Happy New Year, Readers!

Well, it’s about that time of the year as everyone knows, that it’s time to break the things I don’t want to see and do want to see in this year of the goat of 2015. Yes, I know many will break out and say, I’M THE G.O.A.T! in 2015. Really though? With the lessons of the 2014 in the archives for future references and future throwbacks, its time to make room in the reference area, and bring out an empty box, and a empty check. Usually I say around New Year’s that is like a blank check. What are you going to with it? How are you going to spend it? For the empty box, it’s marked “2015”. What are you going to file by the end of the year?

Now It’s now time for the Stephen’s Spot Traditional Things I want to see and don’t see in 2015!

First Five I want to see:

1) I want to see more of US black folks going back to work. 2014 was a year that yes, the Dow was up over 18,000 points. However the high unemployment among African-Americans was the same percentage. Part of that could be not enough job skills, or that background check, or where they live. Now I think that resumes with addresses MUST BE removed! By the way, I’ll comment my viewpoint on why it is from an recent experience.

2) If #BlackLivesMatter in 2014 was important, then it will matter even more in 2015. I would like to see those who had enough of the cops shooting up unarmed black males and females to increase the pace of getting justice for those of Michael Brown, Dontre Hamilton, and many others who felt that their loved ones shouldn’t been gunned down.

3) Since there is a new Social Network that guarantees pay, would that play in a factor? I’m talking about the TSU Social Universe. I would like to see if it sticks!

4) I want to see and go to reunions this year! For those of us who are Class of 1995 of High School, College, University we need to party up for our 20th Reunions! Have an idea like: #WeTurn20In15 #20yearstolife or 20th Anniversary for you old schoolers! For other reunions like family: stay close! And those who have a 30th or 40th Reunion, I can’t speak for you due to my age and generation. But I’m focused on 1995 the most. And plus, this would be a good interest in investing in your Alumni Associations.

5) I hope those who use the mantra of setting New Year’s Resolutions goals actually do them! Even if a resolution for many years were put on the shelf for a while. For example if you thought about skydiving in 2014 and didn’t do it, try again in 2015.

Second Five I don’t want to see:

6) For those who promote their three day weekend stuff in their home cities, and criticize those who don’t come out or support, I hate to say this but pleasing folks aren’t going to cut it. And plus many don’t know who the folks personally! (I.E. Freedom Weekend!) That I think will lose customers, it will lose interest. And just lose period! Note to the promoters as a suggestion of any kind, be careful what you post and display! And this commentary is not about hate or throwing shade.

7) I don’t want anyone of the non-black race thinks that when anything is “all black this and that” is racist. Even if it is #AllBlackLivesMatter. Or #EveryBlackLifeMattters or #MyBlackLifeMatters. Or something like #MyBlackLifeReallyDoesMatter. Know the lingo!

8) I don’t want to see nor hear about those on Social Media whining about game requests. If you see the requests you don’t have to take it. No need to get mad at the folks to get a scene online! And NO SOCIAL MEDIA POSTINGS about commenting of Social Security Numbers!

9) I don’t want to see folks alike getting mad when a famous name gets attention in the spotlight for a recent act of violence. If those get mad, they don’t do nothing but complain!

10) For the Employers: I don’t want to witness any mess when looking for applicants for your companies. Last year at a Job Fair in Milwaukee’s Potowanomi Bingo & Casino ( Now the Hotel and Casino due to the name change)  during a segment at the event, it was all good until about 3:30pm Central time, a freaking fight broke out in the event! Between two black women in their 20’s, not dressed to impressed and it was so embarrassing to see that.


Now the last five what I want to see and don’t see:

11) Milwaukee: put these dates on your calendar: February 17th and April 7th. Know what those are? Dates! Voting Dates! Get out and vote! Please let me see this!

12) What I don’t want to see: I don’t want to see our Public Officials of County Supervisors, etc making fools of themselves on Twitter or Facebook, even if it’s involved mocking a person’s last words! Just remember, there are voters who will watch and will respond to boot them out!

13) Here is what I want to see: Get more active! Exercise, Diets, Doctors, etc! Not just on New Year’s Day, or your day of coolness, but everyday! Get more young folks involved in sports, music, church, and grown folks, do the same.

14)  What I don’t want to see: For all you future brides this year. Knowingly 2015 will the be year you say I do to your future groom and or lady(nod to the LGBT folks). And you might pick a day like 5-10-15 (get it, May 10th, 2015) per say, but here is one thing I don’t want to see on your Facebook posts, your Instagram, Pinterest, TSU, or any other platform. And I am serious here. Last time on the blog, I wrote about this chick who was going down the aisle, about to be married, and had her baby on her wedding trail thing. And the picture went viral around the Internet. Women, please for the love of Jesus, God, Buddha, Allah, or any other God you pray to, or your family prays to, or your church congregation, your Mosque, your temple, or whatever type or religious place you go to: DO NOT (I REPEAT) DO NOT PUT YOUR INFANT CHILD ON YOUR WEDDING DRESS TRAIL! I don’t want to see no ghetto wedding pics on the net this year! That is out!

And the last on the list: 15) What I do want to see  – Give back to your alumni. And if there is a flaw in your alumni of High School, College, University: Let them know. Hold them accountable! And Class of 2015, when you graduate this year either in the spring, summer or winter, give back to your schools that gave you love for four years. Give someone a chance to earn more scholarships, student exposure and many others in your school. Give them a chance!

Let me say this one more time: Happy New Year!


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