Oh, I smell another three way dance. Actually I’ve been saving this dance card on my playlist. 

First: The overgrowing hate against Obama is now getting flat out ridiculous. As many already know already there is this or was a planned lawsuit that the Speaker of the House is brewing. Plus also some from the GOP’s are thinking about another word like: Impeachment. I highlighted this years back on the blog and I have to ask: Impeach him for what?!!! If anyone needs to be impeached, it’s really the Entire GOP. Why you ask? Ever since the President got the chair, it’s been all these no’s ranging from blocking everything that Obama proposes. We know what it is. Oh, and that thing with ACA, that speaks for itself. Oh what, Americans don’t want to be checked up, before checked out? What about the Veterans? Yes, I respect the veterans too, BUT………….when was the last time the Republican led Congress EVER HELPED THE VETS? With their benefits?! Hello? And now this, lawsuit. Really John Boenher? I think the people should sue John Boenher, Mitch McConnell, Scott Walker (yep I’m putting him in this also), Sarah Palin, and any other hater of President Obama who is apart of this so-called Impeachment idea. Or impeachment related. Even also, some black republicans wanted this too. Wow really? So technically, President Obama is being sued or impeached or being set up by the MEN-Led Republicans all because he’s doing he’s elected to do. And whether you agree with his policies or not, respect the fact that he is doing his job. This sounds like a story I read about on Facebook about a black father being sued for OVERPAYING child support. Don’t believe me, do a Google search. Seriously. How in the living world of hades would a black father be sued by overpaying child support?!! Really?!! I know fines of returning Overdue books to a library is one thing, but this is really stupid. As long as the black father or any father is paying back child support the right way, then there is no need for this so called suing of the overpayments. Maybe the guy wanted to give more. But again, we don’t know his deep story. Now what does that have to do with President Obama? Nothing. But like this story, he’s being hit with his role of serving the American Public by DOING HIS JOB! So that means that we have to sue someone or impeach someone for doing his work, her work, their work or our work that is given to us? Many in this country have issues. Even voters have issues. Think back to 2010 and that Republican Tidal Wave fueled up with the Tea Party. Oh many had to remember that. All of that hate. All that Don’t Tread on Me stuff with the yellow flags was just that: hate. Hate just to get at Obama. So if the majority of the Republicans do get the Senate and retain the House per say in November, I think that is just another piece of the puzzle just to get at Obama more. So for those voters who don’t have issue, nor stuck in the phase, better get out and vote up in August or September, and also November! And even if Obama’s lawsuit or the so-called impeachment does somewhat happen, the people that put him in the chair, will have the final say. Not the so-called congress that can’t pass a freaking bill, because of the hidden hate of the black president! Why is it that when a black person is in charge of a well known position, is a bad sign to those who are non-black at times? Just saying. 

Second Take: Sierra Guyton is dead. First, my heart bleeds for the family. No grown adult should not bury any child. For those who are not in Wisconsin, back in May, Sierra Guyton was caught in a crossfire on a Elementary School Playground. And the men that did that crossfire shooting are about to serving up prison time even more than before. Sierra Guyton was treated to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for a couple of weeks, and the one hard moment that the family had to do was to let her go off life support. After a couple of days, she was pronounced dead on July 13th at 10 years old. Again: 10-years-old. Think back when we were 10, what were we doing? And yes we had parents who knew where we were at all times and encountered no gun violence. Many of us who were that age then know so. Now, again, we had in Milwaukee a cease fire weekend, in about putting the guns down to reduce violence. But since then, the shootings in city had escalated slightly. Now I know that many are asking and wondering that Milwaukee is on that list of shootings and I don’t want to live there because of that. Um…..really? I know dangerous places in America I don’t want to live in. So technically for one, Milwaukee’s problems are no different than let’s say Chicago. We know Chicago and the 82 shootings. That right there, is no excuse. None!

Or Detroit.

Or Compton.

Or Atlanta.

Or any other city that knows violence.

No city is perfect. And no state ain’t perfect anyway. Why we tripping Americans? Oh, here’s a shooting that took place and I’m moving out! Yes, you have a right to move to where you want, but always know this and many of you had a church lesson:the devil is always busy! It don’t care about your financial, residential, job, family, neighborhood or many other endeavors. So I’m here to tell you. I’m not saying that moving is bad thing. I don’t care about that. What I am saying that problems always lurking. And that is the truth! Better be real about it. So yes, Milwaukee does have problems just like any other city in America that wants solutions! But for this girl, this child that was tragically ended by gunfire, makes us realize that our children need us grown folks to be more aware of our actions and surroundings of what we do! They are a reflection of us. When stuff likes this happens, we need to be on alert. 

Finally, on the card: Mad respect to Pam Oliver. I will say this that yes, Pam Oliver is a hard working black queen! For about 20 years she had worked hard at her post for Fox Sports on Sundays doing sideline reporting for NFL Football. No matter the elements, she has done her job being the number one sideline reporter and interviewer. We know this. And of course, she had her turns of being a punching bag because of her hair looking like chewbaca from Star Wars and having her head being hit by a ball during game day. But STILL she did her job! For all those misguided fools with the haterisms hashtags online, partially you’re responsible. I’m going there today! How many times that folks had to go online to Twitter or Instagram had to post up stupid remarks about her and her hair? I mean is this a way to tear down successful black women that is blazing trails? Then there is something wrong with us. US as in black folks. Oh the debauchery. I’m not blaming all of the black folks here. The partial blame go to those who are just that: haters. And on the business side of things, like many you’ll see many younger folks stepping up and the older cats being replaced. That is nothing new. It’s in everything. It reminds me of the bitter argument of #WhiteGirlsRock during a #BlackGirlsRock event via the internet. And in a blog, it took a white woman to get the gist of the subject that about 90% of the folks made the argument are in everything! Talking about tripping. Pam Oliver is in the area that is not in the category in the 30’s or younger, nor she is a blond chick. She’s in her 50’s and still can be a force to be reckon with in the game of broadcasting. I’m not taking anything away from Erin Andrews’ skills. Really I’m not. I read this similar in the news years ago. 

This also, has to ask and I want us black folks ask this: when we see ourselves doing well in our craft, why do we have to get cynical about our fashion stuff? Our hair and others? I know we want to look good for the club or church, but really?! Oh, those shoes, or that suit, or that whatever. OK! I know! Serious tip here: I was on Roland Martin’s Facebook Public Page over the weekend and he was taking pics of himself and others during the celebration of the Alpha Kappa Alpha’s 66th Boule in North Carolina. By the way, shout out to the AKA’s. In one picture, he was in the sorority colors of Pink and Green and having on a hat with the AKA Letters on it. According to him, he switched the hat with another AKA Sorority Member to pose for a picture. When the pic went viral, many had to get to have an attitude of Roland. And some of the members of the Alpha’s and AKA’s had to speak out against the pic. OH REALLY?!!!! Touchy, touchy. Roland had to defend his stance of choice in support of the AKA’s event/sorority. He wasn’t downplaying his man side if you will, by being all Pink and Green. Last year, he was dressed in Crimson and Creme in honor of Delta Sigma Theta’s 100 year Anniversary and I didn’t recall no hate on that. Basically, Roland from my summary about this, all about supporting the Divine Nine. So what is the matter with that? His fraternity motto, Alpha Phi Alpha, is summarized as this: “First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All.”  

I don’t get it. Is this supporting each other? Really?! Tell me something! Come on folks!

And not only that, in another picture Roland was also posed with other members of Kappa Alpha Psi, and Phi Beta Sigma, again in all Pink and Green in support of the AKA’s Boule during the golf event. So I ask again, what is the matter? Black folks, I hate to break it again that at times and I know this that we are hyper sensitive of darn near EVERYTHING! It’s a darn shame that we have to share little about our positive aspects than share more of somebody’s hair like Blue Ivy Carter or Pam Oliver’s hairstyle. Or what Leslie Jones said on SNL this year with the Slave Joke which was the truth. Or remember when that former Meteorologist out of New Orleans that was fired in 2012 for her hair remarks on Facebook? Guess what, she’ll work for WeatherNation this year. 

It’s time to grow up! All of that stuff may have worked in High School, but this is the real world. Nobody don’t care about your looks. It’s about the work! Last time on the blog, I commented about Ruby Dee, who was a honorary DST member. And I mentioned yes she had good hair, good shoes in all. But can folks really research about her work in civil rights? Time to learn today!

Oh, just today in a way of good news, Pam Oliver has been promoted to Senior Correspondent of Fox Sports. Take that haters!


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