Part 4: Bring on the Body Cameras. If needed to get law enforcement stuff straight.

Posted: August 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

Still on the Ferguson Story that claimed the life of Michael Brown, in which is still tragic that a young man will not get to see college this year. 

Now in the midst of the protests and the concerns of the city. If the wake up call from all of this is a warning shot over the bow, it better be. No I’m talking about Nicki Minaj and her Anaconda video. Nope! More on that later. What’s more important, is about the ideas of law enforcement and body cameras. I know what many are thinking, they should have them. But the question is to why and how?

Knowingly this era, there are cameras everywhere. For those who might be “camera sensitive” let me remind those this. When you walk into a store, or a bank, or any high or medium secure place of business, or an intersection, yes you will be on camera. Even if you see the homemade drone parrots that are remote controlled have cameras on them. The Google Glass has a camera in all. So at all times when you step out, you will be on someone’s camera phone, camera this and camera that. So for those who might get in those moods of I don’t want to be on camera while seeing a bank robbery getting my hair done its not going to cut it. Just a suggestion. 

For this after seeing what has happened, I think I favor the thought of having the “body cameras” on our law enforcement officers for this reason and this reason only: equal evidence. If us folks who pay their salaries can record them of what they do if a improper procedure gets heated, then I think they should have the counter side of showing their side. Just to see if they can prove the hype of backing up their stories. No I’m not advocating pro-police, I’m advocating equal evidence. Many today have to say “Show the proof”. I say do it. Just to say like if needed to have equal pay in the workforce, or equal fairness, I say go for it. 

This idea also got the eyes of the White House via their We The People Website. You know where you can make up a petition to make up a ideal law to see if the President would approve or not. At the rate of an “Michael Brown Law” idea on the site is reaching over 100,000 signatures, in attempt to make this a possibility. For those who like the idea, sign your name via the link.

However, there are those who are concerned about privacy. Yes, we know again that cameras are everywhere. I get it. There are places where cameras are allowed and not allowed. Now if the Police Officers are about to use this as an effort, they have to abide by the rules and regulations of not tampering with the footage of recordings that might be helpful per say of proving cases and/or training that arises. So I assume that the concerns of having these body cams on cops have been addressed. Just like if the average citizen can’t record the movies in theaters!

So what does that have to do with the case of Michael Brown and the recent shooting that has the community of Ferguson in a uproar? Despite of the private concerns of recordings that goes on, this I think shouldn’t be a barrier of getting the equal sides to come forth and actually get the main truth. 

This idea has also attracted the eye of Milwaukee’s 2015 Budget, if Tom Barrett approves overall. Will the Body Cams on Police make a difference of critique? Only time will tell. 

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