Get to know these words: BANNED FOR LIFE.

That is what Donald Sterling is getting. Today, if you were working or getting ready to go to your second shift, or just now reading it all day, the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver had made of decree and an order that the actions and words of soon-to-be former owner of the LA Clippers Donald Sterling  is banned from the NBA forever. No coming back. No getting involved in NBA related stuff. He also has a fine of 2.5 Million Dollars coming after him and that money will be donated to those effected with Anti-discrimination and other sorts of needy concerns of the community and country. Technically this was a small victory, but a much needed victory in terms of all of this.

Now I know that there are others who had to cry out to say “Oh, his first amendment rights were violated. What happened to Freedom of Speech?!” Oh let me tell you about that “Freedom of Speech”. Oh yes, freedom of speech is a right. It’s in our DNA to express whatever we want or display. But when that Freedom of Speech goes to far in terms of attacking someone’s ethnicity or making a private thought public, is that a freedom right? Is that a First Amendment right? Is that a right to say what you feel about a certain individual or individual after attacking someone or a group just because let say……………….African Decent?  That’s when that Freedom Of Speech gets jacked up! Oh yes, I said it.

Magic Johnson, V. Stiviano, pictured

Note: courtesy of TMZ Sports, this is the one pic that sparked the climax of the Donald Sterling case. 


One of the biggest mistakes that Donald Sterling said in that recording to the former girlfriend V. Stiviano, that he didn’t want any black players in his words: “at my games.”  Who’s games? Donald was acting like he owns the NBA. Yeah he fed the players, gave them clothes, shoes, houses and others, BUT…….Keep in mind that every game we see, is NBA Owned! Not Donald Sterling owned in a plantation like manner. Even this includes the Milwaukee Bucks new owners stepping up to the plate to take control of the team to try to stay in the brew city.

Donald Sterling ain’t God folks!

As far as the game is concerned, I’m not a LA Clippers Fan. But I would be fired up for the home court no matter what. Even though that this part is closed, but the concerns and stillness of racial hatred, bigotry still lingers. This is why race is still a hot button topic. Or the so-called race card is still on deck on tables of families and businesses everyday. We see it and sometimes we don’t get it. Oh, I hear folks say, “blacks complain everything about race.” Hell, so have everyone else. Why do we complain about this? Many of the other ethnics including whites probably may not get it. Many or some don’t want to listen to why it is. Or many think it’s all a figment of imagination, thinking we’re all the same under the same utopia.

Oh, did I mention that there are no utopias? Where is it? Again: Somebody tell me something! And to crap with the same blood red thing. Last time I checked, many of us have different blood types that don’t mix well. Harsh reality in a figure of speech.

You all know my story about being discriminated in Wisconsin because of a past job offer. Remember Dresser Waukesha? Black folks didn’t get in the company because of racism?

So this teachable moment should infuse every owner in the NBA not to cross that line. Not only that, those of you who are CEO’s, Chairman of the Board, Council Chairs, Presidents, Leading officials, Ambassadors, Superintendents, Supervisors, Recruiters, or any other soon to be leading person of a company, or a self-employed party guy/woman, or a business owner, I have a warning shot for you: we are on watch! Period. If any one of you or us should cross that line, it’s about suffering the consequences. Either severe or temporary. It’s like breaking the law. If you do the crime, hey there is a prison cell waiting. Like the old school folks used to say, don’t start nothing, so won’t be nothing!

Oh, and that’s even worse than having to hear the infamous “you’re fired speech” like Vince McMahon.

Like my old college teachers used to say, stay out of trouble!

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