What’ll You’ll Have?

Back in 1996, the City of Milwaukee lost one of the best beer makers in history, Pabst Blue Ribbon. It was one of the final death blows in the city and many jobs at the time were just lost. Now if those what happened to the old brewery complex, it’s still standing. But however years later, it was in a debate whether to turn it towards an entertainment complex, like the House of Blues. IT ALMOST HAPPENED! But however after lengthy debate, it is now called The Brewery in the old Pabst Complex of Office Space and Apartments. The idea for that to happen was the late, Joseph J. Zilber’s thought to do something different with the site. He was a Milwaukee born resident, a Philanthropist that donated his time and effort to causes for the City.

Now it’s been 18 years since the city lost Pabst for California and in this recent news, the offer has sparked between 500 – 1 billion dollars to buy the old school brew. Some of the offers have stepped up, and here in Milwaukee, a grassroots element has reared up for PBR to come back where it all started. The only thing that sees Pabst the most in Milwaukee is the Pabst Mansion. And the Pabst Theater. That’s it. But not the actual product that makes the beer for games and celebrations. If indeed an offer where Pabst actually comes home, the situation might be different. An idea has been thought of being it part of community ownership, sort of like the Green Bay Packers. The Packers don’t have an lone owner, but the whole town owns the team. And that same ownership partially does imply that the team stays where it started. That model is what the group in Milwaukee would like to do with Pabst Blue Ribbon. But in this instance in a new way of grassroots. Plus also, it attracted a individual who happens to be a decedent of Frederick Pasbt, Bridget Byrnes, the great-great-granddaughter of the founder.

Already according to their website, it has two petitions addressed to the City of Milwaukee, and also the current owner of Pabst, Dean Metropoulos in attempting to get the company back to Milwaukee. Now where it might go? I can see the Offices for the corporate side go into the complex to have that Headquarter feel to the company. For the brewery itself, either the complex can reactivate the old hops per say in the old complex or maybe build a brand new generational complex near the south-side of the city for enough space to make the beer. Or since Pabst Farms is in the state, maybe build it on the area of the sector of the establishment. But where it may go and if it does reach within the Southeast part of Wisconsin it would set a new generated stake in the claim for Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and also the Midwest. We know that MillerCoors is running the show, but if Pabst does make a “Midwest Comeback”, the old beer wars in Milwaukee might just resurrect.

Like I said, I’m not a beer drinker. But if Pabst does make a claim to comeback for community dollars, community ownership and also jobs  with it, let me say yes: PBR ME! ASAP!

So for those who would like to see that happen, in regarding Pabst to get back home to Milwaukee per say, sign the petitions online via the website: http://bringpbrhome.com/

And if those are on Facebook, check out the page: “Milwaukee Should Own Pabst Blue Ribbon”,  and by the statistics thus far, it’s rising. 

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