Oh I got something to say. Really I do. This is for all those who feel this way of Tweeting, and in Church. Yeah, you heard that right. And I’m doing some thought provoking in a philosophy way.

I don’t care if you are Generation X like me, or a Baby Boomer. Guess what? I tweet in church as part of my Church Work in Communications Ministry. Every single Sunday, I’m on my Tablet and I hear my Pastor speak. And I break out the tablet and start jotting down phrases or sentences and with that, I use the hash tags to follow. Partially it’s not a bad thing. Oh, I see this on my timelines “Stop Tweeting in Church. Listen up!” or “You’re facebooking in Church? You better get in and pay attention!” Should I know these comments and yes, I know where it comes from: those I know.

For all those who feel this way, maybe you don’t get it. You don’t get at all. Now if those weren’t so hypocritical about Tweeting in Church, maybe they need to be educated. Oh, yes, I’m going there. For me, I’ve been tweeting for about 5 years. And yes, I got the hot seat by some, but praise by MANY! And ever since I got into Tweeting, I got kudos from not only my pastor, but those in my denomination that enjoy seeing my Tweets as an idea! Just as a reminder,  I am a 4th Generation United Methodist Church Member. Plus, it’s  the church got that “Rethink Church” thing moniker going on, remember?

This whole thing reminds me of Ray Charles. What does that mean? Does anyone remember the scene from Ray when he and friends were playing music in a club that sounded a mix between Gospel and R&B? Then three folks came in and thought it was anti-religious? Against God per say? One of the players walked out with group and the rest kept playing. OH HEAR THIS! Those who criticize the mixing of Gospel and R&B music, most of the Gospel artists that most of you Gospel fans listen to now, they got jobs. Yeah, I’m not a Gospel fan. But when you hear Kirk Franklin’s Stomp, Mary Mary’s God In Me, or many others it’s a mixing of the two masses chopping it up. It was an “against thing”. Now it’s a “like thing”. Oh, and I’m assuming that there might be DJ’s in sanctuaries welcoming folks in with nice music. Oh, wait…….The Washington Post did a story on this last summer. Different story. Now what does that have to do with Tweeting in Church Services or sermons? In my view, a slight edge of communication, but not really a comparison.

Now the phrase of “You can’t beat what you don’t understand” came from the WWE. And when Wrestlemania Season ends, The Undertaker will be 22-0. You heard it here first. But the phrase itself can apply to anything that is in all sides and angles. Even something like this from my Twitter Timeline from this past Sunday:

“Suffering gives you wisdom” Sermon Quote. #rethinkchurch #umc #milwaukee #wisconsin

Now you’re probably saying and asking, dude why you’re tweeting on your device? Were you listening to the sermon?

For those who are left in the dark and don’t know: In my church, I am an active Communications Chairperson. Since March of 1996, I have worked the sound system, played music, record sermons and services, took pictures, and now adding the use of the sermon quotes on Twitter and Facebook. SO FOR THOSE WHO ARE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY: I listen, summarize, critique, take notes, review, work,  learn, tithe, and display IN CHURCH! Unlike those who do a lot of bible thumping and hate, I’m not a just a “sitting church member”. I’m active. I’m involved. If you’re reading this and go to church, and act like this on the wrong side of history per say, then maybe you need to listen up. Instead of being hypocritical of darn near everything, maybe it’s you. That is the problem. Maybe if those you bring in are young, they don’t want to see a church that is DEAD as a door-nail. Where’s the living? HELLO Worshipers?!!! If you want your church to change then YOU the members need to change. Even if you’re an active pastor. I’m just saying.

Look here. I’m not bashing those or hating those that go to church every Sunday. I do it myself. By the end of the day, like I said on one of my blog stories weeks ago, we’re regular people dealing with everyday issues like everyone else. PERIOD. I do the tweeting thing on Sundays for one reason: expressing my gift. I mean the old folks say, “use it or lose it”. Or Share your gifts and talents. This tweeting thing in church I do, IS A GIFT AND A TALENT! There might be someone who was going through a hard time of reality. Or just broke up with their boyfriend/girlfriend, or a family pet, family member, best friend, or lost a job, or many others that is a concern. Or maybe a good thing of getting married, getting that job, good grades, etc. And the lines are positive! So what’s the matter about tweeting messages from sermons beyond the four walls in a good way for someone who might need a pick me up of faith? Don’t make me get the preaching! And they say it’s a distraction? Well many of us check our clocks to see what time the Pastor is going to end his sermon before the game comes on a Sunday. Uh-huh!!!! Who still does that? Don’t front. And with that, I got kudos from my current pastor, church council and a representative from the Wisconsin Conference UMC organization for this. NOW WHAT?!!!

Finally, I think this circle is going to catch on. Matter of fact if you actually do this Tweeting in the Pews thing, it’s another thing of Freedom of Expression. I mean if you can Tweet about your favorite whatever, tweet about #godlovesyou. Tweet about #thankinggodforanotherday. Tweet about #wearethechurch. Tweet about #AIW or #alliswell. Feel me? And for those who are well, stuck in the stone age, no pun intended, maybe its time to learn, catch up and join up with this circle that is on the rise with this Technological concept of inspirational. If you don’t study this idea, nor use this tool: you’re just stuck in the past. Or lost.

If those who want to challenge this thing FURTHER: You got tickets, I have seats. Come on in, sit down and listen what I need to say. As they say in the church, the doors are open. Even in cyberspace.

Rethink people.

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