If many in America has not noticed, the charge of Dontre Hamilton’s killer, Former Milwaukee PD Officer Christopher Manney will not be charged, and his notice of him in the act of shooting Dontre was justified. Many of us in Milwaukee had woke up with the news, around 8am Central Time probably getting out of bed, or going to the cubical before the holiday last minute party and actually heard that yes here it is again another cop (mainly another white cop) shoots an unarmed (UNARMED) black male in a public setting like a county park and the cop is not charged. The decision came from the announcement of County DA John Chisholm. Whom in the past had visits to black churches for votes. He and like others who supported the justification of Christopher Manney, is on the bubble. I sense that the DA might not be getting the votes in 2016. Oh, I know there are those again who are going to say and probably said, “What about black on black crime?” Why is it always the “white on black crime thing?” First of all, to all those who say that, I have two words to say, matter of fact I six words to comment:

That same old statement is clearly misguided!

All it is, is nothing more a mere excuse of changing the subject and trying cover up or not focus about the current subject at hand in regarding white cops beating and/or killing unarmed black folks. And to also whom feel it’s all smoke and mirrors, and thinking it shouldn’t be about color, or it’s all B.S. – WAKE UP! I don’t care if you’re black yourself or mexican, or any other race that the subject may not matter to you, trust me it will matter one way or the other. You can’t turn it off instantly and say, “Oh there is no real racism!” I call B.S. on that as a black man! And I don’t care if a certain comment is on Youtube or Facebook! I see those bogus comments. That is just as bogus like Scott Walker wanting to plant trouble makers in crowds. Oh wait, he did mention that in a “fake phone call” to one of the Koch Brothers per say.

And plus, the subject of Black on Black Crime has been mentioned too many times. Some folks are just late!

What we have heard this morning in Milwaukee, yes Dontre Hamilton’s murdering hand is still free. And the family of Dontre Hamilton will have to look this week being without him around the Christmas week. That empty space in the house, that spot where he used to play his games, or whatever is going to be a different scene. They might even go to the gravesite on Christmas Day to lay flowers on his grave which might be the hardest and most difficult thing this family has to go through. And for those Milwaukeeans or Greater Milwaukeeans, or the so proud Wisconsinites who have to shame the Hamilton family of all of this, I don’t want to hear your mouths. Matter of fact, don’t even wake up on Christmas and just lie in the bed and marinate. And this is for those who have to respond to the defensive statement of “I have alot of black friends” clearly the misguideness is sinking in. What would the black friends say?

Many have probably stated that Dontre “was a thug.” Or “he deserved to be killed in all”. Ummmmm, no. If those who say that, really don’t know jack about him, his upbringing, family and many others.

We all know this is not going away. And I hate to say that Former Officer Christopher Manney is a walking target. Just like Darren Wilson, the officer who choked out Eric Garner, George Zimmerman, and a host of others who were either cops or a certain watch person, is under the microscope all having the mentality. This mentality is getting away with the murder crap is nothing more than a mere shield that needs to be taken down and to be shown for what it really is: Immorality, ignorance, denial, and most of all: inexcusable matters of justice. Now since this happen, cameras have gone up at Red Arrow Park. I kid you not. When that was announced, my question as well as many others in the city, where was these cameras BEFORE Dontre Hamilton was kllled?! Explain that! So after Dontre gets killed, it’s likely that cameras might be instilled at every Milwaukee County Park. Yes, you heard it here first! Plus also today, there was a March downtown, along MLK Drive (yes, Milwaukee has a MLK Drive) near a church in the same area for a meeting, and ended at Red Arrow Park where it all started. And even started at the direct spot in the park where Dontre was gunned down once again: 14 times.

Furthermore as of December 23rd: there was another march that took place downtown, even at the Bradley Center yet again. One man who was interviewed on the local news attended the Bucks game with his grandchildren, ripped his ticket up not because of going into the Bradley Center, but to realize that the concerns of unarmed folks getting killed was far more important than seeing the Basketball game. Here is the part where I get the preaching: Many times on this blog I have stated to all those folks asking or commenting about going to ball games when stuff like unarmed black men getting killed or the issue or racism comes up, the phrase I say is ringing true, “Ball games are not going to save you!” I’m sure the man who ripped his ticket up probably paid a good chunk of change for it, but realized that the issues of black men getting killed is a far more serious matter. How many of us ever wanted to rip up a ticket to Miller Park or even Lambeau Field just to say or implement to a greater cause that many are silent! Ponder that on Christmas Morning.  PLUS here’s a first: even at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa that had the march/die in protest for about 15 minutes. This was done during when the patrons were shopping for Christmas and mall was shut down. I wouldn’t be surprised IF and this a MAJOR IF: the malls of Brookfield Square or Bayshore Town Center would get the same treatment. Either way, folks are going to know!

Here it is America: lynching black folks is back. And it has a new twist just like redlining folks for jobs. I know I should be in the spirit of getting ready for Christmas, but knowing when Christmas 2014 is done, yes we all know that Kwanzaa is coming for seven days, and yes, New Years is not far from behind. But in the middle, this will make the worst list number of 2014 along with the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tasir Rice, and a host of others of black decent that had not came back alive due to the acts of injustice.

So, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaaa, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year, and above all else: The Struggle Continues!


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