Well there you go, America.

I have a question about this: for those who feel that Officer Darren Wilson got off Scot free with a right decision, are you satisfied with that choice?

Come on, even in the week of thanks, are you really satisfied?

Go ahead. Make a comment, Send a tweet. Post your feelings on Facebook. Hashtag it on Instagram.  Yeah, you can do that.

But what at what costs?

Like many others, I had to interrupt my Monday night stuff to tune in to the verdict. Actually there was no “verdict” as in guilty or not guilty.

Mainly, I’ll let my twitter commentary do this talking: Not indicted. Really?!

And later on I said this: Just to reiterate the commentary: Really I’m not shocked nor surprised.

For those who feel once again that it’s all smoke and mirrors, you all need to wake up! WAKE UP NOW! I don’t care if it’s 2014, the week of Thanksgiving, finding your spot for Black Friday, or anything else, but the thing to do right now, WAKE UP!

This is the reality here. Michael Brown Jr is now on the list of those of Emmett Till, Jena6, Trayvon Martin, and countless others of African decent and young were shot or killed, or beaten up by the police and the cops who did the job got off scot free in court. Or those who have been let go in a not guilty verdict.

And the victims, dead, beaten or scared.

And this is supposed to be a “post racial society?” Are you kidding me?!! I got a challenge:  Show me where a post racial society is. Show me where the safe haven is. Show me where an area in America, in Wisconsin, or the freaking state of Missouri where the safe havens at? And show me how justice for unarmed blacks are supposed to have after they have been killed. And no, the stuff you thought you learned will not be a factor.

As I look on my widescreen and online, and looked at the fires raging in the city, is this the answer? I mean you got businesses on fire that folks worked hard everyday and it’s being burned to the ground. What fuels that? Not just knuckleheads. Pure Human Anger. It was around the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s the 90’s, and currently right now in the era of the first black President of this country. And have been so for a long time. And to those who say, “this is Obama’s fault” – stop. Stop it right now! The President did not cause this to happen, okay? Many of you probably forgot, that when Obama was first elected, there were no riots. There were no looting acts, and you probably had folks said “NOT TODAY!” And speaking of careful decisions, what was those 12 folks (actually 9 of them) were thinking?!! Nevermind the nonsense. I’ll bet 9 of those chosen, were probably white, felt that Darren Wilson was doing his job, defended his post and felt that Michael Brown was the aggressor. On Twitter, I read some ridiculous crap about Michael Brown, being compared to the likes of Hulk Hogan. REALLY?!!! How on God’s green earth that Michael Brown was compared to Hulk Hogan?!!! The Hulkster is freaking 61 years old! Michael Brown was 18 and should have been in college, right now! But no, he’s in a cemetery somewhere in Missouri buried six feet under. And unlike most 18 year olds right now, he’s not with his family in order to celebrate the holidays. The Brown family will have that missing space by the dinner table on Thanksgiving, Christmas, his next birthday, and many other overall holidays that will be commented like, “That was Mike Mike’s spot.” I just know it. And many who have lost loved ones due to senseless violence by the police, has and will go through the same thing. image

I wonder how Darren Wilson will react to this? Oh nevermind. He’ll be back on the job, and while that happens, you will have angry folks, majority of them black will not be on the same page. And I know the talk will continue. Just wait and see. And it better be not for no 3 weeks. Enough of the sideline dancing. As for him also, I know this also, he’s a moving target like a deer in the woods. He is on watch. Here in Milwaukee, I commented about a man of Dontre Hamilton who was shot 14 times at Red Arrow Park earlier this year. And mostly the man who shot him Christopher Manney like Darren Wilson is on watch! For all you folks, who just now realized that Justice is a hard way to fight in all, you are getting your first lesson right now.

And I know on Social Media that many of you are making your declaration of not shopping on Black Friday. In regarding this, yes you have the right not to shop. But I’m putting this out there and I know someone will do this. Some of you reading this story, or those you know very well, or who you may never expect, will shop somehow, someway on Black Friday. I’m saying this now. I don’t care how “active or conscious” you are. Some of you will shop on Black Friday and get that deal on that new TV. Word of warning, it’s not really a deal. Wait until the end the year to get your deal. I wrote this line years ago: “Where are the new Civil Rights Leaders?” Seriously, where they at?! Yo, ballers, rappers, wannabe folks selling socks and bootleg CD’s and Movies at Walmart, are you those folks that should be engaging in the civil rights? My Fellow Sagittarius folks, I know it’s our season and we turn up, but where are you in this? And we are one of the best Zodiacs in the field, but where we at Centaurs?!! We gotta roam!

For all the well known, unsung and unknown soldiers out in the game, where are you? Ministers of the faith: black minsters I know some of you, but the white ministers: I see you with the folks, but where are you in this? And by the way, when you preach on Sunday, you better get the Sermons checked! Somebody better be taking some notes! For the folks getting this late like after third shift, Wake up. For the folks who got black sons at home right now, not only educate, but WAKE THEM UP! For the folks who got black girls at home right now, WAKE UP! For the teachers who got black students in classrooms, or dorm rooms, or labs, WAKE UP! For the bosses/CEO’s/ who got black employees, but soon you might lay them off due to “business” – you all better WAKE UP! For those who have black patients, WAKE UP! If you have black military personnel in your units or groups in the Armed Forces: WAKE UP! And if you’re black, and still think it’s not a concern: WAKE UP! And for those who feel we should be on the Human Power instead of Black Power: WAKE THE BLANK UP!

WAKE UP AMERICA! This is not a drill. No apps, no need to program. Just wake the heck up!


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