Three way dance time! Time to start the gaggles.

First: Can someone in America, or in Wisconsin tell me why Scott Walker deserves a spot on Time Magazine’s 100 influential people list? 

Excuse me! Why does a guy like him who opposes High Speed Rail by refusing the rail money in a fashion of leading to more segregation, bragging about the 250,000 jobs which I don’t see happening,  slashing education, the Act 10 crap, the racists emails, and some of his staff members when doing time for Milwaukee County during his run for governor are in jail, and most recently, trying to curb voting rights and hours which mostly Minorities would be effected. I don’t care if you live in Milwaukee,  Madison,  Waukesha, or freaking up north that doesn’t have much black folks, you tell me, why does Scott Walker, this shameful Governor of Wisconsin, whom I didn’t voted up for,  deserves a spot on the Time Magazine 100? Personally, that is a mistake. More like tainted! I would prefer Senator Lena Taylor or Alderwoman Milele Coggs in the Time Magazine 100 list than Scott Walker anyday. Many in America had a somewhat man crush for a guy like Walker who doesn’t have a college degree now wanting to go UW to cover up his dropping out from Marquette, should not have been chosen to be on the list. Oh many in America are probably saying “Walker is a hero for Wisconsin!”- OH HUSH!  If he is really a hero, what has he done for the minorities who are struggling in Wisconsin? In terms of jobs, healthcare, transportation, education and many other needy factors? What was Chris Christie thinking in choosing Scott Walker than his own problems with the bridge in the NY/NJ Tri-State area? Plus also, what has Scott Walker done to appease to the African-American folks in Wisconsin that he’s not a bad person in regards. CLEARLY: Walker has been and is BAD NEWS! And America, if you think he deserves a spot on the national stage of trying to become President instead of appearing in a Sesame Street commercial, you must have left over blunts from Easter Sunday 4/20!  And this is the same Scott Walker, that gave his State of the State Speech this year, and made NO (and I repeat) NO references about Milwaukee. And also this is the same guy that once said “We don’t want to look like Milwaukee.” Yeah, that guy! And again, you tell me, a black man that is Milwaukee born and raised, that comes from a lineage of educators, workers, union folks, business owners, and etc why this Governor was hand picked to be on the 100 list of Time Magazine?! With all the problems going on in Wisconsin, I think the Walker faithful needs to have a reality check through the eyes of the minorities, especially black folks who are going through the struggle. And no, it’s not a smoke screen. Nor laziness. And no it’s not one of those things that might say, oh why they are so like that?

Speaking of that: Cliven Bundy. What is up with this dude?

This guy has been in the support eyes of the Republican/GOP Faithful for the last few days, then all of a sudden: SHUTDOWN! I don’t know why I’m giving him a time of day, but however, since he’s making a fool of himself on national TV with his racist remarks about African-Americans, Slavery and blaming Martin Luther King for not doing enough, he’s full of it! Now he’s saying that MLK didn’t do enough. If he (King) hadn’t got assassinated in April of 1968, he would be still doing more to help move this country to it’s inner prosperity. But naw……he had to get shot in Memphis. Bundy ought to know this from fact and fiction. Bundy, like another type of folks, wanted to use King as this warm fuzzy dude for peace and justice. But he totally forgot as well as many others that King was a radical and revolutionary in the backbone of his movement for civil rights. Can anyone in Nevada or in America tell Cliven Bundy that?  And also were does he get about African Americans benefited from Slavery? The same type of slavery that had my ancestors bought off, sold, torn apart, through extortion, not knowing who or what, forced into new type of environment of religion, land, names, origins and many others who often said get over it. That right there is a slap in the face! Slavery was and is a controversial criminal act. Even John Wesley, the founder of Methodism and a white British man, called Slavery inhumane. We talk slavery today through human trafficking. But no one wants to talk about it thinking we gotten over it. And Cliven had to bust out with the Negro comments. Ummm…..what year is this again? If he knew better we say either BLACK or AFRICAN-AMERICAN now in this era.


If slavery in America has been long forgotten then like I said, explain Human Trafficking in which you have women being forced against their will. Remember when those three women who were abducted in Cleveland for 10 years and no one knew what happened? But after enduring 10 years of being held captive against their will, they were let go and rescued. It does exist folks. Now he wants to apologize to those he offended. Really Cliven Bundy? In a state that abolished slavery? Even Bill Maher has called him out on this as well as the Republican mindest:

Finally, how many of us seen this?

Donald Sterling an NBA Owner of the Los Angeles Clippers has issues with African-Americans. I had to listen to the entire 9:00 conversation with his viewpoints. Black folks: this is what he thinks about you. Especially all you young bucks, and those who think that there is no real racism, it’s a post racial society, we got a black president and yada, yada, yada. I hate to say this, and I said it many times before, WE DON’T live in a post racial society. I don’t see no utopias! Where’s the Utopia? Where?! In church? An office setting? A theater? A Club? Somebody better tell me something! Matter of fact, that can’t be commented. Think about it. And here is thought, since Donald Sterling has a hate on Black folks, why does he have more black folks on his squad of the Clippers? What is going through the minds of Chris Paul or even Blake Griffin? Now he doesn’t want his girlfriend  VStiviano,  (who happens to be mixed as Mexican and Black),  to bring any black folks to the Clippers games. REALLY?! Right now the LA Clippers are in the playoffs. If they get beat in the series, that might be an omen of another discussion on Race. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris Paul talks about it. I’m taking bets. Now this story has broken though Facebook like an Iron Fist. Partially, the history of this hate, goes back to over 30 years ago.

This dude clearly has issues. And plus even today, Earvin Magic Johnson has made this decree via twitter:

TMZ reported this morning that Clippers owner Donald Sterling doesn’t want me or other African-Americans to come to Clippers games.

. and I will never go to a Clippers game again as long as Donald Sterling is the owner.

I feel sorry for my friends Coach Doc Rivers and Chris Paul that they have to work for a man that feels that way about African Americans.

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s comments about African Americans are a black eye for the NBA.

And also, if you see these fools on Twitter saying this mess:

 54m   well, you have aids.. its different
 56m   maybe cause you’re infected? Not cause of your skin color? Hmm


Talk about ignorance and stupidity. Yo, we got your names and your twitter handles. And plus what they just said can’t be taken back. Who are the fools, Cliven Bundy’s relatives?! Or the long lost cousins of Donald Sterling?

Remember what I said that we don’t live in a post racial society? Um, hello Utopia lovers! It ain’t happening! In regarding about AIDS, if you aren’t so educated to make some dumb remarks behind the computer, then you don’t have no common sense. They are as I what I call are “pathetic stupid cowards”. That’s all they are! All brave infront of a screen, but away from the screen with your picture on it, you’re just shaking in your boots!

I’m done with these fools for now. But the struggle to decode White Supremacy in America continues. And that has nothing to do with being an American citizen. NONE!

Oh, for those who are still trying to be reflective: Read the Willie Lynch Letter from 1712. I’m just saying. What is going on now with race in America concerning black folks is a repeat that happened in a mind set from 300+ years ago. College Students, Alumni, High School, Church (especially our white church folk) better study up and read this letter. 


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