there are those who are white, and in Madison that are and will protest like crazy. Which is no surprise. But I was listening to the local black radio stations previously about the role of black folks in this “fight”, this is where I begin to address us in the black community in regarding the Right to Work issue. I want address the black folks here: Why aren’t our voices aren’t in this as much as the rest?  I think I answered my own question! In which I’ll go in summary.

Oh, most recently, Scott Walker said that if he could take on 100,000 protesters, he could take on the world. Even ISIS. Oh, let the memes begin. First of all, the 100,000 protesters doesn’t have weapons of knives and guns, and make videos before beheading the crap of their victims. ISIS is doing this. And to the Walker fans, your boy is out of his mind.

I had a former member who spoke in my Church recently, and said in a “God of Israel” warning that ISIS is in America! Oh, wait did I stutter on that? I repeat, ISIS is in America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just find the sleeper cells, and those Twitter like warnings on Social Media. And most recently, there were three Americans from Brooklyn who were arrested because of their support of hooking up with ISIS!  Watch out! If I were a REAL fan Scott Walker, in which I’m not, I would be definitely worried about him, and his words in regarding ISIS as being as a new monster as they are. And the insults of the comparisons, seriously! How many times I’ve seen the so-called “Union Thugs” making a declaration of war with weapons on this College Dropout that won 3 times, and gotten away with murder of slashing education funds, health care funds, High Speed Rail, and many others that is winning for his base?

Many of us tried to tell you folks who sit up all day! Especially those who drink the Kool-Aid of Walker’s Brown Bag Lunches all this time!

Is anyone seeing this clearly now? Nevermind the political stuff!

If the bill for right to work does indeed pass, and if it does reach the desk of Scott Walker with his pens of selection, that might be a death door-nail for unions. And speaking of that, if you are real Scott Walker backer, and a union guy or union woman, plus you hate the idea of  Right to Work in all, guess what? You are screwed! Literally. Also from what I’ve heard, that could also be junk jobs for those minimum wage like careers that won’t mean much if you’re looking for a higher degree for your career! That also might be a signal for those to move.

BUT Wait……It’s bad everywhere! Just a thought!

Right now in Madison, there is a Union-Wide protest and also statements from many who are against the idea of Right To Work in regards to testimonies. The same scene of the crime in which 4 years ago many union reps that came riding of tractors or other forms of transportation, all ventured out to the capitol and even in the capitol vented at the previous now broken Act 10 Bill. The same “Budget Repair Bill” that many in the Wisconsin 14 had fled the state in protest. Remember that? Now it’s a different scene, same Governor, different legislation and up to old tricks to mess up the Badger state. Slash and burn.

To be clear, if it’s no surprising that the Governor will in fact sign the bill into law then I don’t know what it is. And plus, when I looked at the pics of those who are majority white in Madison (which is and was expected), I’m asking this question, why do I see a few or two black people in this protest?

Just a word of advice: there needs to be MORE BLACK REPRESENTATION at the table when regarding issues like these. Whether Wisconsin likes it or not, the black residents are residents like everyone else. I represent the 6% – 8% of the citizens that is a Black Wisconsin Resident. Let’s be clear! I dare to have anyone (and I mean ANYONE) who is Madison born per say with all the political lowdown, to have the guts to go to Milwaukee’s Black Community, (or the African-American Chamber of Commerce, The Milwaukee NAACP, The Milwaukee Urban League or The Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce, or even black churches and community centers and black owned businesses) and actually address the reasons why this affects them also. Plus also black folks, we need to really hear, and see, and go to tell Madison that they need to listen to the concerns about Milwaukee that many in the media talk about at a minimal rate. And also who is kept silent!  Of course, we can say Milwaukee all day if we want. But I want the testimonies between the Largest City and the Capitol for those who don’t get a voice to get a shot!

In other words, Wisconsin’s Capitol needs to listen up. Not just within themselves, but outside of Dane County as many other counties per say that is a concern like Right to Work. Even Milwaukee!

Don’t get me wrong, I visited Madison twice in the 90’s as a High School Student during the Badger Games, when the UW Football was popping! And Barry Alvarez was coaching! Madison is good city in all, but the “Right To Work concerns” as the heart of the state that doesn’t seem to listen, must now pay attention!

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