I will admit and folks know this: I am a Gladiator Fan. If you don’t know what is, I like watching and tweeting my reactions to Scandal every Thursday.  Now, for those who say, “Oh House of Cards is better than Scandal”. The House of Cards show to me is the jury is still out. With all due respect to Kevin Spacey of course.  But yes, in the 3 seasons that this show is a hit. This one of the hottest shows that is blowing up big time. When you have a show like this that is burning up the ABC Network, it is making the rounds.

Now, there are those who complain and comment about not liking the show. Not everyone is a Gladiator Fan. I get it. Now you got those who say “Oh I don’t watch Scandal, because I feel as a black woman like her shouldn’t sleep with a white republican president. And I happen to be black myself.” What?!!!!! Or comments like, “you all better get saved because watching Scandal with all that adultery will get you into hell. With that Olivia Pope getting busy with Fitz.” Or  comments like “So, you like Scandal and you’re a church going person? Wow I’m praying for you to get out of that mess.” Just to add: SMH.

Ok: Now since the Anti-Scandal Police is in effect, you all need to chill. I’ll bet you guys are the same ones who one day will watch something positive on Lifetime or TBN, but still, (not to play devil’s advocate), some of you or many of you in that group will take a small peek at Scandal. That will be like someone who has a their own business per say, you on the other hand might say, “Oh don’t do this. They’ll cheat you out of your money like the church!” But partially, you might join that bandwagon after realizing that your current finances aren’t going well. I’m just saying. I’ll ask this again: is your company (corporate, self, online, non profit, private, public, mom and pop shop) are about money too? Just don’t say the church! Even the church has to realize it needs money to maintain buildings, the utilities, lawn, security and many others that many homeowners and apartment dwellers go through every day! Matter of fact, all companies need money to operate just like your homes, insurance, and vehicles! Now, despite of the opinions of others, either closely related or just met, I don’t let the opposed thoughts get to me.  Matter of fact my Pastor, and once at age 18, my living uncles once said to me not to let ANY OPPOSITIONS stand in my way. Nor let anything stand in my way. I’m not. Yeah I’m saying this as a black man in America. Or those who like say ‘Merica.

You talk about Scandals?! I’ll give you some Scandals:

  • Here in Wisconsin we have over 20,000+ emails copied and displayed when Scott Walker was on company time as Milwaukee County Executive. And many of us know already that you can’t campaign for a higher seat while doing work in the County. That is out of bounds. Plus there were some racists messages along with it.
  • Also in Wisconsin, he recently passed, but the late Tom Ament was caught in a scandal like dilemma in concern of pensions of the workers at the time. That was forcing him out as County Executive via special election.
  • Again, even the ministry game has scandals. Say AMEN! You heard about folks from Bishops, Ministers, and those in the church getting with bloody murder. And getting caught. How many times I hear and read about Priests having sex with young boys and some girls and having to tell that same story like, I don’t know: 20+ years later?
  • Former Mayor John Norquist of Milwaukee was in a sex scandal in concerning former worker, Marilyn Figueroa. Mostly that was a Sexual Harassment angle per say.
  • Even the Military had sex scandals. Just saying.
  • Before Ex-Packer Darren Sharper got into recent trouble, remember ex-Green Bay Packer Mark Chmura? He got into trouble with a 17  year old Catholic Memorial Student at the time of child incitement and sexual assault. And was married also!

For the black side of things:

  • Does the name Rev. Henry Lyons ring a bell?  It should if you’re from Milwaukee. But after 1997 he’s in a different state, and still preaching the word.
  • Anita Hill – does that name ring a bell? Ask Clarence Thomas.
  • When Halle Berry and Denzel Washington won their pair of Oscars in 2002, many thought their wins under either sexual or being the bad guy per say, was a asterisk. Personally, their roles did got them the Oscars and their characters in a different light examined their perspectives.
  • One of the Milwaukee Suburbs in Butler – their police department was under investigation of a scandal that involved sexually content. Oh you didn’t know?

And in the other side of things:

  • Umm, there were scandals in biblical times. Remember one of the 10 Commandments of Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery? What do you think that leads to? So don’t tell me with that notion!

Folks, there have been “Scandals” in this world for a long time. This is nothing new. Like those who hate religion, the military, different races, etc. There have been scandals that have been well documented, recorded, summarized and archived. We know this. So I begin to ask, why we are tripping about a show featuring Kerry Washington being in a angle of adultery, with a white republican president who happens to be married? And it’s FICTIONAL!!!!!!! Oh, I see all of this here, but what about the “scandal angle” on The Haves and the Have Nots with Candice Young and John Cryer? Candice is a young “up and coming” black female attorney that uses the blackmail seduction powers against a powerful judge, and the Judge is caught between that and his Marriage, and is White. And we trip on that? Good Lord!

Scandals is not just about sex. It’s also about betrayal, confrontation, rumors, he say she say, even in family scandals. Probably many of us know someone who is hiding secrets about sexual abuse from that uncle, that father, that mother, or that sister, aunt, uncle, or cousin persay and it’s been hidden for decades. For years! And when the truth comes out in regarding that, yes all hell will break loose. Yes, I did say the words: Hell and break loose. And you began to wonder is this the still SAME FAMILY that took me in all these years or born in? Really?!!  We all know about friends right? This also includes those who thought were cool and so real way back, but now over the years after we went to high school or college, are they still the best buddies? Be careful! Some folks will change on you like a thief in the night. Last year when I wrote some blogs after the Trayvon Martin murder trial, that opened up more wounds in folks I have never seen! Especially on Social Media. There are those that you used to talk to, believed that Trayvon Martin was accountable of his murder and believed that George Zimmerman was just “standing his ground”. Oh, how is George Zimmerman doing? – Being a Moving Target. I told you GZ fans! After he was found Not Guilty, many of the fans had to defend him, and his stance on having a gun. If he is found in a fight, a real fight somebody is going to pick up the tab. And there are those who feel that oh, Slavery is over, and we’re in a post racial society, some blacks and some whites believe that uplifting black pride will lead to racism. And you don’t talk to them after that thinking it’s all rubbish and gibberish commentary. Like we’re supposed to get over it and move on. I must say that there are “Scandals” we have gotten over. And there are those we can’t move forward because it’s a ongoing issue!

So all this hate against a TV show, that is blowing up the ABC Network, I think it’s way beyond stupid. Until those who talk smack about Scandals, obviously they haven’t been in one. And until you or anyone that has been in a scandal then you can talk!

And that, is my rant.


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