WARNING: The following post contains some Graphic Images, or clips related. Be Advised.


Usually I don’t address more of the Facebook phenomenon, but in this instance, I must.

Facebook Challenges. Some are interesting, but the one I want to address was just silly to end someone’s own life. I was just reading a story on-line called “Boy Dies After Participating in the Facebook Fire Challenge.” Yes. You read that right. Now for those who don’t know what are some of these challenges are, let’s take some for example.

We’ve seen the Ice Challenges. They are a challenge in which the challengers have to respond in sitting on a chair with their swimwear on or whatever, and the other person or individuals have either a bucket, or a large container of Ice, or Ice Water and dumps it on them. It’s almost like giving a Gatorade Bath to a coach after a major victory in a football game. Yeah, don’t lie. We all seen that.

We also seen Gospel Challenges. In which many had to accept the challenge of recording themselves on video singing a gospel song of their choice to accept the opportunity. If for example, if one sings Amazing Grace in a gospel like fashion, then the other person may have to sing a different song like something out of Kirk Franklin’s songbook or collection. And that carries on to another challenger.

We’ve also seen another challenge called Fashion Challenge or a fashion selfie challenge, in which others are challenged to display their best fashion pics either in a throwback sense or up to date. And to challenge others to do the same.

Thusly, these are more common challenges that mostly were doing at the time on Facebook. But this recent story about a boy setting himself on fire, with alcohol on his body with his life being on the line was so tragic. Now usually, I see stunt doubles or stunt people do dangerous stuff like this, but apparently they are trained professionals. The boy who died after doing this “Fire Challenge” was NOT A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL!”  You know what all these challenges like this reminds me of? Try “I dare you.” Or “I double dog dare you!” Many of us Gen X folks knows this. We know. And apparently this was a dare that was gone too far all because just trying to one up a person or individual on Facebook. Really?!!! Who they are supposed to be? ECW Wrestlers that set fire on Wrestling Matches? I mean REALLY?!

And apparently there’s always some degenerate commenter who have to be real stupid to make a comment like “he deserved it.” First of all, this black teenage boy didn’t deserve to die at 15 years old. When I was fifteen I was in high school, summer jobs, involved with church activities and stayed out of trouble. And no, Facebook was not even thought about way back when. And I had strict parents! The only time I burned myself was at the age of two with matches. And I was very young coming up.

Now about these so-called Facebook challenges with fire is just way out of bounds. All you parents of now, raising 15 year olds now, going on Facebook and having these challenges, you need to monitor your child’s activity of what they are doing. They are NOT GROWN! If you pay for the computer with a webcam, or a cell phone with YOUR MONEY, you better take it back. And when I was a teen, I didn’t have no cell phone nor a pager. Now, for those who were wondering, what’s a pager? It doesn’t matter right now. Find out later.

But for now, Facebook as well as other Social Media platforms including this blog on WordPress is not the cause of humanity concern! It’s the “human attitude” of what is put on Facebook that gets around. When someone attacks you on Social Media in a verbal assault, or putting a pic of you having sex with your enemy, or tagging your name or Hashtag along with a story that is not concerned with your well being. OR…. If you post a pic or video that is NSFW per say, and someone calls foul on it and you get mad because you believe it’s your 1st Amendment right to post whatever. Even though if you are being responsible in a sense. Probably. And yes, sort of like cell phones, ipads, ipods,  androids, windows products, TV’s, Video Games, and many other technological aspects we have now. Oh……don’t forget music too. Years ago, in High School, I remember writing a paper about Music and TV not causing the concern of teens like me growing up. It’s the folks reacting to that and assuming that it’s about that life. You Baby-Boomers should know. Gen Y, no exception. And the Millennials, you better learn!

So mainly what I’m saying is we need to re-establish self moral values and self moral lessons of what to not to do. Of course many will not care and do it anyway. But before they do they better see what is up before they do!

Time to be real! Even you don’t have no kids or starting a family!

You want real challenges? I got a real challenge: be a leader!


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