Leslie Jones sparked outrage talking about slavery during a ‘Weekend Update’ segment on 'SNL.'


Oh lord. Oh my God in the heavens! The gates of hades have been flooded!

Last week on SNL, there was new voice that was featured on the Weekend Update with Cecily Strong and Colin Jost. No, it’s wasn’t Sasheer Zamata. But however it was one of the writers behind the scenes named Leslie Jones. I’ve haven’t heard of her as much as Sasheer.  She did a segment in relation to the Luptia Nyong’o People Magazine Cover, and the case of the plantation/slavery mentality. And during her segment, she got her opinions out and however not everyone is happy. Really, Americans?

So under review, here it is:

Weekend Update: Leslie Jones

Now the question is, why there are folks are mad at her?! Come on, admit it folks. Especially Black Folks, militant folks alike. You would be mad at what Leslie Jones said than hearing and seeing folks getting shot up in your neighborhoods, school yards, in the classrooms, churches, the malls, fights at funerals, getting discriminated for jobs for being black, or having to finally hear about the 200+ girls in Nigeria who were captured or maybe having the notion of the on-going hate against those like Kanye, Jay-Z, Beyonce, or any other person in music that continues to push the game with explicit content or language of freedom of speech, or many other things that we’re mad the mos,t but not actually trying to rise above that for raising our kids better!  Even constantly complain about, oh the Trayvon Martin stuff nationwide, but what about the black boys in Milwaukee, Chicago, L.A., and many other cities that aren’t well known? Even the missing girls like Alexis Patterson who have been missing the most, and a Violin in Milwaukee was found in a matter of days!

Anyone want to comment that? Going once, going twice………..

There are the same ones who talk smack about the church, but still let others have their money. Admit it. The same ones who say: “there ain’t no jobs out here!” There are jobs, but who’s applying and networking? Oh, remember when BET aired Roots that one Christmas Weekend, and folks on twitter got mad? Some of you probably reading this blog now, or may have that Twitter Timeline on storage load, and retracting every sentence as possible. Now is the show on BET currently? Nope. When Bill Cosby was touring the country in the poor areas 10 years ago, he outlined about the Brown vs Board of Education’s Anniversary. Plus also, he was criticized for saying that black folks didn’t do enough in the last decades or so to meet up with the criteria. And guess what? He got dissed. Folks said that he had “harsh words for the African-American Community”. But folks still love him! Chris Rock: was criticized for saying “Happy White People’s Independence Day” on Twitter, and many in the tweets were mad at him because that at that time, there were slaves who didn’t celebrate and weren’t happy about it. And the so-called Americans who some what had a defensive part to chastise him for not liking America! Even the white folks were mad at him along with those who served. Admit it! Part what he said was the truth anyway.

Speaking of that, remember this Chris Rock thing from 2004?

Lot of you, or the folks were talking about Eddie Murphy and his time on SNL. Don’t forget, he did played the part of Buckwheat on the skit and he got the hot seat. Dave Chappelle had a racial draft skit on his show and, boom! Outrage. The late Richard Pryor was on SNL way back in the day in the 70’s, and he and Chevy Chase had a skit of word association.

Chevy said the “N*gger” and Richard commented “Dead H*nkey”. Research that, millennial folk. SNL has been there before. They even had Martin Lawrence on the show as a guest, but was later banned. But do we show them love? possibility. What about that 28 Reasons skit from Black History Month? That was a catchy thing, but some thought it was dry and had no substance. But that was liked to learn that Black History Month or Black History (not American History) didn’t start with slavery!


Are we still talking about this? Yes and no. I say give this “convo” about two weeks.

This is the part in which I think Leslie was talking about. Instead of her poking the bear, she was provoking the thought in my view. That’s what that was in a philosophical sense. Provoking the thought. Taking an issue or an idea and trying to make you think. Maybe there might have been those in the era that were brainwashed to believe the objectives of the slave masters.  Even folks like Jamliah Lemieux has to understand that. Oh, hold up, wait a minute: speaking of her, no disrespect but wasn’t she criticized by the Republican Right Wing about her opinionated views of a black republican magazine? Even on Fox News jumped on that? And Raffi Williams was thought to be a white dude, but he really wasn’t? And the bible says, judge not. I’m not a fan of the Republican Party nor I’m not a fan of the Black Republican Face of interest. Nope, not my thing. And no I have not been to no Tea Party Rallies to dis President Obama. Don’t get me started. Malcolm X once talked about the House Negro and the Field Negro. We know this right? And for the record, Leslie was not trying to be slave. Period.

Now what was Leslie’s reaction to all of this? Well she did her twitter message like this:

Y’all so busy trying to be self righteous you miss what the joke really is. Very sad I have to defend myself to black people. Now I’m betting if Chris Rock or Dave [Chappelle] did that joke or jay z or Kanye put in a rap they would be called brilliant. Cause they all do this type of material. Just cause it came from a strong black woman who ain’t afraid to be real y’all mad. So here is my announcement black folks, you won’t stop me and Im gonna go even harder and deeper now. Cause it’s a shame that we kill each other instead of support each other. This exactly why black people are where we are now cause we too f***** sensitive and instead of make lemonade out of lemons we just suck the sour juice from the lemons. Wake up.”

We are going to learn today!

It’s kind of interesting when I hear black folks telling other black folks of the sensitivity in stuff like this. I even hear WNOV’s own Sherwin Hughes talking about racism alot and yes he does bring an issue of sensitive stuff along with blacks. At times, black folks we do (and I’ll admit) get hyper sensitive about darn near everything! The little stuff that keep getting to us every single time and we cringe or crawl into our fetal positions or whatever to escape.  That’s almost like many have not gotten over that time when I hear the words: as an example: “YOU STOLE MY MAN (OR GIRL) BACK IN SCHOOL AND I STILL HATE YOUR A**!” Or like “I DON’T LIKE YOUR PANTS SAGGING LIKE THAT. IT HURTS ME!” Or like: when the black twitter faithful was stabbing at Gabby Douglas in the 2012 Olympics, and folks had to talk about her hair! Oooooh! hair stuff. Really? WOW!  We do!

Check this, even Don Lemon of CNN had to chime in on this. Now, I don’t usually agree with his viewpoints alot, but in regarding the “Leslie Jones Black Bombshell on SNL”  he has a point.

So in conclusion, instead of  beating around the bush that Leslie Jones said on SNL, like many of you said, and I’m saying this as a Single Black man with no kids and not married: Uplift the communities, employ more black workers, go back to school to get more degrees, help your alumni chapters, join a fraternity or sororities, work with a fraternity or a sorority in charge, donate to your local causes of diabetes or cancer prevention, go to church, go back to church, help a church, help the children, own your home, own your business,  and do many other things to empower YOU (Black Men, Black Women)  to rise above the negative. EVEN to continue a cause of tradition and get twice ahead as possible. And be in prayer for those whom are missing, and those who have lost in various ways. Even fight back white supremacy in the cause of existence.

Like Melissa Harris-Perry’s father says: the struggle continues.

 ****Drops the mic and the soapbox is destroyed****






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