I’m about to blow up. Not really. Word around the streets that First Lady Michelle Obama is slated to speak at a high school graduation in Kansas. Sounds good, right? However there are those in the state per say that the first lady shouldn’t speak there at all. And plus there is an outcry of those ranging from the parents to the students, and citizen have filed some petition to prevent her speaking. And also to raise an event that most know in regarding race. Of course, race will always be a hot button topic in American Conversations as it has been for the last 237 years. Now on to the letter:

Dear Citizens of Kansas, and those like them in terms of not liking Michelle Obama speak:

It’s me Stephen, and I’m a black blogger from Wisconsin.


Your attitude of not including the first lady to speak at a high school graduation is nothing more than a mere sham of hate. Ok, so from the wires, The First Lady would be a good choice at being a guest speaker. I mean why wouldn’t she? Just because she’s black and grown?

Now many of you or some of you feel that she might reveal a period of American History that is not deemed for deaf ears. This year in addition to your High School’s Graduation Ceremony, it also will mark an anniversary of Brown vs Board of Education which is now about 60 years old. And that also is in Kansas.

Frankly, this whole thing is nothing more than a sham per say. I read that one of parents felt that she doesn’t know the students. And another comment that it’s oh, she dosen’t know our kids. Well they’re right. Maybe the FLOTUS wants to meet the graduates of the class of 2014 and offers them some congrats, advice and having some backbone of getting started in this thing called the Real World! And the kids who will be receiving the diplomas in the Topeka Kansas high school will get robbed all because they hate Michelle Obama. Excuses, Excuses!

If the FLOTUS goes to another school and talks to the Graduates of 2014 that might be best for that school. But for the Topeka folks, robbery and ignorance. And many might say that the FLOTUS will outshine my son or daughter. REALLY?!

Maybe IF and IF when the FLOTUS does speak in Kansas, she’ll outshine the students. But the students in my opinion will get a shine also in terms of them bringing home a high school diploma. Many of them probably might outshine others in their family who never had a high school diploma to bring home!

So Kansas folks, I know many of you want Michelle Obama to speak. But for that 2,000 of them that don’t want her to speak, I know why racism is partially a conversation. And it’s not coming from her!




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