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English: Illustration made in Inkscape by Tokyoship. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a gamer for the last 20 plus years or so, I’ve been in the stores, on-line, and at display shows, I am still fascinated about the gameplay of Nintendo. Don’t get me wrong, Nintendo is still in the conversation for positive reasons, and also normal game playing reasons overall. BUT: in the wake of Madden Season and many others, it’s becoming a concern per say about the status of Nintendo and in my opinion, a now sense of urgency. Does Nintendo, or should Nintendo be more open and grasp the games with the adult crowd? We’re talking 18 and up here. And I know it’s a complicated question, but I believe that Nintendo should up the ante in terms of their units sold or they may have to do the one thing they haven’t done: Sell more of the units WITHOUT Mario and Luigi.

Dear Nintendo of America:

It’s me Stephen. A black blogger not by pay, but by hobby out of Milwaukee.

I’ve been a Nintendo Customer since 1988. That’s 26 years ago this month. And yes, I started out with the Mario Games, The TMNT games, Duck Hunt, Ninja Gaiden, Excitebike, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Super Adventure Islands, Batman, Mortal Kombats, The House of the Dead Overkills, and had my share of Hogan’s Alley and Madden Season. Seemingly, I’ve been a fan. And also I’m one of those older gamers that still plays not just for the graphics. I play the game just for what it is: Gameplay. Just playing the game and having fun.

In the last couple of years, yes your units from the original NES, GameBoys, Super NES, N64, Wii and now the WiiU have all been memorable. It has. But now as the changing times are here, and the competition is vastly aware with XBox and PlayStation, It’s time for the Company, the Units of the WiiU and the games themselves to CHANGE THE CULTURE!

What does that mean? With all due respect to the younger gamers, this is nothing against them. Ain’t nothing wrong playing Mario Kart on the WilU. But however for those of us who are way beyond 18, and having this sense of urgency to get the company to turn the page, it’s apparent that Nintendo should restock the weapons and get more games that can sell on the Unit.

For the unit. don’t get me wrong, the WiiU is a good system. But here is an option I think should be in the Nintendo Board Rooms: Sell additional units or new stock of units WITHOUT Mario! That’s right I said it. Sell the units without the Mario games. In this way I think the gamers should get another option than the usual $299.99 plus tax. The units should be sold about 1/2 or 3/4 or the price without the games and plus the gamers should be given to buy the games they really want.

Let’s say if the unit does sell for a well reduced price without including Mario for about (in a half price) $150.00, I think that might be a useful option for those who don’t want to pay $300.00 for a machine. Now if the unit was about three quarters, it would be about $225.00 per set. Again this is for the WiiU Units WITHOUT Mario! Partially if that were to happen, in my opinion, that would sell. Not only it would sell, but it would also help consumers to save money. But more importantly I think it would sell. This is just for the unit only. And I think it should get the numbers up per say, to get to a mark where it’s mostly needed. And it could be on the side.

Just a throwback: I remember buying the SNES years ago, and it was a basic set of the unit and controllers. No games. I remember buying the games separately because I didn’t want to get any of the Mario games. This was around 1993-1994 and it was at a store called Target! True story. 

Also for the games: I know. I know. The games have to be more open to the grown folks. We see God Of War, Call of Duty and many others that dominated the game units of Xbox and Playstation. We’ve seen them. But HOW will Nintendo get the gears going in because of this? What needs to be done is Nintendo must play poker and find a new way to sell the units. I’ve read about those whom turned down Nintendo say, “Sell more units”. Is that all they have to say? Really?! What are they ACTUALLY saying?

Yes I know about Madden 15 is not on the WiiU this year with an dispute of EA Sports. I’ve read about it. And I believe that both sides needs to realize that this should be a vital option to get the both sides to talk and do. Already, Nintendo will have Bayonetta 1 and 2 coming out in the Fall and no, I haven’t play Bayonetta. However yes, I have seen previews and it looks to be a good game. I am also familiar with Assassins Creed, ZombieU, Batman, Darksiders II, and many others that the grown folks should buy after work. Mainly those. Even also with Basketball, and many others.

But I’m here to say this and this only: Nintendo, you need to step your game up! And I’m not talking about basketball or football. You really need to get digging deep here and get moving on this!  Yes, I understand that the use of game-play is your bread and butter. And respectfully so, BUT: STEP YOUR GAME UP! You may have to tap in to companies that want to play poker along with you to get selling more of your units! I can respect your game. BUT in this era, you might need to change the culture with WiiU. And plus, if I was a board member of Nintendo, I would put that in the list of idea to improve revenue! Mainly surveying, focus group sessions, and many others that gears toward the older and should I say, “EXTREME GAME PLAYERS” that want to play!

And about the Madden Games, I want to address EA Sports right now! I don’t know what your beef is against Nintendo, but its time to work with them! Since the NFL season is back on the scene, haven’t you noticed that the coaches are using tablets now? With the Microsoft Tablets in which they and the players can go back over the plays of what was good and bad? Imagine for a second if Madden 16 per say were to come next year and the use of tablets were in play, that should invite the WiiU’s Gamepad in a new fashion to play once again. Use that option! Brainstorm with them! Don’t just sit there.

Nintendo: It’s time to open up. Really open up. Don’t just rely on the Mario’s all the time. Don’t just rely on the games for the Teens and Family. You need more adult related M rated Games to get more grown folks playing! I may speak for those who probably feel the same way, but I’m speaking for myself.

Time to play Nintendo. This time: PLAY HARD!




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