We have seen it for days, weeks, and many many months and a couple of years. And even in short snippets like this:

Many of us were asking, “what was that?”

Many of us were asking, “Is that a harley?”

Well this motorcycle was no ordinary Harley-Davidson. Not the kind you normally see and hear with the V-Twin Chopper sound. This however was dubbed as “Project Livewire.” This is the prototype motorcycle that Harley-Davidson is testing with in hope would probably steer them in a direction that is known to many and knowledge of few. Electric Motorcycles have been around for years. But now, as legendary as Harley-Davidson is, they are testing out the motorcycle to get a feel from those who are either motorcycle riders and those wanting to have a shot to at least ride an Iron Horse.

Just yesterday, I was at the Harley-Davidson Museum to get an up close look at the bike. And if looks could kill, it has. By the way, this was first visit for the Livewire Bikes in the city were Harleys were born. In Milwaukee that is. Through out the weekend many bikers and non-bikers like myself had a chance to get an upclose look of the prototype. Many have already expressed their interests and concerns about the new bike either positive or negative. Many in the negative side had to reference the the days of AMF, and sticking with the sound that made the motorcycle. How sensitive. Yeah I’m saying it. All the sensitive Harley Riders, need not to apply for this. Partially this is what you might get. You will still get that “potato-potato-potato” sound bike that you spend your hard earned money on in the past and support it. And the same goes for those who have done the same thing. BUT……..for the positive side of things the way that Harley-Davidson is trying to go is a realm that has not been explored. Going electric. Like the cars with the charging the batteries instead of gas pumps.

Where my STEM folks at? All the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math folks need to apply! If not in the category, you need to start studying!

I think what I’m trying to say is, every company has to step their game up. Due to demographics, nationality, age, generation, race (yes I said race) and interest to pertain to a product. This Project Livewire Bike according to Harley, is trying to tap into those who aren’t  in the realm of yet, but still want to give it a try to handle. Those are not in the “demographics” in age range, and etc.


For the record, I had a chance to tryout the bike. Not on the road, but on the machine that the bike was in place in between two platforms. I was told that the bike has no clutch, no shifting up and down like the other bikes. It’s automatic. I turned on the bike and the screen appeared on which took me to the area of the system status to look at the status of the battery power and many other factors. Furthermore, there were two ranges: Long phase and Short phase. The long phase was chosen and I started to twist throttle as if I were to begin to ride. My first attempt was about 30 miles per hour. Not to bad of course. Then I went up near 60 miles per hour. And keep in mind the bike was still in it’s platform mode. And then after that, I was learning to slow it down by decreasing the throttle to decrease the speed. And on your left while you’ll getting the engine up,  there is a section of LED Screens that flow from one color to another, which is part of the speed going up and down.

Well anyway: after going through that, my first experience on the Project Livewire was indeed exciting. Made me feel like I want to learn how to ride one! If I could afford it! But I know that the bike is just a prototype, a sample and its not for sale.

Now for those who have not experienced the Project Livewire Tour by Harley-Davidson, I just gave you a partial overview of what to expect. Not to let the cat out of the bag sort of speak, but it’s a small example to experience. What I didn’t do and I didn’t have the requirements to do this, is to ride the bike itself with a group. In order for that to happen, that requirement is to have a motorcycle’s license.  For that platform thing: no license required. Yes a form (almost like a waiver)  is required to fill out, but it’s not long. And after that, you get your turn. Plus also: towards the end of your experience you’ll get a picture taken on the bike and show it off to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Email folks.

Sounds good?

So when you’ll see a big black truck, (not the old Knight Rider truck) with Harley-Davidson on it with Project Livewire, you’ll be in for a treat. No shade. No sensitivity required.




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