Three Way Dance Time again!

For this tale of my commentary, it’s all about the Oscars from this past week with a black point of view. A recent purple reminder that Musically should not be overlooked and also: it’s time for me (and alot of you) to move. Really, Let’s move in getting out and exercise. Take a break from all of this! But what I’m about to say is equally important no matter what.

12 Years a Slave: I’ll be honest here. I have not seen 12 years a slave in the theaters. I haven’t. Now I’ll be like the others in the weeks ahead, to get the movie at the stores and yes I’ll put this on my DVD List to get in the movie collection. But to my surprise that this movie has caught on with the dialogue about Slavery from then, and now. The same when Roots came out back in the 70’s. Now many today will say that yes, “Slavery is dead as a doornail”. But if that’s the case why there is so much talk about human trafficking in the country right now? I mean is that slavery in itself? Think about it. Matter of fact, Google it. I still believe that the talk of Slavery, Discrimination against color is not just an American issue, but partially an International issue. We know here in America there are those who see black folks, they are the prime enemy. Some are told that guys like me, who happen to be black that I supposed to strike fear in those who are non black in elevators. Make those who are non-black with purses that they should be clutched in thinking that I’ll take them. Or when a guy like me goes out to a well known suburb, I might get questioned or pulled over by the law, about being asked where I’m going and what I’m doing here. Plus they might check the plate, drivers license, and now proof of insurance. Or in this case might go to jail all because I looked suspicious. Tell me I’m lying!  Talk about a double edged sword carving up the process. Now getting back to the movie win at the Oscars –  Lupita Nyong’o. If you haven’t wrote that lady’s name down, better start now. Kids, 18 and under scooping up my blogs like the students you are, I want you to write down this name as well. Especially my black readers. I see you. When she spoke these words, it rung true:

For all those who didn’t catch that, she is giving a testimony. Especially if you have children. I hope many of you have shared this message. And yes, for us black folks, another win in history. Yes, Lupita is a dark chocolate sister. Dark sisters are making moves now. Yes, I know it shouldn’t be about that, but I’ll say it here: I’m glad that my dark sisters of African decent are doing the jobs NOW! But I’m highlighting the sisters because like everyone else, they need a shot at the opportunity. Look at Sasheer Zamata. Yeah you know, new SNL Girl. She’s dark skinned but hey, she’s doing her job working up. And yes, have to give it up for Tika Sumpter. The Haves and the Have Nots on OWN is making her soar. As usual: we know. Now adding Lupita to the list, to me is setting a new tone. Now for those who are dark skinned black folks, and feeling ashamed of it: DON’T BE ASHAMED! The late Martin Luther King once said about being black and beautiful. And being proud of that. I know that there are those who might say,  “I like that person and I don’t care what color they are.” You say that in front  of a person in all, BUT when you go home, are you really the same person that gave that statement? This is not a call out, more like a check yourself just be sure you are that same person call out. In also with the Oscar wins along with 12 Years A Slave: John Ridley. As a native Wisconsinite, and a resident of Milwaukee, proud. John Ridley maybe a screenwriter for the movies, but he also did the same with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Martin. Many don’t know, John Ridley is Wisconsin BORN! He was born in Milwaukee, and also Mequon raised. Yes, for those who are still wondering, Wisconsin does have black people. But anyway, I’m glad that in this Oscar win, my homestate, even my home city has been apart of this victory. Hopefully those currently in Milwaukee or Mequon can still dream big no matter what. Even if you black and living in a segregated city/state.

A Purple reminder: Prince is still alive. I repeat: Prince is still alive. He may not be the same from 30 years ago, but he’s still breathing life in Music, and plus he just proved it yet again on Arsenio Hall. Speaking of 30 years, two words: Purple Rain. If you missed it, check out the playlist:

Now for those who are still into Rick Ross, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar,  or still believe that Beyonce can still get Drunk In Love with Surfboards, nothing wrong with that, but just remember, like many other legends that are still hanging around, Prince is still in the conversation. Matter of fact, he’s always in the conversation. That hasn’t changed. During the interview, yes we can review that he doesn’t have a cell phone in all, but never mind that. What matter is the fact that he still brings his Minneapolis born music to the masses. To me, its not just the Twin Cities Music, but it’s also apart of the Midwest music that hardly gets no play. Speaking of Midwest musicians, besides Prince, Morris Day,  Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who else is out there?

For Illinois: Kanye West, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Herbie Hancock, Liv Warfield, and R.Kelly.

For Michigan: easy – Aretha Franklin, Berry Gordy, Alice Cooper, Madonna, Death, Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, and  Eminem.

Wisconsin: it’s a hard one, but I’m picking Eric Benet, Rodney Poe, Al Jarreau, Coo Coo Cal, Rico Love, Black Elephant, one third of TGT – Tank, Speech of Arrested Development, Kevin Hayden Trio, Danny Gokey, Big Face (who made the song Milwaukee County) Charles Walker Band, and the founder of the Core DJ’s Tony Neal.

For Ohio: The Isley Brothers, The O’Jays, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and Parliment Funkadelic

And for Indiana: the most I know are The Jacksons.

And if I missed anyone, or any Midwestern state/city this is what I would like to see: list all the musicians that famously made it big that were born in the Midwest.  Now in Milwaukee/Wisconsin we have this problem of not acknowledging our own local talent. That must be a change. If we don’t, who will?

Finally on the list: LET’S MOVE!

Yes, I am taking on myself to get out and move. Matter of fact, I’m taking the opportunity to get and move between 30 – 60 minutes out of my daily schedule. This is not some political sting from the FLOTUS Michelle Obama. This is a way for us Americans to really get a new focus on health. No question it’s not political. Now I know I’m not the only one here, but there are days when I’m on and off my exercise. Maybe it’s because of work, extra activities, service, free time, family, and many others. Am I the only one thinking this. But I manage to try to get much exercise as possible. Now for me it’s starting to become “mandatory”. Now I know I’m not the ONLY one have seen President Obama and VP Joe Biden jogging around on Video:

Now if the leader of the free world and the VP can move, why can’t us? I know many of us aren’t training up for the Military, or the Olympics. But act like if you were. This year, many of us will be going to Family Functions, Class Reunions, and many other  functions of social special events. Even weddings. And we want to feel good going as healthy as possible, right? So why not take at least a time out of your day, or night in trying to get some exercise? Or in the words of Michelle Obama: Let’s Move!

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