Welcome to February. The shortest month of the year, and yes it’s all about three words that might make folks cringe: Black History Month. Even certain black folks who march around protesting about ending it. Let me remind my people and those whom are close with my people that we should know by know, that this month of the centerpiece is a chance to really celebrate. Now I know what you’re thinking, and I think it’s getting way so old:

  • “Why can’t we celebrate this everyday?”
  • “Why does it have to be about color?!”
  • “I feel that Morgan Freeman is right about not having it, why can’t we have an American History Month?”
  • “I know everything about Blacks. Why a month though?”
  • Or my personal favorite: Why can’t they teach this in the schools without getting fired?”

You poor wayward souls!

But that last question I’ll comment later on.

Every single year, I hear that reckoning question of the same stuff about “Why can’t we celebrate this everyday?”  My question to that is this, What do we do everyday? Black folks, this is for you too! What do we do everyday? We go to work, school, prepare our clothes, shoes, making sure that our plans are set for business and travel, and etc. Don’t front at once! Many of us are still pondering why the Seattle Seahawks choked in the Super Bowl when Russell Wilson threw that pass but got INT’d by Marcus Butler of the NE Patriots. And unlike the Seahawks, the Packers did beat the Pats at Lambeau and did not choke.  Or maybe many are focused about Jay Z and Beyonce moving to L.A. or to see if someone from the Rap Game is about to drop another hit and just anxious to hear it. Or wondering about those new shoes (don’t lie Females) in the glass window at the mall, or yes fellas trying to get the Widescreen that was on sale after the Big Game, going to the concerts to score those awesome seats, or just wasting time protesting about a future streetcar project in Milwaukee that could benefit alot of citizens. Or protesting against Scott Walker and his ongoing war with the UW System, and as an Alum, I am not pleased!

This is a small sample here.

You mean to tell me we can do all these things, plus going on Facebook, Twiiter, Pinterest, Instagram and many others and can’t even reference about Lonnie Johnson or Mae Jemison?! Now I know there are those who probably might Google their names right now and just NOW LEARNING about those names for a want to know question. Matter of fact, I think my point is being proven right now.

And it’s proven in the fact of attitude and actions. I wonder why that is. Is it because that our older folks didn’t pass the knowledge enough, or is it us Gen X, Gen Y, and Millenials took the old stuff of knowledge and threw it in the trash? Oh, I’m going there today! Really I think it’s on both sides. I think the older gens probably didn’t go on with the ideal thought that us new players should enhance the knowledge more. It’s probably the basic same old stuff since us Gen X’ers were in Grade School. For me it was slightly different, yes I do remember celebrating the black history month events and figures like Garrett Morgan. And a host of others. And partially, I never understood it. But again, that was in school. However as I grew older, per say I began to realize the things about Black History were coming into light. This was in the house and church! And of course about the “Celebration” part of Black History Month has always been in question in some controversial fashion from skipping it, to calling it racist to even try to boycott it of trying to “get everyone together.” I hate to say it to those who are in a hating fashion: give it up! As long as you have racists, haters of any race, and “negropean” like folks dissing the occasion, Black History Month will always exist.

Dr. Carter G. Woodson made the occasion for a reason to talk about us! Us as in Black People. I’ve mentioned this too many times. Of course to an extent it’s part of the line of American History. However, it’s really should be part of the aspects of World History! We can’t front on that. And plus, I’ve asked this question before and I’m saying it again: “Who says that you have to learn the entire history in 28 or sometimes 29 Days?! And plus to pick on those who say this quote of learning it everyday, this goes back to my original  thought, “what do we do everyday?”

Just recently, I read about two stories in regarding those hating on Black History Month.

First, a couple of Howard Middle School Teachers in Washington D.C. were fired from their teaching positions due to the fact they were “teaching too much Black History” to the students. You’ve got to be kidding me! Seriously! WHO GETS FIRED FOR TEACHING TOO MUCH BLACK HISTORY?! If I were those folks who feels that firing teachers for teaching Black History is a crime, then THEY must be fired! Oh, I get it. They want the teachers to forget about those whom are black, so that they can continue to teach the good ole’ American History. Hold up a second! Many are saying that “Black History is American History.”. What happened to that? Hmmm………..

Second story and this is for those who live in Texas. Even though I got love for the Lone Star State. Word was on the street, that Civil Rights Activist in Black History of Angela Davis was supposed to speak at one of your colleges. But apparently your GOP College representatives forbade her to speak about Black History. Are some your folks bigots? What are they afraid of? Oh, that’s right. They are afraid  of a BLACK WOMAN who once been in the struggle way back with the Black Afro and Fist up in the 1970’s in telling of what her experience was like with the struggle at hand. And those today in office don’t want to students to hear that, all because the rules and regulations she got busted for? Oh, yes they are afraid of those that know the truth. I feel sorry for the students who might not get to hear her speak. Once again that shield of hate must come down! And personally this is why America is the way it is.

Can I be straight with you readers about all this?

There are folks in the country of America who are just afraid to unravel things that most of Black America already knows. Every single time this happens many had to cower up and have this big wall planted to say, no you can’t speak or say about this particular topic or subject of Black History. And many have forgotten that it was a black man that reminded us that we need to tell about our stories. Our stories are just as “American and Internationally known” just like everyone else. And don’t get me started about “oh, I’m waiting for a day that none of this matters in which All Americans are appreciated.” Don’t hold your breath. The more we talk Black History (not just in a American History sense) there better be understanding! However there are those who won’t and never will understand. Every year, I come here on this blog as I’ve done in the past and have to repeat like a broken record with the truth over and over again until the ears bleed. And I’m speaking on this Globally! And plus I’m not the only one. Feel free to read this story.

Remember this: Black History Month is not just an American History Occasion. This should be an World History Staple in which the first race of people were BLACK! Plus also for those who keep saying about the only race matters is the Human race? Remember that? Many say it. But failed to realized that it was the first civilization of black people that started the human race!

Attention college kids, put this in your Black History stuff and give me credit!

So yes, like many have said and I’ll say it here: Happy Black History Month to me! The occasion in which its cool to celebrate the 2nd month, and also to reference the historical events all day everyday. And how do I celebrate the BHM? Recognize the celebration and continue to reference the figures and events all the time. Even though it may be hard with the everyday stuff like work, school and activities!

Now let me set this centerpiece.


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