WordPress: I have a confession to make: I’m So Milwaukee!

I’m So Milwaukee.

Many of us in my Generation X folks, and mostly African-American went to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other Social Media platforms had to express our memories that my childhood really had fun and had pride in this city. For those who are the Millennial Folks, you don’t know jack. Time to study up. These are old school memories. Fun Memories. For those who are younger and you young bloggers, you are probably asking, what was Milwaukee like when your generation was younger? When your parents (our great grandparents) were like during your younger days? Well, for those wanting to know, and those willing to reflect from a GENERATION X Point of View that were just simple times. Fun times. From my Facebook/Twitter feeds: This is my #ImSoMilwaukee:

  • : the days when nanas pizza and pig n’ whistle were in effect.
  • : North, South, East and West, 38th Street School is the best! Had to say that, lol!
  • : There was a time when the Milwaukee PD handed out Baseball Cards to kids. Like in the 80’s.
  • when Channel 18 actually had news on, and Kung Fu Theater.
  • : This station played the hits during my childhood growing up.  – Note this was Hot 102.
  • : near the crib was Capitol Foods for a stop. Snackwise.
  • : Downtown Milwaukee had two parades in the summer: City of Festivals and the Circus Parade back 2 back.
  • : that after church flow to African World Festival.

: Wrestling matches at the Mecca Arena. Even seeing this guy getting his due.

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Now: The Facebook version.

  • #‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: Before I got to UW-Stout, MATC, Marshall, Jackie Robinson, and 38th Street School: There was……….. V.E. Carter Daycare.  Had to bring that up.
  • #‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: My childhood home was in the area of Capitol Foods, Baylor’s Country Store, the 62 bus stops, and yes the 1290 WMCS Studios.
  • #ImSoMilwaukee: The Milwaukee Journal used to have Jump every week and I like many others were featured in articles and stories.


‪#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: Channel 18 had some classic commercials.


‪#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: Some might have a nostalgic memory of this show.


#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: for about 65 years my home church was the First black United Methodist Church in Milwaukee. The names went from Milwaukee Methodist Church, then, St. James UMC and now its The New St. James Community Church UMC. It started with 5 members in the homes.

‪#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: A very young Kathy Mikleby, on Channel 18? Wow.‪#‎throwbacksIdidntknow‬
‪#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: Hot 102 and Fresh G. – Shout out to Hot 102 Radio for acknowledging my blog! I did it for you!
‪#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: where my wrestling folks at when Wrestlefest was at county stadium? Sound off.
‪#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: The Bowling Game. Enough said.
  • ‪#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: When Martin was on Channel 24 and that one Halloween show from the first season got interrupted by the storm and the folks calling the station to see what happened towards the end. I know many had to remember that.
  • #‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: JCPenney Warehouse on Silver Spring was selling Cross Colours back around ’92-’93. Good prices too!
  • ‪#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: I am a proud MPS Alum out of 38th Street School, Jackie Robinson and John Marshall.
  • #ImSoMilwaukee: I am a pleased Alum of Milwaukee Area Technical College.
Knowingly: this was a good topic. And yes there are those who had recall the dark days of Milwaukee’s bad checkered past and present of Segregation, White flight, and Harold Brier.  No one talked about Nan Hegrety, or Philip Arreloa, or Arthur Jones? There should have been mentions about Richard Artison or Lev Baldwin, but no comment on that. But I will say this, though: These #ImSoMilwaukee things do keep us in mind that we didn’t really had it bad. We didn’t have it worse at times. And yes there were some things of segregations and divisions that still linger. But again, like the Churches used to say that in times of concern, we can still celebrate. Matter of fact, this is like what church taught us, if you remember going. No matter what.
If you younger folks had to use the #ImSoMilwaukee thing to do the things that you’re doing now, you haven’t lived that long. Somebody had to put up a Facebook Group like “Boo I’m So Milwaukee.” Really?! Had to be someone who is not old enough. Nor wise enough. The stuff I listed were just a small sample of what I went though and remember growing up. And I still talk about it. Others might chime in on their #ImSoMilwaukee memories going to parks, clubs, schools, churches, when neighborhood folks knew your names and families, the games we played like Hit the Can, Two Square in the summertime. We played in the alleys, kickball in the front yards and playgrounds, 500, rode bikes in the neighborhoods,  and many others that my so-called slacker Generation X  had fun doing growing up. Even recalling a radio station when Hot 102 was on the FM (I did) or when going on youth church related field trips. We did all of this. And again had fun doing it.  There was a time when Milwaukee’s Juneteenth closed at Midnight. The older folks worked in MPS when MPS had it going on with good paying jobs. The tanneries I listed had good paying careers! Stuff like this needs to have this back. Especially for black folks of now.
Many of us who are in our late 30’s to about mid 40’s or so, and black, we know this.  Other folks, same thing. And yes, #ImSoMilwaukee. And I know many in other cities probably started their own “Im So this city and that city.” And probably started their own hashtag stuff an served up memories. Ain’t nothing wrong remembering simple times. Remember that line in Church: Keep it simple. It’s not hard or complicated. For you parents now, raising these soon-to-be kings and queens, don’t rob your child of their childhood memories. Give them positive stuff that they can one day, remember their #ImSoMilwaukee or #ImSoAtlanta or #ImSo whatever city they choose to live. Many don’t want to acknowledge the past. Many want to change and that’s fine. But however, sometimes we have to check ourselves that the things we had then with the lessons learned, can be useful for the world of tomorrow.

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