I’m about to go in on the city again. But before I do, this commentary is for the city and towards the city. If you are one of the folks in Milwaukee who feels that the Streetcar is on this verge of being a pain per say, and you start to hear all the “rumors” from taking money from MPS in all, then you really have been listening to “the stories” and not the stone cold truth in a positive sense. By now, you probably had gone to Serb Hall in West Allis tonight and probably had sat in the seats and heard the spoken word of Milwaukee Aldermen Bob Donovan and Joe Davis, Sr. Why those two you ask? because they are leading this crusade to get the streetcar on the ballot for the April election in taking it to the people in making it a yay or nay decision. Oh check this, while you’re at the Serb, you probably were given a sheet like this: Yeah you might feel pretty good about having this petition and trying to get the names on it before the spring election. What you are just doing is just that. Having a Streetcar per say will symbolize all the segregation and racism that you might been hearing about, and it must be stopped. Really?! And plus we just had a shooting downtown in which Dontre Hamilton was killed at Red Arrow Park and many feel that his death is being overshadowed with the interest of getting the Streetcar started. And plus when I read about the so-called groups of Citizens Responsible for Government (as usual being conservative) plus black activism of using #BlackLivesMatter along with it, now its becoming ugly. CALLOUT: I thought #BlackLivesMatter was to address the concerns of unarmed Black Men and Black Women getting killed. When did it start being so political?!!! Let me address the Hamilton family here: First, I feel you. I get it. I get it. I’ve seen you in the streets getting your liberties and having the chance to get the case reopened for Dontre. I know how at times that justice can be a twist of fate at times. Let me explain. In July of 2002, I lost my cousin Adrian Drew to gun violence at age 21. The reason being because the men wanted his 1996 Chevy Lumina in which he was driving with spinning rims on the side. Don’t forget at age 21! He was a college student at UWM and also he worked with his dad (my older cousin) for an Ice Cream Store near 38th and Center. But the days leading to his untimely death, he was chased at least 3 times trying to get to him. Adrian didn’t give up the car, and the day came when he got shot near the area of 47th and Locust we were shocked and saddened by this. The individuals who killed my cousin, they got caught. And served time. But the sentencing portion should have life in prison,  than 10 years! Part of that was a bit twisted. As disappointed as it was, justice was served; but not enough. True story! When all that went down, I didn’t march in the streets, didn’t tell the government officials to stop future projects for the sake of my cousin! There are other ways to seek justice and revive projects (ala the Streetcar) Its been done before. And plus it’s I’m being active by not taking it to the streets! I got firm connections to fight from ranging from education, healthcare, church, and law networks. Believe me, I got them! So, yes Hamilton family. I get it. However, I also think that halting a Streetcar project per say (and I’m being very very careful about this)I think is not going to bring Dontre back. But I feel you. Between 2002 up to right now, I’ve seen projects come and go, and I know that “dang I wish my cousin Adrian was here!” But even those couldn’t bring him back. As well as those in Milwaukee who were gunned down between then and now. I’m keeping it real with this! I’m not trying throw shade or stones. But I’m saying from the middle standpoint. I happened to find an article that might be of an interest to the Black Community in relation to this conflict. Oh, yes I do. And trust me, this article is nearly 10 years old. Since today is a Thursday, and many are going with the Throwback Thursday Mantra, I want to dig up an article that many forgotten about. I want to highlight the year of 2005. Does anyone in Milwaukee, particularity Black Milwaukee remember February 16th, 2005? Doesn’t matter if you listen to WNOV, read the black newspapers of the Milwaukee Courier, the Community Journal, a former listener of 1290. Do you remember this date? Well for those whom may have forgotten, read this courtesy of the associated press: And plus, it was from a site I would never go to – Fox News.

A flurry of shots rang out Wednesday evening on a commuter bus, killing one man and injuring another, police said. Ten to 15 shots were fired on the Milwaukee County Transit (search) bus while it was traveling on the city’s north side. The driver stopped the bus and called police. “The bus driver said, ‘I’m driving and then the shots rang out and then everybody’s piling off the bus,”‘ said Milwaukee Police Capt. Eric Moore. Moore said only one person remained on the bus when police arrived, a 42-year-old man who died in the shooting. A 22-year-old man who was shot in the leg was found outside the bus, Moore said. He was being treated at a local hospital. Police were combing the bus Wednesday night for clues. “We don’t have a motive for the shooting,” Moore said.

Again does this ring a bell? If the Alderman Joe Davis and Bob Donovan were even alive back in 2005 when this happened, do they have any reflection of this incident? They better. Especially for Joe Davis’ sake! This incident occurred on a Milwaukee County Transit System bus on Milwaukee’s northside. And 10 years ago, I was still riding county buses! Oh yes. And check this out, until March of 2005 came, I started driving on my own to point A and point B. The reason I dug up this article is about the “concerns” of what might happen if the Streetcar was to be built in which many forgotten that the MCTS had a past incident that was encountered. Heck, I even read about carjackings in Milwaukee. Wanna go there?! And those whom are pro against the StreetCar, have YOU forgotten this? Has Milwaukee Black Media addressed this? Basically what I’ve been hearing is nothing more than reverse scare tactics. That’s all it is. And when that happens, the folks who think who would win the argument, will spiritually lose. Why? Because of the mindset! (I should be a Psychiatrist!) For many years as far as I remember, we’ve been beating the dead horse about getting jobs here in the city. In any which way we tried. BUT: Why are we stopping ourselves like this?! And if the money does go somewhere else, it will be like the High Speed Rail all over again, and many will look at Milwaukee and Wisconsin as being dorks and fools. You came so close and guess what, you fumbled the ball. It should have been great, but that “Misguided Pride” just had to get in the way. Really?! Usually I don’t dive on the Social Media side of things, but I did. I went on Facebook the other day, and I went to the group called “Penny’s Politics.” It’s an “closed” group page now that discusses the political side of just about anything. I came across a posting about the individuals who were behind the High Speed Rail Project and against Walker, are the same folks who are using that mentality against Tom Barrett and his idea of bringing the Streetcar. When I read the posting on there, it had about 168 comments on it. Mostly positive, Partially Negative. The partially negative part had to come from a female black activist who questioned about the Economic Side in which would be beneficial towards African-Americans. The one answer that this person got is the same one I’ve been saying (via the moderator) is the one thing only: JOBS! That is your economic side of things! I’ve been saying this since the very start of my reasoning behind the streetcar project is one thing, and one thing only is the employment. And I have said so many times that it’s the one thing that is being preached about too much in Milwaukee! And from the reports, the Streetcar would also include a route along MLK Drive, and also in the areas of the Northside of the city. We all know what happened to the last 2 transportation project ideas: GONE!  Why? Due to politics. And to top of all of that, Wisconsin is very good of letting cash slip away. Why do you think that partially that Scott Walker (whom recently got sworn in – again) did that to approve? Not because of the “so-called boondoggles and no one will ride it speeches”. It’s really the ongoing effect of segregation within the state. Don’t believe me, go ask any black Wisconsin resident that knows! Start in Milwaukee.  Go to Madison, Racine, Kenosha, and others where majority of the black residents will tell you the same thing. Even if you have to go to Waukesha where it’s highly Republican. Just today I was on the Urban Milwaukee website. They have published the article about the story that is behind of these referendums of the Streetcar. Mainly this is what I’m talking about. From the conservative like groups from the outside looking in on Milwaukee having these petitions to me is “dangerous”. And partially there are those in those areas who probably don’t give a flip about black folks in Milwaukee. And the connection part that has REALLY scratching my head on this notion is the fact that Joe Davis talked with the reps of this CRG organization (whom are republican related per say) in getting the petitions out in the open of derailing the long awaited Streetcar. Not only that, it might effect those in the Milwaukee Common Council that backed up the project as well. Can anyone say recall?!!! That is what it’s turning into. And by the way, it’s being on circulated on Facebook. CALLOUT: Hey Black Milwaukee, I hope you done your homework!!!!!!!!! Not on the Streetcar, but with a conservative twist of CRG (Citizens for Responsible Government)  that partially does not like you!  Black Milwaukee Activists: When you’re out there saying #TEAMSHUTITDOWN on Facebook, I’m praying for you. And I want the backers of Alderman Joe Davis to do a homework assignment on a person of Orv Seymer. Do a background check. And word on the street is that he kind of poaches after inner city residents and has bad references with his work. This is one of the men that the Alderman was conversating with before the year of 2014 was ending. Again read the article from Urban Milwaukee. Speaking of Facebook, if those haven’t gone in (in a defensive counter thing) on a group page that is Anti-Streetcar, find the page called “STOP the Milwaukee Streetcar.” Which also, is an apparent catalyst in driving these petitions. And the organization that is behind the ordeal, (according to the comments on Urban Milwaukee) is Sobelman’s. Does that name sound familiar to someone who like burgers? And maybe others behind the support might be Sherman Perk, the Packing House, and the Plainfield Pub. For the record, I have NOT visited these places in Milwaukee, and don’t expect me to spend my hard earned money for a burger, coffee, or beer. And plus I challenge anyone in Milwaukee to go in on this Anti-Streetcar Page and just deliver the real truth of why the StreetCar project should matter to Milwaukee without all these rumors. Even though they know the truth, but just don’t want to hear it! MAKE THEM LISTEN! Many are talking about the hate of the Streetcar, but what about the hate against the Milwaukee County Transit System where it couldn’t get to the jobs as needed at times?! Tell me that! They can’t go to Kenosha and to Amazon. And many forget, some companies (not all)  don’t allow employers to take buses! Think about that! And if it doesn’t go well, what will the opponents have that pros didn’t? That’s needs to be in question! In relates to jobs, economics black folks, etc. Don’t just keep saying #SHUTITDOWN. I say #WHATDOYOUHAVE or #YOUBETTERNEEDSOMETHING. Or #OKNOWWHATYOUAREBRINGING. Or a better hashtag: #WHATISYOURPLAN. Plus if a chance, read the article of “The streetcar isn’t everything, but it’s a big step in the right direction” via the OnMilwaukee.com website.


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