I know I’m late to the party sort of speak, but I have late breaking news:

Milwaukee,  Hot 102 is BACK!!!!!!!

And I mean it’s back. Not back on the FM/AM. And not on the Satellite Radio. It’s back on Internet radio. Many of us who are way over 30 or 35 and still kicking, we remember the jams when Hot 102 was on the Milwaukee radios back in the day between the Mid 80’s and 90’s. As many of us here in Milwaukee know back around 1993-1994, the station had to go under a new material in terms of rock music. Many were complaining when the station was playing the old songs and not new songs. At the time, V100 was coming up as the new Urban station in the Greater Milwaukee Area. We all know this. Also in that void Jammin 98.3 came up with the Old School Songs with the new. And get this, many thought that the new material at the time was missing something: old school.

Now I was checking my internet Facebook Newsfeeds today, and what’s this? “Hot 102 Milwaukee’s Party Station?”  What could this mean? I turned on my smartphone’s Tune In app and typed in the words “HOT102Music”  in the search, and for the first 15 – 20 minutes, nearly an hour, I was speechless. Mindblowning. Just to think, this was dead about 20 years ago, and now it’s has been resurrected with the use of the internet. I’m like, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!!!


I’m listening to dance mixes, Prince, Another Bad Creation, Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, other club mixes that were like late 80’s and 90’s, again speechless. I was saving some of the songs from Nu-Shooz, Aretha Franklin, and others. Folks, I was enjoying this like I was back in the childhood and teenage days. Now they added other music that the others stations played in the absence of Hot 102’s Urban format. But if this is not the biggest comeback for Milwaukee Radio, I don’t know what is.

From their Facebook page,  if those wanting to know in another way:

Company Overview

HOT102, as broadcast on hot102radio.com, is a service of Wellstream Media. We wanted to bring back some old school jams and throw some more recent stuff in the mix too, that HOT102 would be playing if it were still around (the original HOT102 was flipped to Alternative in 1994.)

HOT 102 makes you feel JAM good! Bringing back one of Milwaukee’s legacy radio stations, we’re playing old school jams that the station used to play, mixing in songs the station would have played had it continued into today. We’ve brought back the original jingles, the voice guy, and over 1,200 songs…and growing! We welcome your feedback as you listen.

We are not affiliated with WLUM-FM or its parent companies. But we do salute them for having brought us HOT 102 for so many years in the first place. 🙂

So for those who don’t know much about this History of HOT 102, you all better sit down and take notes. No Surfboards necessary! Even if you need a refresher course of listening to Fresh G. Oh yeah, in his words, “the minorities in the house!”

Right now, the station is back on scene. This time it’s online. If you like what you hear, there’s one thing to do:  Go support it!

Follow Hot 102 Radio Milwaukee on Facebook and Twitter.

*Just to add in addition to the TuneIn App, you can also listen to the station on Windows Media Player, and Itunes

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  1. Mr Milw Media says:

    I LOVE THIS! BTW you got a shout-out on MediaWI.

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