I know I’m a little late on this, but there no reason for me to express the viewpoint of mine with the Police of NYPD and Ferguson are in hot water of their recent “mistakes” of taking out black men. 

I’ve heard this in the 90’s and I’m saying this to every Black Male reading this blog: We are an endangered species! 


For you young black brothers who think it’s not true, or being part of the smoke screen, it’s not really reality until it happens to you. Or close to you!

First, that chokehold incident by the NYPD on the late Eric Garner was just ridiculous. I mean really? Oh, what cops can put innocent black men on chokeholds now? Making them pass out and die on the spot? Really?!!! This dude, Eric Garner was just 43 years old. A father of six. And from what I understand was a peacemaker. And worked for the city during his tenure. But his funeral in New York wasn’t just a homegoing, it was also a rally cry to act. Yes, even Rev. Al Sharpton had to say what needed to comment during the funeral. We all know what he had to say. And also the idea of those “officers” who put a guy like Eric in a Chokehold, and put them on desk duty, is nothing more to say, “Oh, I’ll put them on desk duty…..”  Those officers need to have their badges and their jobs revoked. I’m sorry NYPD it needs to be said. They need to be removed as officers of the law, they need to have their jobs, badges, guns, or any other earned thing they got with their badges and guns need to be, GONE! This police brutality crap has gone beyond shameful. Especially on innocent black men like the late Eric Garder. And dude was just 43 years old.

Now, it’s been reported and I’m sure many of you have been following thus far: Ferguson. We all know by now about 18 year old Michael Brown being shot by the Ferguson Police in the same week when we mourned and reflecting the life of Robin Williams. Look here, I got respect for Robin Williams and he was one of the best funny comedians that lived. We all remembered those Mork and Mindy days, Comic Relief, the USO, and even Live on Broadway, in which he got explicit in his jokes. But he was real funny! The last commercial I remembered out of him was a Snickers Commercial surrounded by a Football Team and saying “We win this for Mother Russia!” in a Russian accent per say. Very Talented. His death of apparent suicide had sparked us in shock. This reminds me of Don Cornelius killing himself in Black History Month in 2012 with a gun at 75 years old! And many ask like, why would a 75 year old man would kill himself? It’s also like asking why would someone who had all that success would just go away like that? Another revelation about Robin’s dilemma was that he was diagnosed with early Parkinson’s Disease. And we’re mourning him and honoring his memory. He ran his race for 63 years of his life.

What does that have to do with Michael Brown? Mostly nothing. But he was shot by the police. And to think, this young dude was supposed to be in a college classroom right now! But no, he had to get shot by some misguided Ferguson Police Officers. Namely Darren Wilson. Probably they thought he was just some thug that was starting up trouble to look suspicious or to generate fear. And to have it all out of the way just because of him looking like whatever. This story to me goes along what Renisha McBride, and countless others had gone through the same thing. Plus also his body was lying in the street well after he was killed and received no medical attention for about 4 hours. And after had his hands up. Um, what was hold up of him not being treated for that long? This goes back to Trayvon Martin on a serious tip. I don’t mean to glorify, but that what I think this draws comparison too. You get an unarmed young black male, doing his business without any harm, and POW!!!!! Shot dead. So that is the norm of being a young black male when facing the result of a barrel of a gun. And partially, some black females. 

I told you once and twice: young black males are an endangered species. It was a warning to those growing up in the 90’s and it’s a “Major Storm Warning” now.

Now I know many around the country are showing solidarity to Michael Brown and family. And there are those who probably went to Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, Vine, and many other social media stuff and commented that “what about our own communities?” We got problems in Chicago, in Detroit, L.A. and even in Milwaukee! I see that shiznit popping up. When Trayvon Martin got killed, many in the country never knew who he was. As his name popped up even more, many of us heard the name, but still there are others who need to focus on the communities in our own areas. Here’s what I know. You not going to hear this from any activist, pastor, Well known local, or world known DJ’s, Business Owners, any high ranking official, the still Sheriff David Clarke, President Barack Obama, AG Eric Holder, Mayor Tom Barrett, Governor Scott Walker (really you won’t), any Democrat, any Independent, any black/white Republican, your black radio host, or your local community guy or female. I dare say this and I don’t care if any reader thinks: This incident is not just a national concern, it’s also a local concern. It’s both. We black folks should know this very well. And there are those who say we should get over it? Really?! WHY?!!!

Oh, and there are those who felt that Michael Brown had it coming. Coming from what?! This dude didn’t do nothing major! And all because of a “alleged robbery” of some cigars? So basically he was killed over some cigars and then shot dead after having his hands and arms up that he wanted to surrender. But no, that was not the case and his 18 years of life was stopped.

As long as racism and/or shooting young black males for no reason is talked about, it will not be ignored or forgotten about. I don’t care what year this is. And furthermore, I don’t care what century were living in. We maybe living and breathing in the 21st Century with all this Technology and this “Colorblindness” but were still dealing with the same ol’ 20th century discrimination mess even more. And I know that no peace protest, nor recordings or photography of this, should not be in vain of the first amendment rights. And I’m glad TODAY that President Obama had to comment that. He had too. If those who felt that he was  “remembering Robin Williams” so much and not enough Michael Brown talk, guess what you got your wish. He did comment more on this. And I’m also pleased that the Ferguson native Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, was out with the crowd, addressing the issues, meeting with the folks that he and many others behind the Highway Badge got the support. Unlike a Sheriff here in Milwaukee that likes to dress up like a cowboy, makes a statement about shooting folks after doing a 911 call. Yeah, I think the ENTIRE Milwaukee County Sheriff Department should take notes. Even the third time winner himself, Sheriff David Clarke.

And I know the critics who will be saying this, and I know a particular on-line radio host will say this in Milwaukee. This might go about two weeks, folks will forget about it and go on to something else. Oh, believe me I know!  But know this, this incident will be in the archives and will be reminded that the struggle continues. No matter what it takes. And yes, expect this or some reminders from your Pastor on Sunday.


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