Can I just vent a little: Don’t Comment your SSN on Facebook!

Posted: October 21, 2014 in #blacktwitter, #TwitterShare, Calling those out to be accountable!, Decision Factors, Editorial, Employment, Facebook Viral
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Note to all Facebook users:

I need to you to do one thing and one thing only, can you please not comment your Social Security Number on your group pages?!!!

I’m on the news feeds recently and in one of the groups, someone put up a meme per say in regarding this – “Comment below with your Social Security Number.”

Somebody must be real dumb! Really?!!!

Why would someone want to do that.? Don’t those realize that whoever puts out their Social Security Number in the Public or Private groups puts them in danger. And don’t forget about all those Identify Thefts going around that some can put your identity at risk. HELLO?!!!

I think it’s high time that many on the social media stuff need to realize that there are certain things that are imporatnt to your identity should not be shown up on your facebook wall. I mean who am I kidding? Why would you share your social security number with those you don’t know? I know what those are thinking like, “We do it all the time with jobs…..” yes but this is no job offer. Again it’s about setting up folks to get robbed.

Where’s the like button for that?!

And plus this goes for Instagram too!


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