MJS Streetcar

Breaking news out of the Milwaukee Area today:

In a 9-6 failed referendum vote, the Milwaukee Streetcar project is officially approved. Which brings back to the 10-5 votes from January. After a long debate of almost 25 years of going back and forth, and in a polarized climate of segregation, the City of Milwaukee’s common council finally had the balls to OFFICIALLY approve the Milwaukee Streetcar project. Plus also it will be sent to Mayor Barrett’s desk today for his OK signature to get the project started this coming year of 2015. Now the Streetcar project will not be the end all to get this city going on its own.

Still, I don’t know why the Milwaukee media hyped up the controversial project as is, but remember what Eric Bischoff once said: Controversy Creates cash!

More to come.

By the way: Now since this project will happen after all, Can we the citizens of Milwaukee FINALLY get the working?

A proposed streetcar would stop at the Couture apartment tower proposed for downtown Milwaukee’s lakefront.


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