Remembering Michael Hightower


Last week, as most of us wrestling fans were shocked to hear about the recent tragedy of the Ultimate Warrior, here in Milwaukee, on the same day, the local media lost two well knowns in the game.

First: I want to acknowledge the work of Jammin’ 98.3. They have been a good way with the old school hits combining with the new music that is out there in merging the two worlds. I listen to the personalities of Andrea Williams who happens to be a former cheerleader of the Milwaukee Bucks, and also Earl Stokes who like me is an alum of John Marshall High School. But the difference is, he’s an 80’s alum. Every day during the week he comes out the 3:00pm ROLL CALL!!!!! And many on Social Media chime in from work to see where they are checking in from. And also usually, they call into check in as usual. No question, WJMR does do it old school and new school for enjoyment. Not a problem. However, this past week was about one person: Michael Hightower. For 14 years, he graced his voice during the segment of Moments in Love on the radio, in regarding about relationships and songs of the slow jams that went along with it. He was a main attraction in which the female listeners of the city call in and try to get some advice. Michael’s voice and expertise was like a lifeline for those looking for answers in looking for love per say. Sadly, his streak of 14 years came to an end at 58 years old. The station manager, Lauri Jones had a statement to say in regarding Michael’s death:

It’s with a heavy heart and deep sorrow that I share this news. A member of our Jammin’ 98.3 family has passed away. Michael Hightower, host of Moments in Love for the past 14 years, has passed. He will be dearly missed. I know you’ll join us in praying for his family.

As of right now, the causes of his death is not known as of yet. But as of right now, the community is asked to be in prayer for the family of Michael Hightower. He was brew city born, and his career spanned from Oklahoma doing radio and TV, and of course here in Milwaukee working at other radio stations. He shined the most with Jammin’ 98.3 and had been a mainstay since. Not only Michael made an impact on the ladies looking for love per say, word also he made opportunity to get black men to get their bootstraps on for career and also life.


The other death: the legendary of the Milwaukee TV, Carl Zimmerman. If you were and are a life long Channel 6 TV viewer and fan, you had many greats from Tom Hooper, to Vince Gibbens. But Carl Zimmerman according to the historians per say was known as the Silver Fox, or the dean of Milwaukee news. He wasn’t always a regular newscaster, but also he was a good editorial person in commenting about his viewpoints on the city and many other concerns. We know that Ted Perry does “Ted’s Take”, but before that, Carl Zimmerman was doing his own spin on his remarks of the community. Carl was locally born, he was a graduate of South Division High School from the class of 1937, a graduate of UW-Milwaukee (that’s University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to most of you) he also served in the military in the U.S. Army as a War Correspondent during the Korean War. Then, he was known as Captain Carl Zimmerman. Mostly after that, Carl was in the business in terms of television, when he was hired by WITI back in the mid-50’s, the station was young. Very young. He was assigned for the anchorman and also as most know, the editorials. Those editorials he did were a pavement to say as opininonated pieces. Now there are those who might say, did he recommended others to work in news? Yes he did. Ask Jill Geisler, even ask Joanne Williams (a black woman mind you)  who were one of the first women reporters to be hired by WITI back when I was still playing with robot toys in the 80’s. Even after retirement, Carl Zimmerman was one of the legends that stood around. Even was taking an Honor Flight for U.S. Vetarans of WWII. This week, like Michael Hightower, Carl ran his race for 96 years of life. But most of it, was doing news for over 5 decades.

Just a updated notice on Michael Hightower: it was announced that his Public Memorial Service will be held on April 21st at Greater New Birth Church.

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