This is the last blast of summer vacation. Hard to believe. Even though that many are on the highways and byways, airways and train going on that last vacation run before most or some of the kids go back to school or resume college classes. Also, it’s a time to reflect on us who do the four letter word: W-O-R-K. That’s working. Either for the check, or for the knowledge of volunteering. Now why I’m including volunteers? They work. However, this blog letter is for us working folk that punch the time clocks and get that paper or knowledge for the family household. Or single life. 


Dear Workers of America (and Volunteers) 

It’s me Stephen. Black blogger by hobby, not by trade from the brew city of Milwaukee. 

Yes, its our day. Labor Day. A day set aside to get some rest and breather for us working folks. We know who we are. Those of us who work 40 hours, 30 hours, 20 hours, 12 hours, full time, part time, independent contractors, business owners and all, this day is for us to chill.

Even though we work as secretaries, janitors, drivers, teachers, media personalities, and many many other jobs, this day is for us to chill. 

The last time I wrote a blog of Labor Day, was back in 2012. At the time, I was acknowledging the working folks and also: volunteers. Plus also I had to address those who like to scam folks and get reported to the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Protection Departments. For the record on that: that same company that gave me those past threats, have NOT contacted me and stayed out of sight. So for those who think that scamming folks with jobs and money is the thing to go, just a warning to say that you are always on watch! I don’t care if it’s an self making money website that guarantees $3,000 per month and being independent. That has to be watchful.  And no they don’t get a Labor Day. EVER!

For us to do the thing everyday and legally, it’s for us. We get it. 

Now I have to address the volunteers. Even though they don’t paid like the others, but they do work! And yes if you are a volunteer, to me this day is also about you. Many of you that volunteer your services out of your time that deal with people, places, things, or ideas. And yes, payments aren’t valid. However the more you give out of your time, is a blessing always. So for those who are volunteers for life, hey enjoy this Labor Day Holiday. Plus I have another group folks that I have to acknowledge, the students who already have a job that go to class and get their education on. Yes, students you in those classrooms right now either living on college campuses or in your parent’s house, you have a job that labors towards your educational goals! And even those who are seeking work like 24 hours per day/7 days per week and still networking like clockwork, that is a job itself. And yes, that is a job that labors your chances to get hired. Despite of the barriers of unemployment, credit checks, overqualified statuses, bad political advice of a certain amount given, (i.e. 250,000 private sector jobs) and other concerns that hinders workers not getting those jobs. 

So as we get to feel that last blast of Summer Vacation, and feel the opportunity to go back to work and school, Laboring always matters. Plus Football!




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