Three Way Dance Time: It’s the First of December, but were still reeling from Thanksgiving Weekend from the food and pumpkin pie. This dance, I’ll comment about Ferguson more, the updated backlash against Sasha and Malia, and plus Facebook got me flagged which was in my opinion that shouldn’t been so dirty. And no, I didn’t post no naked pics or anything that is racist or sexist towards anyone that is a equally a human being.

(Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports)

First take: Ferguson. We’ve seen the protests. We’ve seen and watched the decision of former Police Officer Darren Wilson not to be indicted on the shooting death of Michael Brown. Yes, I’ve said former because over the weekend, he resigned. And he’s a potential target. Just like Zimmerman. We’ve seen the flames that torched the buildings and squad cars. We’ve see them all, even more of the protesting in the streets. We’ve seen it all on MSNBC, CNN, and the dreadful spin of Fox News. We’ve seen it. And yes when the folks protest they expect anger in the streets to get a point across. We’ve seen the protests on Black Friday that had those lying on the floor in a mall in St. Louis. And no, for the record I didn’t spend a penny out of my pocket to spend on Black Friday. Learned that lesson from a long time ago.

But in the recent events, centered the NFL again, and no it’s not just the Packers beating the Patriots at Lambeau. It’s really around the St. Louis Rams and the five players that came out in their intros with the Hands Up Don’t Shoot gesture. And the “Conservative-like media” and the likes of Morning Joe, that had to get shocked and mad over these football players doing the silent protest! Earlier in the year, in the NFL Preseason game between the Packers and Raiders, one of the running backs of the Silver and Black, Maurice Jones-Drew scores a Touchdown run and after that, he did the Hands Up Don’t Shoot Gesture. Where was the outrage in that? And this was directly after Michael Brown was shot. Athletes of back in the day (whom were black)  were not just winning ball games, breaking records, and setting new tones for the victors. They were also making statements for keeping that black pride, and also solidarity of support of those who were killed. I wasn’t around when this happened, but we all know about the Black Power Salute of the 1968 Summer Games in Mexico. John Carlos and Tommie Smith were two African Americans that won as we know. When they got their medals, they took their shoes off, stepped on the podium and when the National Anthem was played, they bowed their heads and had their fists in the air. But also, according to the story, they received death threats for their gesture. Think about this, 1968 is same year that Martin Luther King, Jr was assassinated. The “Original” Civil Rights Movement ended in the same year.  James Brown released the song “Say it loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud” around the same time when Tommie Smith and John Carlos got their medals. When you think of all of those things, some of that I think parralles today, but in a different sense. What I mean by a different sense, many today don’t want to get all revolutionary and such and to start up a scene. I’ve said this many times. And I also asked this question, where are the NEW civil rights leaders at? Some might say Puff Daddy or Jay Z, but no. They might not go for it! They (like others) might “donate” but won’t join the fight that got them there when they were alot younger back in the day! See this is why this era needs to get with the program when things like this happen. And those in the conservative like media, white media, and those I dare say in the progressive, liberal sides of Morning Joe persay needs to get out of the bubble and actually HEAR and SEE what is taking place with the like of Ferguson! It’s not just Ferguson, Milwaukee, Chicago, South Central LA, New York, Ohio or whatever that we see or read about young blacks males getting killed by the cops or neighborhood watch folks. It’s really an ongoing fault in the cog of the Justice System unfairly against Blacks in this country! The struggle continues!


Now for the 5 players of the St. Louis Rams, (and I’m not a fan by the way), the players of  Jared Cook, Kenny Britt, Stedman Bailey, Chris Givens and Tavon Austin. But, here is thought:  are they Americans, too? Do they have a right to free expression, or free speech? They have the right! I don’t care if the St. Louis Police Association, Charles Barkley,  or freaking Mike Ditka believes they were embarrassed or wrong. NO THEY WEREN’T! I wouldn’t be shocked if any of the black Green Bay Packers of Eddie Lacy, Randall Cobb, Mike Neal, Richard Rodgers, Mike Daniels, Datone Jones, or even Micah Hyde, or Davante Adams would have came out of the tunnel at Lambeau Field or at an community anti-violence event in Milwaukee and d0 a “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” gesture in support of those who have been shot for no apparent reasoning! And I know if that were to happen, many in Packer land might not wear a jersey of these players, or have a poster hung in the bar or in your kid’s rooms be taken down all because of a silent gesture of protest. This is not just about winning ball games, scoring touchdowns, or racking up stats. It’s not! It shouldn’t be about when things hear about folks getting shot or killed there are those who say “Let’s go to a ball game!” Wrong answer. Yes, you can go to a ball game, but when you go home…….will that same person be there in a good way sharing a beer or nachos in a nice way be the same person at the dinner table, or helping the kids homework afterschool? Or taking that person to church for a Worship Service on a Sunday Morning? Just asking!

Futhermore this NFL Hands Up Gesture might go for about 2 weeks!


Second take: Sasha and Malia getting dissed.

Can we qrown folks stop messing with Sasha and Malia?! This GOP Staff Person. We all heard this right? But before I get even further, review this:



And after that, she made this apology:


Yes. She apologized. But her days as a GOP Staffer was gone. Fired. The unemployment line has a new member by the name of Elizabeth Lauthen. Hey Elizabeth how does it feel to be in that line of disrepectful folks having the fortitude per say to go after young black female teens that are apart of the first family? Really? And to do it on Facebook?!! Seroiusly?!! Talking crap about Barack and Michelle is one thing, but the children, NO! Just a future warning here don’t be surprised if Sasha and Malia run for office in their later years. If they like amongst others who felt disrespected growing up by bigoted/stuck up adults who pretend they are all about the people, and all about this and that. But when this comes out, are they still that same person. My mother once said to me, you have to monitor yourself. Real talk. This is also a reminder that when you talk about folks in a mean way such as this, they might turn around and take away somethings that mean to you. Oh, lets say like penions, retirement funds, Union stuff, needs of transport, burial expenses, social security, your health needs. Does any of that stuff sound familiar? I’ve heard this in my Milwaukee Black Radio Market, and I’m saying it here, those boys and girls that are targets now, they might be your even worst enemy when rocking the canes, walkers, living it up in the retirement homes about to die! And you might wonder, why they are doing this? What did we do to cause this?! Some might say, “back in 2014 you were talking smack about us about our pants sagging, our hair, our music, our way of dancing, always texting on the phone, always on Facebook, etc. You disrespcted us!” Some of you might be like, that might not happen. But what if it did? I know I might be speaking gibberish on things that might not occur, but it might occur! Whitney Houston once said that the children are our future. Well are they?

This latest stunt is nothing new. Sasha and Malia have been targets of Glenn Beck and many others in the Right Wing-Fox News-Rush Limbaugh dialouge of all things. They were wrong then, and they are wrong now. All of this, is just even more hate against the first black president and his family. But to attack on young black girls? Where are those who defended the Bush Twins when they were drunk? Hello?!!! Nobody don’t want to comment that? When the President said that leave the children out of this back in his running days, he meant that! End of Story. But I think that needs to comeback even more for the sake of Sasha and Malia. And many others who feel the exact same way.

Watch your words. If it’s archived in the next 20 years or more, and if that comes back in a future Throwback Thursday, don’t be shocked!


Third take: How many of us ever got “flagged” by Facebook? Even if it’s something you haven’t really done intentional. Well, this past weekend, I tried to upload a video on Facebook for my High School Alumni and then it was removed. And get this they claimed that it was all some copyright violation notice. Here is the note by the way:

facebook note

This is got to be the worst note. Stupid. And get this, I wrote a note to Facebook recently and I want this to happen: I want Facebook to look over the video that was attempted to upload. Here is the thing, the pictures I used were from a recently Alumni Holiday Gathering in Downtown Milwaukee. They were my pictures that I took personally! I put the pictures onto the program called Flipagram along with a choice of music that I chosen for it called “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. In which I paid for! I paid a $1.29 from Google Play for that one song to be used for a slide show. And then when I attempted to put that onto my Alumni Facebook Group, it was rejected due to some copyright notice. This bugs the HELL out of me!  In response, I written to Facebook in this matter personally the next day. This is what I written to them:

To whom it may concern:

This letter is in response to the “Alleged Violation” Message that was informed to me on November 28th, 2014 about a video I tried to upload onto one of the Facebook Group Pages. The video that was deleted or removed by you was made by me on Flipagram for my High School Alumni Group. The pictures that I selected came from my own collection in terms of my own choosing. They were NOT made for any violations that you, the company proposed and approved.

The audio portion: again, I used that my own collection through Flipagram in which I attempted to use for the video. And thusly, I paid for the song through Google Play with my own money and it was legal without any problems. I know about Copyright uses and the responsibilities behind them. And I understand the sources of making sure that it stays protected of the recent Digital laws. But I feel that my video that I wanted to show SHOULD NOT HAVE been removed because of this. And plus I uploaded Flipagram Videos before, with their 30 second previews of the songs, and I had NO problems or concerns on Facebook. I had no warning messages received based on the latter of concern.  In regarding this situation, and with your Copyright rules and regulations, what Flipagram music and videos are appropriate for Facebook, and what is not appropriate? As a customer, I demand a right to know!

I am enclosing this letter, along with the email message you sent me to clarify my story.

Now I’m not alone in this. First of all, instead of me writing on my Facebook Wall or their help pages, I did the one thing that few do nowadays: write a letter. Whenever you or anyone you know feel that something is wrong or needs to be clarified for ANY MANNER, write a letter. Make sure it’s clear and concise and straight to the point. And also make sure you got proof to back you up just in case. Either a picture, or now a link to a website that you know it’s good and clear to bring this up. And I’m sending a “friendly warning” to the company right now that if they do not respond in at least 30 days from the day of the letter or their notice, I will have no choice but to file a complaint against the company. I’ve done it before with other companies and businesses with the Better Business Bureau. I got my facts and proof to set this up! Beware, Facebook Company. I like you, but I have to come after you like a deadly animal.

When I was on Facebook sometime after, I visited their help pages, and in that same section where it was talked about videos being pulled from the site due to copyright violation of alleged, I’m not the only one. I’ve read about those who tried to upload videos of tributes, and many others with music like country or others. And they got the warnings also! Like I said in the note, I posted videos on Facebook before and I didn’t get flagged or warned. What is this?! A complaint is coming to them. Plus also, I do respect the rights of music in a digital rights stance, but I never stole the music or manipulated the music being copied or other concerns. Matter of fact: here is the link of the slideshow that I did for my High School Alumni that Facebook wouldn’t show.

And that goes for any company. I usually put companies on notice in which that the Better Business Bureau is involved.


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