It’s time again for the traditional thanksgiving blog: Be thankful. The time of year of to be thankful for all the things we hold dear and still have. Now while those are getting the drink and turkey on along with the games or Parades, or the preliminary Christmas shows coming up, sit back and R-E-L-A-X. While pulling out your smartphone, tablet, laptop or CPU and just read up this thing. 

If you got a good job, be thankful.

If you got a family member in the military and still doing it, be thankful.

If you got good health, or good teeth, or good eyes to see clearly, be thankful.

If you don’t have a doctor, but willing to find one and get checked, just be thankful that you can still do the medical game.

If you have good insurance either Humana or the Affordable Care Act, be thankful! (yeah I said it!)

If your car, truck, motorcycle or speedboat is running good, be thankful.

If you had to move out of a city, or state, just to support your family, and if you had to leave the old business behind, be thankful that you had to do what needs to be done.

If you had to stay or move back to your homestate or city to help your family, (i.e. back to Milwaukee) Be Thankful in which you are dealing a deal for the need, not the want!

If you got your eyes checked, but might be ready for reading glasses, be thankful the most that you can still see clearly!

If you got fired, or laid off from your former and got a new job by working for yourself, as in going in your own business without worrying about the man over the shoulder, Be Thankful!

If you go to the store, Walgreens, Denny’s, a local restaurant for your family, and get appreciated for your efforts, be thankful!

If you donate your time, talents and gifts to your Alumni, Church, or community organization you support alot, be thankful.

If you worked hard for the cash and still saving up for something good, be thankful.

If you can still help those who find work, be thankful.

If you have visionary ideas to help your city to improve, be thankful.

If you weren’t the ones who skipped voting this year, be thankful.

If you got a good home, be thankful.

If you got good parents that STILL helps you past 18 years old, be thankful!

If you are an Unsung Hero and got awarded for it, be thankful.

If you still have the same ol’ technology that has been around for a long time, and still works in the era of smartphones, and tablets, be thankful!

If you are still protesting for the common causes, be thankful!

If you maintain your status of being single with no kids and don’t have a chick or a man on your arm, and not planning on getting married, be thankful!

And yes, if you date the same gender, be thankful! (nod to the LGBT’s)

And yes, if you are married with children be thankful.

If you have relatives who are no longer here, but still try to be thankful for those who are here in your families.

If you have a relative or a friend, or that particular person that you haven’t seen in over 10 years, and you get your boogie on or hang out at the clubs or restaurant to catch up, STILL BE THANKFUL!

If you’re one of the 10,000 plus blog readers, be thankful.

And, if you are one the Americans, who got bullied, got haters, got something to prove in which you can still take the haters or doubters wrong no matter what they said or did since you were a child, or have been “broken” or have been hurt though Domestic Violence (either male or female), or gone through so many routines of health checks, or maybe you have been forgotten about because of a list, or been unfriended, or removed because you believe per say that Jesus is a real deal in all, and still up on your feet and WORKING, yep BE THANKFUL that you can still move and not quit, not surrender, not give up and definite not give in to those who bully you.

Even be thankful for those that you can correct folks for saying your name wrong! I say Stephen like this: Steven. Not like this: Stefan (there will be corrections and donations, lol!)

Other than that: have a blessed Thanksgiving.


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