In between the investigation, protest, and new action in Ferguson, it’s becoming more clear that the acts given are coming more into light, one by one. We have seen the protests, the reaction of the people, the reaction of Captain Ron Johnson, and many others over the course of the weekend. Plus also yes, Rev. Al Sharpton was on hand as well. We’ve seen them. 

Speaking of Capt. Ron Johnson and his leadership efforts, don’t assume he’s this black Highway Captain being taken for this so-called Puppet mess. Now I have comment on those who feel he’s being “used to display” in all. First of all, this is the first time I’m seeing a black highway captain taking action with those effected by Michael Brown’s murder. Matter of fact, Michael Brown’s murder according to the wires is now a Civil Rights Violation. But there was something about this Highway Captain and him reciting the scripture featuring Jesus and Peter. Now, I know that there are some “Non-Believers in Religion” readers here, but this man, is acting upon his faith, (HIS FAITH) to take charge and to lead the cause of solving an idea to get Ferguson back to normalcy. Not only that, I hope that his faith would enable other black men, black women, black boys and yes black girls to be more in tuned in our own communities. Now don’t assume that the Highway Captain can do it all by himself. He can’t. It takes a team effort, a united front if you will, to get this on track positively. Hopefully with the will of faith, not the badge will enlighten him to take this further for him and  for those that have an united front in the city. 

Similar to Ferguson: Milwaukee knows. Several months ago, a black man named Dontre Hamilton was also gunned down for no reason. Even though this was in April of this year, but it is a similarity. Only two things are different: he was gunned down numerous times approximately 15 at Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee near a park bench. And also, he was 31 years old. Plus also the news article was noted that he was “running scared” due to his condition of schizophrenia at the time. And yesterday in the city, there was a protest took place downtown in solidarity with the Michael Brown case, but also Dontre’s name was mentioned as well. And like similar cities, Milwaukee was and is in the spotlight in concerning about the legality of police actions towards unarmed and I mean “UNARMED” young black men. 

Speaking of Unarmed: This piece by Melissa Harris-Perry was really powerful. And if the critics, or should I say those in denial aren’t getting it, pay attention.

This is not some smoke and mirrors philosophy. Or some bull story. This footage highlighted 10 years of black men being unarmed while being killed by the police. No matter what they done previously. They were all unarmed. For those who are young, black, male and gifted thinking “it may not be me” running around with the pants sagging below your waistline or whatever listening to Lil’ Boosie or Young Jeezy; screaming out n*gger word this and that or I’m going to rape this chick mentality, or swapping drugs left and right with Flat Panel TVs or XBoxes; guess what, if the other folks who will look at you like that, might be thinking the obvious. They will LOOK AT YOU! I’m just saying.

And I want to point out more about these so-called folks calling other black folks “coons” in all. Now I will admit there are black folks who will not take up the cause or turn away from a cause while being black. But when I see those of a Rev. Al Sharpton who has been in the struggle for years, lot of folks had to call him out being a coon. Gilbert Arenas the former NBA player had to bring him out on that. Correct me if I’m wrong, did Gilbert Arenas had a gun issue that got him in trouble in the first place? And nearly derailed his career in basketball? Hmmmm…….. who’s the coon now?! Some might say, he’s expressing his opinion and Its none of my business. I hate to say this to conscious like folks but it’s everyone’s business because he put himself publically out there like that! Strike one. James Brown used to say in one of his songs, “talking loud and saying nothing.” Whether you agree or disagree with Al Sharpton’s point of view of activism, or sense of activism, and I know it’s a half and half viewpoint, just the respect the fact, he is still active today. Rev. Jesse Jackson like him or not, is still active today. Martin Luther King III, like him or not, is still active. I may get some conflicted viewpoints, but I’m telling the truth. Those in denial, understand that! You young bucks need to respect the elders. Don’t EVER push them aside so you can be first! That is not how it works. Whether you like them or not, they are elders!

Several years ago, I wrote a blog on this WordPress thingy about where are the new Civil Rights Leaders? And I remember commenting about you don’t have to be a member of the King/Farris Families, or Malcolm X’s Family to be a Civil Rights Leader. You can be a unknown person and start up being a civil rights leader from a family that has not been even mentioned. And still fight for the causes of Civil Rights. I dare to ask this: Are any of your children, who are in school now, and will be growing up, be able to stand up for civil rights in the future? All that talk about taking shots at Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson ain’t going to cut it! It’s not! I don’t care what Gilbert Arenas said. I don’t care what the commentators who love to go on Roland Martin’s Facebook Page and comment about others not doing jack, and him talking and tweeting about what’s up. Even on the Afro Newspapers, Black Enterprises, or better yet I’m surprised that folks like J. Cole, Missouri Native Nelly (YES NELLY) and even Millennial BET Host Keke Palmer has lend their support of this new struggle in Ferguson. My other question, what about the others who are about all the money for fame? Where they at? We know who they are. No need for names. Or those who do the complaining, what have they done? Other than going on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others who had to input their thoughts and do NOTHING! You can make up all the comments all you want, but have you actively got involved in the cause? And the keyword is ACTIVELY. That means you got to be in for the long haul, not just three weeks behind the computer or cellphone. This is not a reality show here. It’s real life. And even in real life, like anything else involves going to a ballot box to vote. Just as a reminder, 2014 is a voting year. If you don’t like what’s going on in concerning an issue, either Vote Up or write letters. How hard that can be? And no, it doesn’t involved going on Facebook airing it out. That’s way too easy.

But wait a minute here: not everyone does like to vote. Not everyone isn’t going to vote because many believe that all the politicians lie and get away with bloody murder. But when you see situation like in Milwaukee, Ferguson, St. Louis, New Orleans, Los Angeles and many others have been felt by unarmed black males (and sometimes unarmed black females) being killed, this is one example that voting should not be put off the table for anything. If you don’t speak up with your ballots, this is what you get. Full of arguments, riots, looting, shootings, tear gas, multiple arrests of 90 year olds, melees of crowds, and many others. And also, what was up the photographers and even news folks like  getting almost arrested per say of doing their job as reporting?! I don’t understand that. 

Yesterday, Obama had to comment this part in regarding Ferguson: Giving into anger by looting or attacking police ‘undermines instead of advancing justice’. For the record, yes the President is fully aware about the hub bub problems about Ferguson. And no folks, it’s not about Robin Williams this time. U.S. Presidents for years commented about recent deceased well known actors or actresses or famous folks who took on the world. This is nothing new. Yes, you can be mad or disappointed at President Obama by giving his remarks on Robin Williams all you want to, but that’s not going to cut it. Just had to say that. In his viewpoint he was very careful. Plus he had a point about those being angry and looting aren’t gonig to solve problems. He also said that Michael Brown’s murder in relation to the Police getting him killed is “no excuse”. No matter what it was. And he’s right on the money. Now there are those who are asking, should the President go to Ferguson? Should he leave the White House Oval Office, get into his limo, board Air Force One, go to the Ferguson area and see what is up in person? Should he or shouldn’t he? We know that AG Eric Holder is going. Now if the AG is on the list to go, it’s automatic for the President to make his presence felt through him. But in situations like this, even though it might be a thought, but he has to be very careful on that. The last time he wasn’t careful without knowing enough per say, was when Henry Louis Gates got arrested by the Cambridge Police in which they thought, he was breaking into a house, which was his house! This kind of lead to the infamous beer summit if you will. In which all sides had to learn from. But this incident is no beer summit. 

This act has been felt for about 10 days. And if it’s not bad enough, the summary of it has been passed to St. Louis in which a 23 year old black male was shot by the Police today. if this does not send shock waves then I don’t what will. Also this has grown from a senseless murder to confronting the ideals of police brutality. Even racism. Even many other things that demand justice!

For the brothers and sisters in Ferguson and St. Louis: yes the world is watching. Milwaukee is watching. Many other cities in the region and the hemisphere are watching. Many may not get it. But in regarding this, prayers are sent for safety and overall peace for your cities. And even more thoughts for Michael Brown’s family. Keep the message and the conversation going until EVERY American (even those who are in denial of black folks) should understand even more. 



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