Oh we have heard this haven’t we?

The sermon quote that is making rounds Online and on TV. By now, there was a line in a sermon that Pastor Jamal Bryant said that is turning heads. And I don’t mean turning heads.

Let go in on this commentary/sermon thing about Pastor Jamal Bryant and this thing he said.  It’s time to go in!

First, lets review of what he said in the entire 29 minute sermon:

Now since the long review is out of the way. What is the matter, world? Ok, so a pastor like Jamal Bryant who is well known in Baltimore, recites a sermon that features a lyric from one of Chris Brown’s songs, “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal.” I’ll bet many on the Youtubes, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Vine and many others had to format their video stuff on lock just for world to hear and see the Pastor and the four words. Really? Is this what is becoming a fad in the videos now? Without expressing the entire truth? Many today are just what I am about to say is: not getting the big picture. And just to think, I had a chance to revisit that. This is why many in America just don’t get it. Even the pastor had to defend his stance on his platform on today’s edition of News One Now with Roland Martin.

In the commentary, Pastor Jamal Bryant yes used the word hoe. However that was not just referring to women. Men can be the same element and follow suit also. He also said in the commentary that his life isn’t perfect. That goes for everyone. And to top it off, he’s not the only pastor in history that has said something well “controversial”. Remember this?

Oh yes. Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The former pastor of President Barack Obama, which he was talked about during the 2008 Campaign. And many of the so-called patriotic, going the right of the United States of America had to go on the offensive of the stance of Rev. Wright. They called him a racist. They called almost every name in the book. And having the gall to believe that this man a pastor that Obama knew for about 20 years was actually saying God Da*n America. Why? Why this? Just a reminder, when Rev. Wright at the time of the remarks, was reflecting about the issues that America had gone though. Ranging from inheriting slavery, to bombing other Countries, doing the most of the illegal shenanigans, and many other issues that the world knew at the time, and even today. Many here in the good ole’ USA per say need to WAKE UP!!!!  Especially those who feel that the country is going through positive changes where those are still struggling the game! Every 4th of July, I said this last year and yes I will say this in month ahead, after the parades, after the barbecues, movies, and yes the fireworks, will we still be the country that will live up to the adage that all men are created equal? Ponder that when the country turns 238 in July.

Now,  getting back to Pastor Jamal Bryant, and his “controversial sermon”. I’ll bet that many of the readers, had or have pastors who said things in their sermons that were controversial. And yes, me too. Some are probably saying like: “Oh, the pastors can’t say that in NO CHURCH!!” They supposed not to be clarifying secular quotes, or going to secular places to “save the unsaved” or “bring those to church out of those bars and clubs, and raptures”.  That’s a load of bull. I ask this: WHY NOT?!! Just because they are pastors of a church?!! Here is something that I know pretty well asking: what  about the children? Guess what, the kids hear this stuff going on also. When you have children in the pews as well as adults in the pews with them and the pastor says these sermons that seem controversial, guess what it’s going to be heard in various ways. My currently pastor has referenced N words, B words, D words, and many other WORDS that many are afraid to say in a church, that is archived. Many of you are probably asking, why you didn’t leave your church after hearing those words? Here is my thing, when a sermon comes up I listen and take notes on everything. Not just the snippets like everyone else. I began to analyze sermons and well as many forms of public speaking in college. The tones of the speeches or sermons I know relates to the attitude of the document. Plus also I remember taking Philosophy classes and I learned about provoking the thought of documents and speeches. Oh yes, I know! What Pastor Jamal said is nothing new. I’ll bet many have said the same thing in the pulpit. Either it got them in the hot seat, or in standing ovation of praise. It makes no difference.

So why are we tripping? We hear about this stuff everyday. Look at your local news. Look at Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, or your favorite celebrity that got caught in a crossfire of rumors that is blowing up! Remember when in my blog stories ago where I written that the church has ears and eyes in the community of what is going on? This is one example!

I don’t care if you go to church or not. I don’t care if you believe that Jesus died for our sins, or just a fantasy. If you love God, and/or FEAR GOD, a fan of religion or just think it’s babble.  And I certainly don’t care if you live your life being an Atheist. Or whatever. Guess what? It’s real! No one is above anything or anyone. Even if you are a non-believer that went from Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran or any other denomination in the religion game and try to be a free thinker. I am a fourth generation member of my UMC Church and I am a Free Thinker at the same darn time! Can I get a witness here? It can happen folks. That’s like saying, you can free think all you want, but remember your principles and what got you here!

Now this sermon talk thing, I predict that it will last………about two weeks. And what next? Something else. So yeah it’ll stay fresh for about a couple of days and then it will be a thing of the past. Just wait.


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