It seems that my homestate has some problems. Over and over again, it’s ranging from the Dahmer State, a racist state, don’t want a streetcar, or a high speed rail because of segregation, and the old adage of being the worst state for black people when it comes to prisons and high unemployment. Now the Badger state, or the state that Scott Walker wants to be “Open for Business” can add another negative in which it’s worst for African American Students.

Anyone haven’t heard this, and still believes that this is a great state: think again.

The recent study of this story has caught on deaf ears. According to the study from the Annie E. Casey Foundation: Wisconsin, the great Badger State that it is, ranks number 50 when it comes to having the worst record for African-American Children/Students. It also ranks higher for Latino and Asian Students in the 17th – 37th ranking areas. And to take a wild guess, where do the white folks rank in this study?

Now many are asking: “What is up with Wisconsin now?!” This is the  same state with the 6% population of African-Americans. Mostly of them living in the Southeast part of the state and in Milwaukee. I know many are looking at this and are in Wisconsin and have a mentality that it’s all lazy make up story just to divide the state. If those same folks who feel that this is made up, must be real dumb or don’t understand the impact of education. Now many are going to say, “Oh, why they can’t just be smart enough and get with the program? I made it.” BIG MISTAKE in making the comment! Just because the other guy made the statement of making it, may not work for the other guy. The other guy had to make the extra hard road in getting to the finishing area, with encounters of racism and many other humanizing factors of negativity. So to those who say, “well I made it”….I think I am compelled to say that it’s full of mess.

Normally when we hear about students succeeding, we give them praise. We should. But when it comes to black children succeeding, or black students making it well and finishing, that not only gives praise, but also strikes fear in I hate to say the two words of White Supremacy. One example: The School in Chicago, Urban Prep Academies for the 5th time is sending young black men to COLLEGE! 5th Time in a row at 100%! Somebody is scared and shaking in their boots. I say the best way to get revenge on the so-called brainy folks who always have to hit the high notes EVERY SINGLE TIME is to counter that.

I’ve heard this in church and I’m saying it here on this blog, and I don’t care if you are a reader, an employment person (which I’ll address later on) or some atheist believes that God is not real and Jesus is just fake imagination, and churches are about the money, there are those in this country that want to root for black folks to fail and it includes our children! Our BLACK Children! Even our Black Boys. From the moment they are born, the microscope is on point and the prisons are prepared!

I know many in Wisconsin and those outside of Wisconsin are probably asking? Where’s Scott Walker on this? Sheriff David Clarke? Mayor Tom Barrett? Any of the Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and those in higher offices? WHERE ARE THEY ON THIS?!!

To me it’s going to take a collaborative effort on this. It can’t just be the teachers, parents, and staff alone! Where are the Alumni Groups? The Churches, now many are saying that the churches are hypocritical and all about money, but they have to be included in the conversation for help for inkind! Even the tutors, community organizations that haven’t been tried, or even all those in the Fraternities and Sororities? Ummm… HELLO?! Is this mic on?!!!

I know many are surprised and shocked about this matter. Frankly it’s not. It’s really a state of an emergency and the concern is centered around black children in Wisconsin. Now a days, it’s not just talking about it, you maybe have to show them what it is about in a new way.

Can the state’s motto of “Forward”  be the hype of this now?

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