The month of May got off in a rocky start lately. 276 girls in Nigeria was abducted without warning  and still there are answers. Not usually I write this, but I think what is happening is an related cycle of questioning. This story with the missing girls is a primary example of asking for answers.

Correct me if I’m wrong about this from my understanding through the wires, each of the 276 captives were being bought at 12.00 per child?!!!


How in the world we live in do we allow to have 200+ girls missing in the motherland, get abducted, get sold into this abomination? And they say slavery was dead and it don’t exist no more. Well I have to ask, what is it that didn’t exist again?

Yesterday on her show, Melissa Harris-Perry openly expressed in her letter about her concerns about the girls. And I should point out,she has two daughters:

Your lives cannot be equated to a dollar amount. Because your potential is limitless. And now the drumbeat from those in your country and around the world are banging loudly so that you will not be forgotten. From the dozens of protesters that gathered outside Nigeria’s parliament on Wednesday to call on security forces to search for you, to the growing online campaign #BringBackOurGirls, which is forcing the media and the world to pay attention and conveying to you that you are not just Nigeria’s daughters – you are daughters of the world. As evidenced by the group that rallied outside the U.N. to protest the abductions, visibly frustrated by the lack of progress.

Now it has been apparent that yes the U.S. has been in the conversation, and yes the State Department has been asked to assist the searching of the girls. Now we all know that there were those who had “asked” the President to make a choice to decide in helping to look for the girls. When in doubt, of course that the U.S. State Department is on the case for this. And I hope that the state does indeed work to it’s ability to help rescue those who have been missing thus far.

Which brings me to my second point: Now I know many in the United States have overly expressed their content of finding the missing girls. BUT Americans, I don’t mean to convey this, but while we send those looking abroad, don’t forget we have black girls missing HERE! We have black girls being abducted, kidnapped, end up missing, captured HERE!

In Milwaukee, my hometown has not forgotten the child, now hopefully an adult Alexis Patterson. Since May 2002, Alexis was going to school at Hi-Mount Elementary, about to cross the street and after that, she was not seen since. She was not seen since that morning since. And yet we go or to remind ourselves to get right to search for this girl who has been missing for over a decade. Yes, I’m aware that there have been new leads from law enforcement, but Alexis is still missing. And yes we know about the 3 girls who were abducted from one man in Cleveland and all were found alive. Hopefully that same mentality can be made for Alexis Patterson. Now America, and the international brothers and sisters of the world, Bring back ALL of our Black Girls who are missing. Now matter if it’s in Nigeria or Wisconsin, or Miami or any other international city that has the same concern as everyone else. The hashtag: #BringBackOurGirls may mean something to generate a belief of motivation and has rightfully so. But the hashtag should also have the fortitude of action to get this accomplished not just abroad, but also in the country like America!

What I’m saying is I’m not slighting the fact by cutting out the missing girls shouldn’t be a priority. It is a priority to those who are family members, friends, neighbors and many others. And I hope they do find those girls and bring them back safe! The same can be said for Alexis Patterson and many other girls of color who are missing everyday and you don’t hardly hear or see their names alot. You really don’t.  It’s not like back in 2013 when everyone was getting the justice of Trayvon Martin and many hated the notion of not doing enough to solve problems of young black men who were killed in the local areas. Technically we know it’s more national than local. It always have been. That’s like the death of Michael Jackson five years ago was overshadowing the death of Farrah Fawcett on the same day. Nothing new.

Final point: Bring those girls back! Bring Alexis Patterson back! and bring back anyone that is locally, regionally, nationally, and Internationally MISSING and black, overall!

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