Promotional poster featuring The Ultimate Warrior

Promotional poster featuring The Ultimate Warrior (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are shocked, Warriors!!!!!!!

The Ultimate Warrior, born Jim Hellwig was 54 years of age at the time of his passing. Most of us recently saw him being inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame, and having that last Monday Night Raw appearance addressing the WWE Universe in New Orleans. The news of the death has been circulating recently on Social Media and also regular Internet. For that, this blog letter is for us: 

To us Wresting Fans of the Ultimate Warrior, and fans alike:

It’s me Stephen. You all know. Black blogger. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We have had a good week of wrestling. And a concern week of wrestling. We all know that the Streak was broken. Not going to address that as usual. We are here to remember and to reflect on a different streak. The streak of life. The streak life of the Ultimate Warrior. Many of us in the mid-80’s and 90’s all remember well of the WWE (then WWF) Superstar legend used to come down to the ring in blazing speed, circling the ring, shaking the ropes, the strands tied to his biceps, unleashing his energy on the crowd and his opponents.

His calling of his speech promos: SPEAK TO ME, WARRIORS!!!!! (and also a snort)

No matter what he said in his philosophical style of dialect, that seemed at the time was like saying, dude was getting smart to fight. He was. He used that in my opinion to psyche himself up, charge himself up and either win or lose, he was ready. As far as the angles: Not only he had the match with Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 6, which was dubbed “The Ultimate Challenge”, he also had angles with Randy Savage at one point at SummerSlam 1992 and WrestleMania 7.  Here In Milwaukee that I remember, he whooped Jerry “The King” Lawler in 1996 at the old Mecca Arena, which at the time was his coming back to the organization. And yes, he was in WCW in the angle of his OWN (one warrior nation) against the stable of the New World Order.


The angle I truly remember sticking out the most: It’s two. For those who still have the WWE Network on point,  or Youtube, review the angle he had with Jake “The Snake” Roberts in trying to find out about the Undertaker’s Secrets. Most of us should remember that. For those that don’t know what the heck I said, let me break out the cliff notes. In one scene (if you watch) you might see a cemetery scene when the Warrior asked to be buried in a grave and having a skull to watch. And in another, Jake The Snake takes Warrior to a room. But this is NO ordinary room. Jake and Warrior enter the room full of snakes. I WISH I WERE KIDDING. If my memory is correct, Warrior sees a casket in the center of the room, he tries to open it but another of the snakes, Lucifer, in the room caught onto the warrior in a biting manner, and he slumps back against the floor in the doorway. And also, mysteriously, The Undertaker and Paul Bearer appeared and a evil grin on The Snake, was standing over the doorway. Don’t believe me? Look at it. And also don’t forget about the angle he had against Papa Shango. Who later became Kama, The Godfather, The Goodfather and etc. Learn your wrestling history, young bucks. And I think there was another angle story with the Warrior’s casket in confronting The Undertaker as well.


Plus also, he made an appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show back in 1990, promoting WrestleMania, and also his bout with Hulk Hogan.

Many of us remember the DVD, “The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior.” In the DVD, there were superstars former and current that commented about the Warrior’s matches and angles. However that same DVD also caught the Warrior’s attention. He didn’t like it. Also the then “rumored death” of him and his brother came to take his place in wresting, that was talked about. But the Warrior on that story struck down that rumor being false. He was the Warrior. He didn’t die at the time. Crazy Stories. We all know.

Finally, as I stated earlier in the blog about his last appearance on Monday Night Raw. Even though he didn’t run to the ring, although he was in a suit and tie. Plus he had on a Warrior overcoat that he used to wear similar way back, shaking the top rope, and to hear him being in that old-school character with the Warrior mask on was noting priceless. In his last promo, he addressed about a man’s life going out. Many of us have already seen it and even in this time of remembrance it’s now legit.

Now to us, his death has come to a shock of turn of human events. And I know that there are those who feel like and I know this is going to get around, “Why has his death news has been important? What about those who die everyday, and even our troops who died in battle? Where is their last words on TV?!!” Don’t get me started on that. When a death is announced, of course those will come together. Those will comment more. Those will feel like it’s being overshadowed because my son, daughter, best friend or many other’s death didn’t get the recognition like the Ultimate Warrior’s passing.

To that I say this: B.S.!!!!

When folks die, they die! When folks pass on, those that remember; will remember that person of what that person did to influence. I had folks I knew died quickly. And they weren’t famous. But they were famous to me of what they stood for! And did I had a relative with a t-shirt with the face on it? Yes. So why are we tripping?

In closing, for the sake of the wrestling fans and those who have grown up wresting, and went in and out: Even though that Jim Hellwig is no longer here. And even the thought that his image of the Ultimate Warrior is no longer to reappear, he is still an influence that will be talked about for many years to come. No question many of us have an Ultimate Warrior influence to withstand all things or many things that get in our way. We don’t have to dress like him to do it, but as sure we can recognize going out without the use of fear and standing up to the cruel world we live in. Warrior ran his race for 54 years. He’s done.

Now, after all the burial, memories, remembrance, and many others, we still have to continue to fight on as if he were leading.




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