Can I just lash out at the conservative like media? Can I really do this?

For the last couple of days, we have seen who and what Captain Ron Johnson is all about. Yes, he is an active member of the Missouri Highway Patrol and have rightfully so. Even having an act of faith in his ongoing mission of restoring new ideas and objectives in his hometown of Ferguson. So far, I wish he would have this mentality here in Milwaukee, than to deal with the likes of per say…………Sheriff David Clarke. More on that next time.

But however: What is up with the media, like CNN in all having this feeling of him being a Gang Member?!! Let’s take a look at this picture of him flashing a “gang sign”. Feel free to Google if you like.

Are we scared yet?  Really are we running away like scared jack rabbits by looking at this? If so, START RUNNING!

For all those who are not familiar with signs like this, it is NOT A GANG SIGN! This sign is actually a recognizable greeting of the fraternity of Kappa Alpha Psi. An African-American Fraternity that was founded in the year of 1911. This fraternity is part of the Black Greek Lettered Organizations, or the Divine 9 that comprises of Alpha Phi Alpha, Phi Beta Sigma, Omega Psi Phi, Iota Phi Theta, Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Zeta Phi Beta, and Sigma Gamma Rho. Anyone heard of these fraternities and sororities? You should. Many of the famous folks in American History, particularly black folks had been and currently part of these organizations of not only partying, but also through social service in their communities.

Now who are some members of this fraternity besides the Highway Captain? I can name a few.

And by the way I am no means a member of the Divine 9.

  • Cedric The Entertainer – Actor
  • Demarco Morgan – News Anchor
  • Arthur Ashe – Tennis Legend
  • Wilt Chamberin – NBA Legend
  • Willie Davis – NFL Legend
  • Kevin Eubanks – Musician
  • Dr. Bernard Harris – Astronaut and the first African-American to walk on the moon
  • Robert Johnson – Founder of BET
  • Montell Jordan – Musician
  • Bill Russell -NBA Legend
  • Gale Sayers – NFL Legend
  • Oscar Robertson – NBA Legend
  • John Singleton – Film Director
  • Colin Kaepernick – NFL Player

Are those names are familiar? They should be.

Even though they are or were athletes, media, musicians, movie directors, sports legends, worked for space corporations in all, these names are recognizable. Even for this fraternity. This is the same fraternity in which you might see at stepshows wearing their Crimson and Creme colors, and having the “Kappa Kanes” as part of their display if you will. Plus having alot of “K’s” in their sentences like “Konnection” or “Kreme”. 

So it’s a legendary fraternity. And yes I know some Kappas personally myself that do achieve every human endeavor, per their motto. 

So for those who are conservative like media and thinking that mentality is bad, PLEASE for the love of GOD, do your freaking research! That was an embarrassment of not knowing the knowledge and jumping to conclusions. I do want to recommend a book for all you so-called smart folks. It’s called “The History of African-American Fraternities and Sororities – The Divine Nine.” The author’s name is Lawrence C. Ross, Jr. A Black Divine Nine author if you will. And yes, the Kappas have a website for information. As a matter of fact, the other 8 Fraternities and Sororities in the Divine 9 have websites and yes they are on social media.

So again, what’s the excuse?


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