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On Wisconsin!  On Wisconsin!

Just to clarify, why I am saying this? What is this? Have I found my “Wisconsin Side”?

Well not really.

It’s really about the Wisconsin Badgers Basketball Team that recently going to the Final Four. It will mark the first time that the Men’s Basketball team has gone to the series since the year 2000. And if those still wondering, the last time when the Wisconsin Badgers Basketball team won a National Championship was in 1941. They won that when our Grandparents, or Great-Grandparents were making moves.

Now, I haven’t looked at a Wisconsin Badgers Basketball game since I don’t know, when Michael Finley was balling. And maybe when Sam Okey was playing way back. And even though I’m not an Alum of UW-Madison, but as an Alum of UW-Stout, this is about “UW-Unity”. When Madison does well, that should tell the other UW-Schools and Universities to do well also! And plus I was rooting for the Badgers way before I got into Stout. For those who don’t follow Badger Sports, the Wisconsin Badgers is not just about Football. It’s about many other sports. And that includes basketball. When the Badgers and the Marquette Golden Eagles get together for an inner-state rivalry, that means nothing but a fun thing between Madison and Milwaukee.

The one player that mostly is everyone is paying attention to right now on the Badgers is Frank Kaminsky. Write that name down. They call him “Frank the Tank” per say. I’ve seen his game skills and yes he can ball. No question. They say Frank the Tank, I’m starting to call him “Killer Kaminsky”. You know, like Killer Kowalski from wrestling?

I know that that the teams of UConn, Florida, and Kentucky have impact players. And rightfully so. But I will say this: don’t underestimate “The Badger Way”. Please don’t. According to the analysts they say that the Badgers can beat their opponents in various ways. Just a little lookout. Whether happens in the final four, and if Wisconsin does indeed go the way of having a National Championship, all that wait, and drought of not having a strap in Madison in while could be erased.

So say it with me now. Two words: ON WISCONSIN!

Begin the push-ups, Bucky!

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