Callout: Warning to all deadbeat parents in America. Especially those that like to splash so much cash on your Facebook posts, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter and others: Don’t be on Social Media. Please don’t.

I’m sure many in America and in Milwaukee has seen the footage about deadbeat fathers and mothers spend a whole bunch of money, and don’t provide enough for their kids. Now if anyone in America is kind of tuning in, take a look at this footage from our news station in Milwaukee. Fox 6 did a report about this matter and I think many in the country should take heed:

By the way, this is not one of those Milwaukee stories that is Milwaukee related. What have we learned from all of this? First of all, most of the individuals who were caught or featured were mostly men and one female. There are Deadbeat Mothers! All of them who flaunted their cash for their own personal needs in all, I have a one question: WHY DID THEY HAVE KIDS IN THE FIRST PLACE?!! This stuff just baffles me. And you wonder why this is an going on process for years. Technically this was their own fault. Not by having kids, but not keep up with the responsibility in raising them. Yes, I’m aware about the single mothers, and yes single fathers who are out here doing business. But the fact of the matter with this, it’s a cliche of problems that is part of the corrosion of the family structure.

We all remember the Fresh Prince episode when Will’s Father Lou came to see him in Bel-Air right? Lou come after 14 years to see Will acting it’s like nothing. But the real truth was the fact that Lou walked out of Will’s life yet again. No birthday cards, no holidays,. We all remember that emotional ending. However that is just a show, but it does reflect an ongoing topic of deadbeats. Now for those who feel that this is no big deal and doing it, STOP! If you parents  don’t have enough to pay your fair share, don’t act all surprised. You all should be handling your business like clockwork. You bring your children into this world, you better be on your P’s and Q’s for the financial work. This is another reason why guys like me don’t have kids. And also, don’t want any.

When my mother told me years ago about raising kids, did you know it cost over $100,000 just to raise me and older sister? EACH? Raising and having kids are expensive! No joke. If you don’t have enough money to get your kids lunch money, allowance, or a future college education, then you don’t have no right to bring kids to the world. You don’t. Now some might think I’m being a bit harsh on the subject coming from a guy who is totally single. I see this everyday and I read about it many times when the issue of marriage and kids comes up.

Now I’m not knocking those who are handling their business. I’m knocking those who don’t have the accountability period. What trip me out in that footage, was one of the men who “died” a couple of days ago and couldn’t pay child support. What kind of “ish” is that?! Really? How in the living world you going to be dead and gone, and come back alive getting caught, and pay your child support fair share?  These dudes: man……..I’m shaking my head on that one. Literally. And don’t get me started on the rapper, or those who have more than 10 kids and don’t do jack for them. Yes, I said “ISH”. And also, get this who also get affected by this matter? Besides the Mothers or Fathers that got stuck with the kids? Wait for it: TAXPAYERS! Think about it. Those of us who pay taxes every year could be on the hook too in terms of this as well.

Man can you deadbeats find a plan to save us taxpayers who don’t have to go through this? I’m just saying. Pay your (swear word), Find a job, and take care of your children!

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